evergreen magnolia Leaf Type: Evergreen Texas Native: Firewise: Tree Description: A large forest or landscape tree, reaching heights of 90 feet or more and a trunk to 4 feet in diameter, with a dense, pyramidal or oval crown, the spreading branches often reaching the ground in open settings. So why invest in an avocado tree? But for areas mid to south Texas and other Gulf States, tree selection must be done cautiously. After one year on an organic program, you can see what this year’s harvest promises. Sadly, a citrus virus wiped out this species locally in the 1940s. They are far superior to the ones packed in heavy syrup from the grocery store. Then the citrus belt picks up again in southern Texas and extends along the Gulf Coast and into Florida. The second picture is from today, August 15, 2012. Citrus grows in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas and along the Gulf Coast, while figs grow well into Central Texas. Host plants include grape, maple, poplar, willow and many fruit tree species. While selections Celeste and LSU Purple remain favorites for this part of Texas, others work well as long as they are closed-eye types, which lessen their susceptibility to insect damage.