The lowest point is Lake Asal, 153 m (502 ft) below sea level, in Djibouti. African animals list with pictures and facts. Their population is about 10-11 million strong. The Rovuma, Rufiji and Tana principally drain the outer slopes of the African Great Lakes highlands. Eastern mountain, and Western gorillas all live in the jungles of central Africa. Running along the south of desert is the plains region known as the Sahel. Known in Egypt as the khamsin, on the Mediterranean as the sirocco, it is called on the Guinea coast the harmattan. Butter: Blacks: Alternative to Nigger. There is not yet a vaccine for malaria, which makes it difficult to prevent the disease from spreading in Africa. The largest of these level areas, the Great Karoo, is a dry, barren region, and a large tract of the plateau proper is of a still more arid character and is known as the Kalahari Desert. King of the Jungle; 21 Oba ... We have collected the list of Modern African Baby Names with their Meaning. [1], Much of Africa is made up of plains of the pediplain and etchplain type often occurring as steps. From the most northerly point, Ras ben Sakka in Tunisia, at 37°21′ N, to the more southerly point, Cape Agulhas in South Africa, 34°51′15″ S, is a distance approximately of 8,000 km (5,000 mi); from Cap-Vert, 17°31′13″W, the westernmost point, to Ras Hafun in the Somali Puntland region, in the Horn of Africa, 51°27′52″ E, the most easterly projection, is a distance (also approximately) of 7,400 km (4,600 mi).[1]. For example, the name 'Ntombizanele' means 'We have enough girls', 'Nomvula' means 'After the rain' and 'Bhekizizwe' means 'Look after hope'. Species: L. cyclotis. 11. ^.^ A short distance east of this rift-valley is Mount Kilimanjaro — with its two peaks Kibo and Mawenzi, the latter being 5,889 m (19,321 ft), and the culminating point of the whole continent — and Mount Kenya, which is 5,184 m (17,008 ft). [1], The two distinct rainy seasons of the equatorial zone, where the sun is vertical at half-yearly intervals, become gradually merged into one in the direction of the tropics, where the sun is overhead but once. The African names vary from one region to the other. Many Zulus are given two names, which further reflects their expectations or the story behind their birth. 8. Both sexes have straight, downpointing tusks, which erupt when they are 1–3 years old. Africa is an amazing continent with many natural wonders. The vast reserves, sanctuaries and protected areas have resulted in a decrease in poaching and hunting of the wild animals. Flowing first south, it afterwards turns north through Lake Mweru and descends to the forest-clad basin of west equatorial Africa. Simply click again to get [1], Farther north the western hollow, known as the Albertine Rift, is occupied for more than half its length by water, forming the Great Lakes of Tanganyika, Kivu, Lake Edward and Lake Albert, the first-named over 400 miles (640 km) long and the longest freshwater lake in the world. The eastern branch of the East African Rift, contains much smaller lakes, many of them brackish and without outlet, the only one comparable to those of the western trough being Lake Turkana or Basso Norok.[1]. Effiom means “a crocodile”. of Cape Guardafui. [1], Between the basins of the Atlantic and Indian Oceans, there is an area of inland drainage along the centre of the Ethiopian plateau, directed chiefly into the lakes in the Great Rift Valley. Nainital. Africa is thus mainly composed of two segments at right angles, the northern running from east to west, and the southern from north to south. 2. On this account South Africa has a general resemblance to an inverted saucer. Theories on Kongomato sightings range from bad lighting to the possibility that an … With South African, North African, and Swahili baby names, and more, our list offers a special insight into this rich culture. Jara. Kodjo: This is such a hip sounding name, and it comes from Africa like lions do. Whiskers: Cat names for a lion are a rather ironic choice. Here is a general list of African names. ABIOYE, born during coronation. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. Many Zulus are given two names, which further reflects their expectations or the story behind their birth. The Atlas range, the north-westerly part of the continent, between its seaward and landward heights encloses elevated steppes in places 160 km (99 mi) broad. Fang: This name comes from the lion’s fangs. Rainforests in the Congo are mostly under threat from logging, subsistence activities like small-scale agriculture and firewood collection, and commercial agriculture, including large plantations. It is formed by a widening out of the eastern axis of high ground, which becomes subdivided into a number of zones running north and south and consisting in turn of ranges, tablelands and depressions. Jannie. The coastal plains — often fringed seawards by mangrove swamps — never stretching far from the coast, apart from the lower courses of streams. These rivers mainly flow southwards, with the Jubba emptying in the Indian Ocean. 10 new random names. [7] One of the most wideaspread plain is the African Surface, a composite etchplain occurring across much of the continent. [1] After receiving the Bahr-el-Ghazal from the west and the Sobat, Blue Nile and Atbara from the Ethiopian Highlands (the chief gathering ground of the flood-water), it separates the great desert with its fertile watershed, and enters the Mediterranean at a vast delta. The largest lakes are the following: Lake Victoria (Lake Ukerewe), Lake Chad, in the centre of the continent, Lake Tanganyika, lying between the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Tanzania and Zambia. The Nainital jungle is located in the northern region of the Himalayas in the Utrakhand state … East of Madagascar are the small islands of Mauritius and Réunion. Duante means “a wagon maker”. Nick names can be used to shorten the official name. Apart from the lowlands and the Atlas mountain range, the continent may be divided into two regions of higher and lower plateaus, the dividing line (somewhat concave to the north-west) running from the middle of the Red Sea to about 6 deg. On the newer, second site (, Wait, there's even more! The rivers of Africa are generally obstructed either by bars at their mouths, or by cataracts at no great distance upstream. Elsewhere, the coastal lowlands merely form the lowest steps of the system of terraces that constitutes the ascent to the inner plateaus. (, I'm planting trees with my site. [1] This could cause most of the cities and states to be flooded with lava and ash. [1], Divergent opinions have been held as to the mode of origin of the African Great Lakes, especially Tanganyika, which some geologists have considered to represent an old arm of the sea, dating from a time when the whole central Congo basin was under water; others holding that the lake water has accumulated in a depression caused by subsidence. (So prevalent are these isolated peaks and ridges that a specialised term [Inselberg-Landschaft, island mountain landscape] has been adopted in Germany to describe this kind of country, thought to be in great part the result of wind action.). Malaria is the most deadly environmental disease in Africa. Most of Africa's remaining rainforests are found in the Congo river basin on the Atlantic Ocean side of the continent. It is transmitted by the tsetse fly and is found almost exclusively in Sub-Saharan Africa. 10. Jungles are home to many exotic plants and animals. Spathodea campanulata is one of the most spectacular flowering plants that is indigenous to the tropical dry forests of… Exactly at the head of the gulf the great peak of the Cameroon, on a line of volcanic action continued by the islands to the south-west, has a height of 4,075 m (13,369 ft), while Clarence Peak, in Fernando Po, the first of the line of islands, rises to over 2,700 m (8,900 ft). Etymology. Whiskers: Cat names for a lion are a rather ironic choice. List of forests of South Africa, among other terms used it usually means "an area with a high density of trees" are wood, woodland, wold, weald and holt.Unlike forest, these are all derived from Old English and were not borrowed from another language. The break-up of Gondwana in Late Cretaceous and Cenozoic times led to a major reorganization of the river courses of various large African rivers including the Congo, Niger, Nile, Orange, Limpopo and Zambezi rivers. Search Belly Ballot to discover the popularity, meanings, and origins of thousands of names from around the world. The trees are vital to their existence. The climate of Africa lends itself to certain environmental diseases, the most serious of which are: malaria, sleeping sickness and yellow fever. Typical African names such as Ogechukwu “God’s time”, Esi “Sunday”, Khamisi “Thursday”, Mwanajuma “Friday”, Uka “also means Sunday, and Wekesa “harvest time” refer to the time or … Erasto means “man of peace”. Your art here? [1][13], Great heat is experienced in the lower plains and desert regions of North Africa, removed by the great width of the continent from the influence of the ocean, and here, too, the contrast between day and night, and between summer and winter, is greatest. [1], The most remote head-stream of the Congo is the Chambezi, which flows southwest into the marshy Lake Bangweulu. The most striking feature is the existence of two great lines of depression, due largely to the subsidence of whole segments of the Earth's crust, the lowest parts of which are occupied by vast lakes. African: F: Born on Sunday: Fante, Ghana: thema: African: F: Queen: Akan, Ghana: yaa: African: F: Born on Thursday: Ewe, Ghana: yafeu: African: M: Bold: Fante, Ghana: ye: African: F: … This page was last edited on 1 December 2020, at 16:26. ABEL, breath, vapor; transitoriness. Gamba means a … The Zulu name their children in relation to the situation in which that child is born. Get the best of South African safaris in Kruger National Park. The high lake plateau of the African Great Lakes region contains the headwaters of both the Nile and the Congo. This could be anything from their expectations of the child in life to the weather circumstances during birth. Farther north are the streams, with comparatively short courses, reaching the Atlantic and Mediterranean from the Atlas mountains. Baobab Adansonia digitata, or Baobab tree, was named in honour of Michel Adanson, the naturalist who first saw it in Senegal, Africa about 1750. Alphabetical List of African Cats by Common Name. Due south, the plateau rim is formed by three parallel steps with level ground between them. With habitats ranging from tropical rainforest to desert, Africa is home to many of the world’s best-known animals. These Names are Modern as well as Unique. Hundreds of tree species can be seen on the most basic of vacations to Africa, from a safari … These Names are Modern as well as Unique. In the inter-tropical zone of summer precipitation, the rainfall is greatest when the sun is vertical or soon after. 7. All other original content is part of and cannot be copied, sold or redistributed without permission. It is therefore greatest of all near the equator, where the sun is twice vertical, and less in the direction of both tropics. African Golden Cat (Caracal aurata) African Wildcat (Felis lybica) Black-footed Cat (Felis nigripes) Caracal (Caracal caracal) Cheetah (Acinonyx jubatus) Jungle Cat (Felis chaus) Leopard (Panthera pardus) Lion (Panthera leo) Sand Cat (Felis margarita) Serval (Leptailurus serval) The principal lakes of Africa are situated in the African Great Lakes plateau. Other volcanic peaks rise from the floor of the valleys, some of the Kirunga (Mfumbiro) group, north of Lake Kivu, being still partially active. The orangutan lives in jungles and rain forests in Borneo and Sumatra and is the largest arboreal animal in the world. ), where heights of 1,800 to 2,400 m (5,900 to 7,900 ft) are reached. Pilanesberg National Park. The South African Plateau, as far as about 12° S, is bounded east, west and south by bands of high ground which fall steeply to the coasts. From the inner slopes of the plateau numerous wadis take a direction towards the Sahara. The Congo rainforest is famous for its gorillas, chimpanzees, and elephants as well as its native population of forest dwellers known as pygmies. Moderately elevated tablelands are thus the characteristic feature of the continent, though the surface of these is broken by higher peaks and ridges. Africa is the world’s second largest continent (Asia is the largest).
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