Among the themes available in the default Solus repository, my favorite ones are the following: Adapta-Noko-Eta theme and Suru++ icons. Please, share your favorite theme and icons combinations in the comment section below. I liked McOS-MJV-Gn3.32-v2.1.tar.xz). See more ideas about desktop wallpaper, wallpaper, budgies. Budgie Desktop Settings. I like Adapta-Nokto-Eta theme with Papirus-Adapta-Nokto icons. Much like the Adapta theme, Evopop is a Material Design inspired, flat theme that looks very modern and snappy. Only make sure you search for GTK3 themes. Solus 4.0 comes with a pleasant desktop that uses the classic formula - bottom panel, shortcuts, the full plethora of windows buttons. Solus is proud to announce our newest iteration on our flagship desktop environment, Budgie 10.5.2, with a diverse range of new features and bug fixes! However, as I said my Solus 4 review, the default theme of Solus is not my favorite. Budgie 10.4 Solus ships with the new Budgie 10.4 as well as the new default Adapta GTK theme and Papirus icon themes along with the Noto Sans Font. The installation procedure for custom themes is the following: Again, if you do not have ~/.themes in your home folder, just create it. I decided not to use Solus, because it did not cooperate well with my test hardware, and also because it would be offering a more tailored and thus skewed picture of the product. Numix is a modern flat theme with a combination of light and dark elements. Pretty consistent experience and the Eta version saves space on lower resolution screens. Always a useful test, to see what happens en masse. After you placed the icons to ~/.icons, this icons theme becomes available in the Budgie Desktop Settings. Here was the first big points in Solus' favour, where it did something that no modern distro I have tried is currently doing: it worked out of the box with my external WiFi dongle, the TP-Link TL-WN725N USB adapter I talked about in my recent article here. The devs made sure that the Solus design and application philosophy remained intact. Pretty but with issues. Here’s how the desktop looks running Solus Budgie 4 at the moment. The Solus project is known for its beautiful design and use of tasteful themes. I should mention that they do offer MATE & Gnome desktop editions of Solus as well if you, god forbid, don't like Budgie for some insane reason. Among the themes available in the default Solus repository, my favorite ones are the following: If the default themes are not enough and you still have not found your ones, you can install more themes and icons manually. Oh and I really like la-capitaine-icon-theme. Download the theme archive (e.g. However, if you really want your desktop to stand out, you can install special icons and themes manually by placing them to the ~/.icons and ~/.themes folders, respectively. It is a modern and elegant desktop, but we mentioned Budgie is not very customizable. Here's how the desktop looks running Solus Budgie 4 at the moment. linux theme gnome-shell gtk3-theme openbox cinnamon xfce budgie desktop-theme Updated ... Solbit is the unified component styling and JavaScript for Budgie and Solus brand assets. The default desktop experience on the Budgie version is very clean and streamlined. I have Solus 3 Budgie installed on a USB 3.0, FAT32 thumb drive using YUMI installer and it looks & operates OK. I’ve been able to install Mint 17.1 Cinnamon on a USB 3.0 thumb drive with 4 GB of persistence but installing Solus with YUMI orMultibootUSB, LiLi USB Creator, unebootin and Universal-USB-Installer does not offer persistence. Although the Budgie DE isn't the most customisable, but it's customisable enough for me to recreate the desktop style of ElementaryOS with the dock and bar at the top. So, I have installed many other desktop themes and icons to find my favorite ones. Change themes simply by selecting a theme from the list. After this procedure, you should find the newly installed desktop theme in the Budgie Desktop Settings. Any themes you suggest that work great with Budgie? Applets Budgie Menu. In a way, it reminds me of Zorin, but whereas the former goes for a lot of over-bright colors and low contrast, this one aims for the opposite. sudo eopkg it budgie-haste-applet On other distros, see the GitHub page. Now, navigate to the Budgie Desktop Settings and you will find new themes available for your choice. Budgie desktop on Solus As we reported earlier this month, the Budgie 11 desktop environment is in the works, and it promises to bring lots of goodies to fans of the Solus … ... That was just before the leadership change within the Solus community. For the rest, just go in the Budgie settings to check the fonts, icons & cursor theme. The Budgie desktop was originally started by one developer: Ikey Doherty who developed it for his own Linux distro from scratch: Evolve OS which later “evolved” into Solus OS due to trademark issues. The menu is in the bottom left (similar to Windows) while a selection of default applications (Firefox, File Manager, Gnome MPV and more) pinned to the right of it. Once I had the ISO on a USB key I was on my way and installing it on my laptop machine. The obvious popular choices include Arch Linux and Ubuntu Budgie, with the software available in a range of repos elsewhere. For example, you may like McOS-themes. In summary, Budgie is an interesting new distro you should look out for. Also, to see the ~/.icons, you need to enable “Show hidden files” in your file browser menu or by using the shortcut Ctrl+H. Next to the icon theme area, select the drop-down menu. Solus and Budgie give users pretty much all of the options they will ever need, although I’m quite certain that more features are going to … Budgie Plata-Lumine-Compact theme This is really sad because previous versions of Solus had much better default themes and I think that the old theme was one of the reasons many users tried Solus. Now, navigate to the Budgie Desktop Settings and you will find new themes available for your choice. Budgie ha… For example, you can install Tela-icon-theme. The Solus developers did more than plug in a choice of desktops. This isn’t bad, but then, it’s also important to see how well Budgie works on other distributions. Adapta-Nokto-Eta all the way. At its core are the Linux kernel and a growing collection of applications built around its own in-h… Themes and features are integrated consistently. The one thing that instantly annoyed me was the choice of the dark theme. Personally, I usually look for icons at Cursor theme Currently, the operating system uses the Adapta GTK theme, but it wasn’t always that way. To fix that, you need to open LibreOffice and navigate to Tools -> Options -> View -> Icon Style, where you can select the style that fit your desktop theme the best. Solus theming looks like a dream come true. Solus Budgie A feature-rich, luxurious desktop using the most modern technologies. The menu is in the bottom left (similar to Windows) while a selection of default applications (Firefox, File Manager, Gnome MPV and more) pinned to the right of it. Transparency & co aren't part of the theme, these are things you can change in the gnome terminal preferences. Solus Budgie has been known for its appealing desktop. The Solus desktop environment is called Budgie, and it is great. Before the Adapta GTK theme, Solus used the Evopop GTK theme. The default desktop environment used by Solus is called Budgie and is quite nice and minimalistic. Although the Solus repository is not the largest, there are many desktop themes and icons available in it. More than that, the font was blurry, with insufficient … There is also currently a Solus MATE edition, if you wish to skip Budgie and GNOME 3 altogether. For my install I grabbed the main Solus ISO from the Download page. Papirus is really blowing all other icon sets out of the water. The installation is pretty standard and simple: Note that if you do not have ~/.icons in your home folder, you can create it. You need to install the following packages at first: sudo apt install inkscape optipng gtk2-engines-pixbuf gtk2-engines-murrine git libsass0 sassc make libglib2.0-dev-bin libxml2-utils If you have previous version of this theme you need to get it remove from your system first.
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