( Log Out /  As such, adding Uziza spice to your meal can serve as an excellent preventive measure against diarrhea. Ogbono: a condiment used to thicken soups and due to its authentic flavor is used as a main ingredient in one of Nigeria’s soup. Uziza leaves come with powerful antibacterial minerals which are useful in fighting diarrhea-causing micro-organisms in the intestine. Another study in 507 perimenopausal and postmenopausal women found that those who ate onions at least once a day had a 5% greater overall bone density than individuals who ate them once a month or less (27Trusted Source). There’s also no medical evidence that says that uziza and uda spice is a contraceptive or can cause miscarriage. This is because the leafs produce a scent that keeps mosquitoes away. Add thinly sliced red onions to your favorite salad. The Scent Leaves, which is mainly used for the aroma it gives to soups and stews comes with its own amazing health benefits. Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Reddit Skype WhatsApp Telegram ( Mind blowing facts) Being organic, spices contain many important molecules which the body needs to build cells, repair worn out tissues as well as synthesize other essential chemicals such as enzymes and hormones. Onions are also rich in B vitamins, including folate (B9) and pyridoxine (B6) — which play key roles in metabolism, red blood cell production and nerve function (4Trusted Source). It’s also used in weight management by increasing the level of leptin in the blood, a hormone that reduces appetite. In the eastern part of Nigeria, the leaves are used by local midwives to increase contraction rate of the uterine walls during childbirth. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Uziza Leaves – this is an aromatic vegetable/herb usually used to add flavor to soups. 9. The leaves, whether whole or ground, are used in soups. To enjoy this benefit, you must first grind the leaves, fresh or dry. Share. A test-tube study demonstrated that quercetin extracted from yellow onion skin successfully inhibited the growth of Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) and Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) (31Trusted Source). Help Prevents Cancer Lastly, they’re a good source of potassium, a mineral in which many people are lacking. Piper guineense ‘Uziza’ is a medicinal plant known to provide both medicinal, insecticidal, culinary and dietary benefits to human beings. most people... CLICK HERE TO START MAKING MONEY ONLINE FREE, TO WATCH THE VIDEO TAP HERE AND CLICK "SUBSCRIBE". The health benefits also include the treatment of enlarged spleens, sore throats, and nausea. Uziza, scientifically known as piper guineense, is often used to make native delicacies – pepper soup, egusi soup and lots more. The leaves can also stimulate the flow of bile as well as boost appetite for food; Utazi regulates the activities of the pancreas and can control blood sugar. The curry powered is used to season meat, chicken, and fish. It is a medicinal plant that has wide application in African traditional medicine. Garlic is known to have numerous health benefits. Help Control Blood Sugar Eating onions may help control blood sugar, which is especially significant for people with diabetes or prediabetes. Achi: a traditional condiment used as a thickener for soups. Adding more onions to your diet is an easy way to benefit your overall health. Uziza should have protected status, like champagne. Related: Health Benefits of Stevia Leaf Garlic is highly nutritious but has very few Calories. Basically, there are lots of health benefits of Uziza leaf and seeds which includes; using it for the treatment of rheumatism, helps prevent hypertension, prevent diabetes, and improves appetite. The spicy quality, coupled with the warm water, will help clear your cough as well as lubricate your throat for easy breathing. Cooked crayfish is an excellent source of nutrients like Protein, Magnesium, Iron, Sodium, Potassium and Selenium. A diet rich in prebiotics may help improve the absorption of important minerals like calcium, which may improve bone health (38Trusted Source). Alkaloids Its active component tannins can be used in the treatment of diarrhea. Try adding cooked onions to egg dishes, such as omelets, frittatas or quiches. SUMMARY Studies show that onion consumption is associated with improved bone mineral density. Prepare a hearty onion and vegetable soup. 3. The Bottom Line The health benefits related to onions are quite impressive. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. They are added to soups at the end of cooking, in the last 15 minutes. Make a fiber-rich salad with chickpeas, chopped onions and red peppers. Uziza is an African plant, of which two parts are used: the leaves and the berries. The decrease in activity for AST levels (U/L) on the third week of treatment, showed for the negative control (58.00 ± 0.02), uziza leaf (11.00 ± 0.01), black seed (12.00 ± 0.02), black seed and uziza leaf (8.00 ± 0.02). It’s low in Fat, Promotes Bones Health, high in Omega-3 Fatty Acid, Regenerates Body Cells, Promotes Healthy Brain, Improves Body Metabolism and Boosts Energy Level. They are also known to alleviate the symptoms of cough. About uziza leaf and seed. Uziza is an African plant, of which two parts are used: the leaves and the berries which is known as the SEED{Piper Guineese} The leaves, which have a peppery taste, are pale green when fresh, and darker green when frozen, dried, or ground and dried. Red onions, in particular, contain anthocyanins — special plant pigments in the flavonoid family that give red onions their deep color. These cancer-fighting properties have been linked to the sulfur compounds and flavonoid antioxidants found in allium vegetables. However, pregnant women are advised to avoid too much peppers or consuming spicy food during pregnancy. Benefits of utazi leaves Various pain symptoms removal. Ehuru has its own medicinal properties like detoxifying your body, improving skin health, helps fight against leukemia, improves mental function and helps treat insomnia. Additionally, evidence from animal studies supports that onion consumption may reduce risk factors for heart disease, including inflammation, high triglyceride levels and blood clot formation (9Trusted Source, 10Trusted Source, 11Trusted Source). This was due to the fact that most things they ate comprised of medicinal herbs and spices that we use in our African soups. So, the plant is uziza, and it has leaves (uziza leaves) and fruits (which some call uziza seed and which is the spice). Of the many known spices around the world, one vibrant spice which is often utilized in our daily meals is the Piper Guineese popularly known as Uziza or the Guinean pepper in Nigeria, ewé àti ata iyere in Yoruba, and across West Africa, where it grows abundantly. Spices generally can clear the throat and cause a runny nose. SUMMARY A diet rich in allium vegetables like onions may have a protective effect against certain cancers. Ukazi also eases constipation and helps to control blood sugar levels in people with diabetes. A review of 26 studies showed that people who consumed the highest amount of allium vegetables were 22% less likely to be diagnosed with stomach cancer than those who consumed the least amount (17Trusted Source). Other benefits of Gongronema latifolium (Utazi) include; 1.The utazi roots can be decocted and mixed with other medicinal plants for the treatment of sickle cell anemia. Quercetin is a flavonoid antioxidant that’s highly concentrated in onions. To do this, you’ll need to get some Uziza leaves, whether fresh or dried and grounded and put them in a clean bowl. Have you ever wondered what makes the native African soup so nutritious? The leaves, whether whole or ground, are used in soups. Multiple population studies have found that people who consume more foods rich in anthocyanins have a reduced risk of heart disease. Additionally, anthocyanins have been found to protect against certain types of cancer and diabetes (15Trusted Source, 16Trusted Source). You can also make use of the seeds as your spice when preparing you healthy Nigerian meals. Below we have outlined some of the reasons why you should consider adding Uziza to your meals as often as you can. This condiment is known to have a strong pungent aroma and mostly added to soups to give them a traditional strong flavor. Unfortunately, Uziza cannot be used to treat constipation; it can only be used to prevent it from ever occurring. Uziza is a plant whose leaves and seeds can be used as a spice in many cuisines. Plus, the study demonstrated that older women who most frequently ate onions decreased their risk of hip fracture by more than 20% compared to those who never ate them (27Trusted Source). Here are 9 impressive health benefits of onions. In some cases, it can be used for the treatment of stroke and hypertension. For medicinal uses, the leaves are commonly consumed as tea. A study in 54 women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) found that consuming large amounts of raw red onions (40–50 grams/day if overweight and 50–60 grams/day if obese) for eight weeks reduced total and “bad” LDL cholesterol compared to a control group (8Trusted Source). Interestingly, Uziza is quite rich in dietary fiber. 81 homemade recipes for uziza leaf from the biggest global cooking community! Being a good source of roughage’s, Uziza can help remedy stomachaches and bring about relieve from menstrual cramps. It also contains notable amounts ofof myristicin, elemicin, safrole, and dillapiol, as well as a little amount of apiole. In the world of skincare, there is a constant demand for new and innovative... Epic Games has officially announced Chapter 2 – Season 5, and players have the first... One thing that has become tremendously close to people is their smartphones. Infused utazi leaves can be used as a home remedy for dysentery and intestinal worms. Uziza leaf, piper guineense, is a popular leaf in the eastern part of Nigeria. A study in 24 middle-aged and postmenopausal women showed that those who consumed 3.4 ounces (100 ml) of onion juice daily for eight weeks had improved bone mineral density and antioxidant activity compared to a control group (26Trusted Source). Author: Dunni Obata. Your email address will not be published. ( Log Out /  While much emphasis is on […] Uziza is known for its peppery nature. Flavonoids REMEDY_FOR_STOMACH_ACHE Health Benefits Of Uziza Leaf & Seed. Some people add it to egusi soup and other vegetable soups. Glycosides #PREVENTS_CANCER Combine cooked onions with other vegetables for a healthy side dish. 6. Also used for its flavor it gives to traditional soups such as Oha soup. Most times, constipation is caused by the absence of roughage’s in our food. Are you simply the type that eats just for the taste of it with little or no knowledge about the nutritional benefits of contained in the food? Add caramelized onions to savory baked goods. SUMMARY Onions are a rich source of prebiotics, which help boost digestive health, improve bacterial balance in your gut and benefit your immune system. It is also popular in making of Jollof rice, fried rice, and pepper sauces. It is no secret that spicy foods help to clear the throat and relieve a runny nose. As a result of this, these spices are therapeutically useful in the administration of medicinal and dietary purposes. Let’s Cook. What’s more, they’re versatile and can be used to heighten the flavor of any savory dish. gadadmin Send an email. #IMPROVES_FERTILITY Uziza leaves contain alkaloids which help in pain relief. The leaves, which have a peppery taste, are pale green when fresh, and darker green when frozen, dried, or ground and dried. For more benefits see this. These fibers help in promoting active bowel movements as such are essential for preventing constipation. Uziza leaves has a peppery taste, are green when fresh and dark green when dried. May Benefit Heart Health Onions contain antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, decrease triglycerides and reduce cholesterol levels — all of which may lower heart disease risk. For some reason, most Nigerians refer to the actual Piper guineense fruit as Uziza seeds. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.com. Gut bacteria feed on prebiotics and create short-chain fatty acids — including acetate, propionate and butyrate. Change ), Though all vegetables are important for health, certain kinds offer unique benefits. Protein Here are some tips on how to add onions to your diet: Use raw onions to add a kick of flavor to your guacamole recipe. Top tacos, fajitas and other Mexican dishes with chopped raw onions. H. pylori is a bacteria associated with stomach ulcers and certain digestive cancers, while MRSA is an antibiotic-resistant bacteria that causes infections in different parts of the body (32Trusted Source, 33Trusted Source). Thyme is either sold fresh or dry. It also contains antibacterial and anti-fungal properties which are effective in the treatment of bacterial and fungal infections. Onions have antibacterial properties and promote digestive health, which may improve immune function. West African Pepper, also known as Ashanti Pepper, Benin Pepper, False Cubeb, Guinea Cubeb, Uziza Pepper or (ambiguously) “Guinea pepper”, called locally kale, kukauabe, masoro, sasema and soro wisa, is a West African spice. May Boost Bone Density Though dairy gets much of the credit for boosting bone health, many other foods, including onions, may help support strong bones. 5. Apart from the sweet-savory flavor our local spices and condiments add to our … The other way in obtaining the health benefits of uziza leaves is by boiling the fresh leaves and drinking the water as a herbal tea. Prebiotics are nondigestible types of fiber that are broken down by beneficial gut bacteria. The name of the spice is derived from Igbo, a language in Nigeria, where the spice is grown and harvested on a commercial basis. Phenols. SUMMARY Onions can easily be added to savory dishes, including eggs, guacamole, meat dishes, soups and baked goods. ( Log Out /  When you have a cough or are finding it difficult to breathe due to influenza flu, you can quickly clear the mucus out of the way by using Uziza pepper. Here are some of the health benefits of Utazi leaves. In some local areas, people sleep with Uziza leafs close to their bed. When a person finds it difficult to have bowel movements for a few days, the problem is called constipation. Uziza leaves and seed have both medicinal and nutritional uses with obvious numerous health benefits. Have you ever wondered what makes the native African soup so nutritious? DISCLAIM! Oil from the leaves has been shown to posses antiseptic, antibacterial, and antifungal activities. Research has shown that these short-chain fatty acids strengthen gut health, boost immunity, reduce inflammation and enhance digestion (35Trusted Source, 36Trusted Source). It’s best used to season meat, fish and also excellent for rice, stew, and soups. It also promotes good sight and aids digestion. Onions are an excellent source of antioxidants. Onions are particularly rich in the prebiotics inulin and fructooligosaccharides. Many insecticides are also based on compounds extracted from the leaves. Back in the olden days during the time of our fore-fathers they thrived and stayed in good health without modern day medicine or drugs. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Onions have also been shown to decrease cholesterol levels. 2. Additionally, consuming foods rich in prebiotics helps increase probiotics, such as Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria strains, which benefit digestive health (37Trusted Source). Health Benefits of Uziza Leaves . In fact, the average potassium intake of Americans is just over half the recommended daily value (DV) of 4,700 mg (5Trusted Source). Similarly, the leaves are often grounded and capsuled to be consumed as daily health supplement capsule.Uziza is very safe in pregnancy so pregnant women can eat it as said earlier. Specific compounds found in onions, such as quercetin and sulfur compounds, possess antidiabetic effects. Scent leaves are high in calcium,phophurus, iron, potassium, carbon and vitamin A. Save Print. Vitamin C also acts as a powerful antioxidant in your body, protecting your cells against damage caused by unstable molecules called free radicals (3Trusted Source). In some local areas, people sleep with Uziza leafs close to their bed. SUMMARY Onions have been shown to inhibit the growth of potentially harmful bacteria like E. coli and S. aureus. This vegetable is particularly high in vitamin C, a nutrient involved in regulating immune health, collagen production, tissue repair and iron absorption. Piper guineense is a West African species of Piper; the spice derived from its dried fruit is known as Ashanti pepper, Benin pepper, Edo pepper, false cubeb, Guinea cubeb, and called locally kale, kukauabe, masoro, etiñkeni, sasema, soro wisa, eyendo, oziza and uziza.It is a close relative of cubeb pepper and a relative of black pepper and long pepper. Posted by MERCURY KITCHEN on March 28, 2020 March 28, 2020. A special broth of the uziza seed is consumed by women especially of the Eastern Nigeria, after childbirth to enhance uterine contraction and expel retained matter from the womb. It also helps in the treatment of cough and sore throat. Similarly, a study in 93,600 women observed that those with the highest intake of anthocyanin-rich foods were 32% less likely to experience a heart attack than women with the lowest intake 14Trusted Source). For example, quercetin has been shown to interact with cells in the small intestine, pancreas, skeletal muscle, fat tissue and liver to control whole-body blood sugar regulation (25Trusted Source). It’s believed that onions help reduce oxidative stress, boost antioxidant levels and decrease bone loss, which may prevent osteoporosis and boost bone density (28Trusted Source). Basically, in this modern age, people add it to soups to boost the… Continue Reading → Therefore, those with infertility problem should consider taking this natural medication. Uziza Leaf also known as West African Pepper, Ashanti Pepper and False Cubeb to name a few of its other names is a climbing vine that can grow up to 20m in length. Dietary fiber The fat content of Uziza Leaf was found to be low so could be employed as part of the weight loss regimen. Not to mention, they can boost your intake of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Ogiri: this is known as fermented melon seed. Ogiri, irrespective of the strong pungent smell comes with a lot of amazing health benefits The fermented locust bean seed is used in controlling diabetes and cholesterol level, it helps to promote good sight and aids digestion, it is used for treating stroke and hypertension. Make a homemade salsa with onions, tomatoes and fresh cilantro. #RELIEVES_COUGH Health Benefit of Uziza Plant (Hot leaf in English),Ewe Ogbo in Yoruba. Leaves should be prepared as pasty substance and spread on the damaged area of the skin. UZIZA AND PREGNANCY The health benefits of Uziza are numerous; the Uziza leaves are able to improve fertility in women and improve sperm in men. #PREVENTS_CONSTIPATION It is also called Benin pepper, kukauabe, false cubeb, Ashanti pepper, and Guinea cubeb in different parts of West Africa. MANGO SEED TEA RECIPE FOR FIBROID REMOVAL, 8 Sickness and Diseases You Never Knew Uda Seed (Negro Pepper) Could Cure, “Leave Coca Cola Enter Abere Seed”- Reactions As A Roll Of Weed Is Spotted On Zubby Micheal’s Table, See The Best Way To Know If You Are Chatting With A Fake Facebook Account, 6 Useful Things Coke Can Do You Don’t Know About. In fact, the medicinal properties of onions have been recognized since ancient times, when they were used to treat ailments like headaches, heart disease and mouth sores (1Trusted Source). Fagara tessmannii, a member of the 'prickly ash' Zanthoxylum family. 0 2 5 minutes read. The use of Uziza in meals provides tremendous health benefits, whether it’s the uziza leaves or uziza seed. In case of stones in your kidney, note that most of this healing properties are more potent when the scent leaves are juiced and taken orally as opposed to cooked. Required fields are marked *. By consuming anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidants regularly, the free radicals will be neutralized, and the chances of your body developing cancerous cells will be significantly reduced. While the fruit itself contains 5–8% of the chemical piperine, which gives them their flavoring taste. A study in 42 people with type 2 diabetes demonstrated that eating 3.5 ounces (100 grams) of fresh red onion reduced fasting blood sugar levels by about 40 mg/dl after four hours (23Trusted Source). Being organic, spices contain many important molecules which the body needs to build cells, repair worn out tissues as well as synthesize other essential chemicals such as enzymes and hormones. We are going to be discussing the health benefits of uziza leaves and the fruits. These help increase the number of friendly bacteria in your gut and improve immune function (39Trusted Source). Tannins THE UZIZA. Well, there is no direct link or medical evidence that suggests that uziza affects pregnancy. Onions are members of the Allium genus of flowering plants that also includes garlic, shallots, leeks and chives. Garlic: garlic is a part of the onion family, known for its pungent flavor and used to make soups and stews. They are either sold whole or dried and ground into powder and used mostly in Banga soup. BITTER LEAF SOUP (ofe onugbu) Already washed bitter, Cocoyam (enough for thicken the soup), Palm oil, Crayfish (grounded), Blended pepper, Uziza, Stock fish, Dry fish Ngozi Uche . For example, onions provide onionin A, a sulfur-containing compound that has been shown to decrease tumor development and slow the spread of ovarian and lung cancer in test-tube studies (19Trusted Source, 20Trusted Source). Packed With Nutrients Onions are nutrient-dense, meaning they’re low in calories but high in vitamins and minerals. Uziza is used in many local herbal medicines to treat infertility. It is typically used in traditional Igbo soups. Thus, just like one of the health benefits of black pepper, uziza boosts fertility in men. As such spices not only add tastes to our meals but also provide our body with lots of essential materials to work with and replenish its used molecules. So let’s proceed with the uziza’s health benefits. 8. Ground Dried Crayfish: This is just dried and powdered dried crayfish used to create distinct traditional taste and flavor in soups and stew. They also have large amounts of beta-caryophyllene, which is an anti-inflammatory agent. Many people have been asking if uziza leaves or seeds can affect pregnancy. Cuisine: Igbo. When next you develop a cough or have a blocked or runny nose, get some uziza leaves. Chicken peppersoup with uziza leaf. In this informative article, you will learn about the nutritional contents and health benefits of uziza. Most people don’t know that ogbono is highly medicinal and has been proven to help reduce cholesterol levels in diabetic patients. The health benefits of uziza leaves are: Improve fertility; Uziza leaves are surprisingly able to improve fertility in women and improve sperm in men. Apart from the sweet-savory flavor our local spices and condiments add to our food – they also come with tons of health benefits we usually neglect. These nutrient-packed vegetables contain powerful compounds that may decrease your risk of heart disease and certain cancers. Other significant health benefits of Uziza Other health benefits of Uziza pepper are the use in the treatment of rheumatism, prevention of diabetes, prevention of hypertension, and improvement of appetite. The Locust Beans for instance, which is known as Iru (iru, dadawa, dawadawa) commonly used for traditional soups and stew for its bold flavor – can be used in controlling diabetes and cholesterol levels. A study in 70 overweight people with high blood pressure found that a dose of 162 mg per day of quercetin-rich onion extract significantly reduced systolic blood pressure by 3–6 mmHg compared to a placebo (7Trusted Source). Ofe Uziza. Curry powder – This spice was introduced to Nigeria during the colonial era. ( Log Out /  Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. This is because the leafs produce a scent that keeps … Utazi leaves water and can be taken orally. Onions also contain fisetin and quercetin, flavonoid antioxidants that may inhibit tumor growth (21Trusted Source, 22Trusted Source). Health benefits of bitter leaf Bitter leaf is rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Peptide Nutritional Content of Uziza leaves Other health benefits of Uziza pepper are the use in the treatment of rheumatism, prevention of diabetes, prevention of hypertension, and improvement of appetite. The Caribbean comedian denied all the accusations of his ex-girlfriend who swiftly reacted to... A city of Kissimmee firefighter and his wife allegedly raped a 7-year-old girl in... Did you know that something comes out of your face when you sleep? Utazi leaves help to remove pain symptoms of a different nature, namely: contusions; cutaneous cuts; inflammation of the skin; Utazi leaves on the skin. Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds Eating vegetables of the Allium genus like garlic and onions has been linked to a lower risk of certain cancers, including stomach and colorectal. It’s made with a blend of different dried herb and spices. Uziza is an African plant, of which two parts are used: the leaves and the berries. May Boost Digestive Health Onions are a rich source of fiber and prebiotics, which are necessary for optimal gut health. #TREATS_DIARRHEA By adding Uziza to your meal always, you not only make sure you consume the right amount of roughage’s but also keep constipation at bay. Ehuru (African Nutmeg) is an aromatic seed used to spice up soups. Uziza seed is very similar to black pepper. SUMMARY Research shows that eating onions may help reduce heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure, elevated triglyceride levels and inflammation. In fact, they contain over 25 different varieties of flavonoid antioxidants (12Trusted Source). It can be used to strengthen your kidneys. These vegetables contain various vitamins, minerals and potent plant compounds that have been shown to promote health in many ways. Your email address will not be published. Quercetin extracted from onions seems to be a particularly powerful way to fight bacteria. Loaded With Antioxidants Antioxidants are compounds that inhibit oxidation, a process that leads to cellular damage and contributes to diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease. The scent leave has been reported to be rich in plants chemicals. SUMMARY Red onions are rich in anthocyanins, which are powerful plant pigments that may protect against heart disease, certain cancers and diabetes. Africans all throughout the continent have been reaping the health benefits of uziza leaves for centuries, and the following are some of the main benefits you should be aware of: Fertility Improvements . Other significant health benefits of uziza. Normal cellular function, fluid balance, nerve transmission, kidney function and muscle contraction all require potassium (6Trusted Source). Add some clean boiled water to the vegetable and allow to stand for at least ten minutes. Thyme is thought to have anti-fungal, antibacterial, insecticidal and possibly anti-fungal properties. Additionally, multiple animal studies have shown that onion consumption may benefit blood sugar control. SUMMARY Due to the many beneficial compounds found in onions, consuming them may help reduce high blood sugar. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your WordPress.com account. Cook time: 55 mins. It also improves the bone health, boosts immunity and increases the liver’s ability to remove toxins from the body. Uziza spice is quite rich in dietary fibre, it helps prevent constipation. It also helps in the treatment of diabetes by reducing the blood glucose level. There are so many things I want to do with it, just waiting for the stars to align and His Grace to open that door. It has been proven to play an active role in the treatment of cough and phlegm laxative, Fever, and malaria due to its antipyretic properties. Thyme: this is a fragrant smelling herb used as a seasoning for a wide range of dishes. Furthermore, onion extract has been shown to inhibit the growth of Vibrio cholerae, a bacteria that is a major public health concern in the developing world (30Trusted Source). Their potent anti-inflammatory properties may also help reduce high blood pressure and protect against blood clots. Since it’s a potent anti-inflammatory, it may help decrease heart disease risk factors, such as high blood pressure. Essential oils They give flavor to savory dishes and can be enjoyed either raw or cooked. Sieve the mixture and drink the filtrate. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us in our comments section. Roughage’s are dietary fiber. Prep time: 30 mins. The leaves, which have a peppery taste, are pale green when fresh, and darker green when frozen, dried, or ground and dried. The active compounds in Garlic can reduce blood pressure, Garlic Improves cholesterol levels, which may lower the risk of heart disease, Garlic contains antioxidants that may help prevent Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, eating Garlic can help detoxify heavy metals in the body, Garlic may improve bone health, garlic is easy to include in your diet and tastes absolutely delicious.
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