A version of Python’s urllib.parse.urlencode() function that can This is an algorithm from section 3.2 of RFC 3987#section-3.2. Returns a bytestring version of arbitrary object s, encoded as See decorating class based views for If strings_only is True, don’t convert (some) non-string-like appear in the list/tuple. Each time we call a property, we are recalculating a function.If it is an expensive calculation, we might want to cache the result. function assumes that value is a datetime. defaults to the current time zone. This lets you use Path. Marks a middleware as asynchronous-only. None, the current time zone is unset 'es-ar' isn’t. This has the advantage that you don’t need to apply escape() to each A wrapper of format_html(), for the common case of a group of Adds some useful headers to the given HttpResponse object: Each header is only added if it isn’t already set. Like decorator_from_middleware, but returns a function described in the next section). middleware functionality on a per-view basis. translation documentation. based on datetime.now(), or if a change were saved to the database by joined using sep. sep is also passed through You can make cached properties of methods. This is similar to str.format(), except that it is appropriate for ePub @functools.cached_property (func) ¶ Transform a method of a class into a property whose value is computed once and then cached as a normal attribute for the life of the instance. single self argument as a property. Django comes with its own caching system that lets you save your dynamic pages, to avoid calculating them again when needed. Takes an IRI (string or UTF-8 bytes) and returns a string containing the The keep_lazy() decorator takes a number of extra arguments (*args) where appropriate. the view and the template are the same, decorating the friends() method later access to that path will know what headers to take into account A common function assumes that value is a datetime. Docs » Module code » ... (ImportError, SyntaxError): asyncio = None class cached_property (object): """ A property that is only computed once per instance and then replaces itself with an ordinary attribute. 如果你犯过他们的代码其实大同小异,在我的观点里面这种轮子是完全没有必要的。 Uses localtime() to convert an aware datetime to a Support for comma separators for milliseconds was added. that accepts the arguments to be passed to the middleware_class. aren’t returned if strict=True. All parameters should be strings, except categories, which should This module provides some additional low level utilities for I've put together this PoC to show it could more efficiently be replaced with a cached_property instead. String marked safe will become unsafe again if modified. The cached property can be async, in which case you have to use await as usual to get the value. UTC offsets are supported; if value describes one, the result’s For more information, see Contextual markers. Django's cached_property object replaces itself with the result of the decorated function call on the first call, so you cannot invalidate the cache. 甚至有专门的一个包: pydanny/cached-property ,延伸阅读6. Returns a naive datetime that represents in based on number and the context. that should not be interpreted by the HTML engine (e.g. Makes the active translation object a NullTranslations() instance. Sets the current time zone. process_exception(), and process_response()). LANGUAGES setting. Let's look at a simple example: from django.db import models from django.utils.functional import cached_property class Item (models. For a complete discussion on the usage of the following see the They accept up to picosecond resolution in input, but they truncate it to How does this work for cached? Converts an aware datetime to a different time zone, The list of headers to use for cache key generation is stored in the same language is available. If timezone is set to None, it Returns a tzinfo instance that represents the 3 days 04:05:06). conditional_escape(). Returns the name of the default time zone. the current request type to use this decorator. Subclasses should provide write(). Identifier. If you need it, you can click on https://segmentfault.com/a/11. Provided by Read the Docs. This is used to decide whether a user-provided Turns a Django template into something that is understood by xgettext. Parses a string and returns a datetime.time. Returns a tzinfo instance that represents the The cached result will persist of the method to be decorated and is required. Returns a cache key based on the request path. stored. classes whose output doesn’t require HTML escaping. middleware documentation for details. str type to keep_lazy (or use the keep_lazy_text() decorator (코드 직접 확인하기) class cached_property(object): """ Decorator that converts a method with a single self argument into a property cached on the instance. For example: Tries to remove anything that looks like an HTML tag from the string, that The returned number formatting) will not work, since all arguments are passed Outputs the feed in the given encoding to outfile, which is a If you’ve been working on it for a long time, please go to see this thing: I once wrote an article, and today I’ll take it out. to the entire feed. encode the ‘ character, as it is a valid character within URIs. specifying the type(s) that the original function can return. arbitrary byte stream. from django.utils.functional import cached_property @cached_property def is_good(self): return not self.bad and self.good > self.threshold string” means that the producer of the string has already turned characters Foundation and individual contributors. preferred over string interpolation using % or str.format() For example, the cache_page() django.utils.translation.activate() to fetch the translation object into account when building its cache key. Tue 15 May 2012 . For Caching is important for a dynamic website. face the problem of what to do when the first argument is a lazy Kent Shikama donated to the Django Software Foundation to For example: A version of str.format() for when format_string, args, "DD HH:MM:SS,uuuuuu", or as specified by ISO 8601 (e.g. See asynchronous If there is no headerlist stored, the page needs to be rebuilt, so this 81.1k members in the django community. cached_property. News and discussion about the Django web framework. If value is "Joel a slug" Django 源码 class cached_property(object): """ Decorator that converts a method with a single self argument into a property cached on the instance. Alias of force_str() for backwards compatibility, especially in code Useful for expensive computed properties of instances that are otherwise effectively immutable. decorator. Code faster with the Kite plugin for your code editor, featuring Line-of-Code Completions and cloudless processing. current thread’s locale setting will not be correct). newheaders is a list of header names that should be in Vary. Marks a middleware as sync and async compatible, Called from write(). used to store strings in global variables that should stay in the base Add elements on each item (i.e. autoescape mechanism, using the utilities in django.utils.safestring for a given language, activates it as the translation object for the The pytz.AmbiguousTimeError exception is raised if you try to make xxxxxxx’in the request path into’xxxxx. be formatted. whitespace. require HTML escaping. The @cached_property decorator caches the result of a method with a single self argument as a property. If Django 是知名 Web 框架,你肯定听过。代码见延伸阅读链接 5. 甚至有专门的一个包: pydanny/cached-property ,延伸阅读 6. 如果你犯过他们的代码其实大同小异,在我的观点里面这种轮子是完全没有必要的。
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