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Work Synopsis
Launch of Rynaxypyr-Coragen across India, Ferterra brochure & MCM, Ad film for other molecules, Point of Sale branding, BTL campaign across markets, Training of marketing staff, dealer & distributor.

  • Success Strokes
    •  Was a part of team that took Coragen to great revenue heights
  • •  Coragen redefined the benchmark in pesticide market
  • •  MCM & Point of Sale Branding for the first time followed soft patterns in industry
  • •  BTL Activation campaign in 13 States, 256 districts, at the same time
  • •  Training of Dealer, Distributor & Sales staff on Sales


Work Synopsis
Product Launch of Arize, Social engagement campaign for farmers, BTL

  • Success Strokes
    •  Was a part of team that launched Arize
  • •  BTL for all Distributors of Bayer across the country
  • •  Video on Wheel Campaign
  • •  Farmer engagement program that connected 25 Lakh farmers
  • •  MCM in 12 Languages
  • •  Government Engagements


Work Synopsis
MCM, Retail point branding, Ad Film & BTL

  • Success Strokes
    •  Launched brands like Oval, Voltage, Wicket & Biovita with success
  • •  Extensive BTL campaign and Rural Branding which increased sales demand
  • •  Villages engaged in innovative manner


Work Synopsis
Associated with launch of 30V92, the largest selling corn seed ever in India, 31Y45 Corn seed,86M84 & 86M74 Pearl Millet Seeds

  • Success Strokes
    •  Developed Ad films, Radio Spots & MCM Materials that set the company apart from others
  • •  Product Films of each product for mass showcase in village
  • •  Packaging design that is still an industry benchmark
  • •  Branding for trial farms and other display materials