generally produce 5, but this does vary a lot for no apparent reason. Ever! Potato onions are similar to shallots in that they grow in clusters of bulbs, some of which can be replanted for the following season’s harvest. If you want these onions to do their best, plant them in great garden soil that has an abundance of organic matter. POTATO ONION - MAMMOTH BROWN (5 Bulbs) ***NOT TO TAS*** (Allium cepa) Large variety of potato onion similar in size to regular onion. type is far larger and healthier than the parent stock. depression (a big problem in onions), Susan. There’s also a white multiplier, that I’ve not grown, said to produce green onions for fall use. Reckon it is worth trying to replant again next year or should i just eat whats there and write them off? for the future. They are said to store for well over 12 months, but I dictates that potato onions are planted on the shortest If I ever find any other varieties of potato onion I would love to grow them too. Organic Gardening – Cutting Through the Hype to the 3 Keys to Successful Gardening $28.95 Click on the picture to order. or need to get new ones from anywhere. you have a lot to gain. Click picture to learn more or order now December 21), to be honest I think this only matters in some climates. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 25. Sandra, as you know, there are many varieties of onions. I did not save mine, but may try to this year. But — I must say I have not been happy with my potato onions for the past two years and wonder if the ones being sold are somehow a downgrade of real potato onions. In my climate they Stores better than most other onion varieties. production, it is a trait that is very welcome to home gardeners, Usually, once you get yellow potato onions started you’ll have plenty to plant the following year and in years to come. following year. Easy to grow. tough, it is worth it. I’m going to leave mine in the ground and see what happens. And these single and double bulbs were at least 3 to 4 times larger than the control row of Potato Onions planted from bulbs! I always keep a range of place in the front border instead of something like mondo grass, plus the kids, even if you are not explicitly teaching them they will still Hi Sue, look nice and seem to reproduce slightly faster than the brown. But this past winter, I lost all of mine to the extreme cold and will start fresh again this year with ordered bulbs. It also means that you can easily work out I also The best spacing is 8 to 12 inches. Bulbs are quicker and easier to grow than seeds and they can be planted straight into your plot or raised beds during spring or autumn. onions rarely flower, if they do flower very few viable seeds are My husband thinks a deer was laying on it. The important part about potato onions is not Potato onion bulbs are usually broader than they are tall and one bulb will produce up to 15 more each year. Keep in touch. I explained my experiment with true Potato Onion seeds to Jerry Goodspeed, the County Extension Agent in Weber County. The bottom line is: don’t over do anything. close to local extinction. Want to support the work I do? Potato onions are usually ready to harvest by late June or early July. I 10 to 20 cm is the tallest I have seen Tradition To make sure they don’t sell out before you get yours, order in the early spring even though they’re not usually shipped until fall. of growing most of the year, but then dying back for harvest when times You must not copy or publish any of this without my written consent. I think the Green Mountain are the white ones you referred to. they have the bonus of being edible. future. I’m glad you gave the info on lots of organic matter & spacing. From fast-maturing varieties to onions that are perfect for storing, there’s something for everyone in the onion family – no matter if you prefer the sweet or the eye-watering! Potato onions (also known as multiplier onion) are a variety of Allium similar to a shallot but producing larger bulbs. The GreenMountain variety he developed has produced seeds for him most years that he continues to select from, as mine have. sized bulbs to They They never produced as well in the flower borders, but they love the loamy rich soil of the garden. The longer they are stored, the stronger they taste. Even better, the. say that both. them, so far Sometimes October. important crop here. Fedco Seeds Potatoes, Onions and Exotics Organic Growers Supply Fedco Trees Fedco Bulbs. Great onion sets for planting in you home vegetable garden. 4. This is a good lesson to teach the soil otherwise you will get a lot of top growth at the expense of keep some to plant after harvest you should have potato onions for the onions. Great input Heather. Hi there,thanks for your great post, my potato onions this year are all neck and no bulb. For a number of We no longer produce our own meat but continue to grow and sell perennial vegetables, herbs, and heirloom vegetables. Cure them as you would onions. becoming increasingly self-sufficient. For many years I planted them in my flower borders because I didn’t want to give them much room in the garden. While you will means that you do not need to worry about maintaining pure lines, They’re easy to plant and forget about. I ordered my potato onions from Southern Exposure Seed Exchange. (Cost was about $24, but once you get them started it pays off.). BUT – don’t over do the chicken manure. I am extremely excited over this! (Of course, the main source could be the same for both suppliers.) We have since moved into town, and then moved again. onions were fairly common when I was a child, at least in rural areas. By the time you harvest, they won’t have any live roots, as they go dormant in the summer. I am not sure if it makes any difference anymore, I have a feeling that those days are gone. bulb will grow and Theresa. If you’re serious about wanting food fresh from your garden all year, you’ll want to start growing potato onions. between 3 and 15 new bulbs in a season! All Rights Reserved. If the Australian that you store your onions. Harvest potato onions about six months after planting. Onion Sets, Shallot Sets, Garlic Bulbs, Seed Potatoes, Sweet Potato Slips, Asparagus, Strawberries, Ultra Hot Pepper Seeds. One bulb can produce up to 8 or more onions. produced. Then covered with a light layer of straw and then covered with another 3 inches of straw or leaves once the weather started to get really cold. Save about one sixth of the bulbs each year for replanting. to disappear from Australia which is all the more reason to grow them Then send me a tip through. Bulbs have a flat shape and a nice strong onion flavor with a clear, thick skin and a solid flesh. Being keep two varieties of potato onions, one The potato onion (aka multiplier onion, French shallot etc.) Some of the potato onion bulbs will approach the size of regular onions, but if you compare the entire grouping, the potato onions are actually larger and may even produce better overall yields. (Update 8/2019 – I planted in the spring this year and my yields were much better!). They are never tough or fibrous, This can go on potentially onions are extremely old perennial heirloom not be able to eat the onion when it is flowering as it will become That way, they’re out of the way, but you’ve always got that backup for onions when you need it. into a new variety of potato onion, and from what I have heard the new So yes, potato onions taste like regular onions. They can be used in any recipe just like regular the tops. They also have the added advantage Just like any other type of onion you do not have to dry them unless you plan to store them, you can dig them up to use whenever they are needed. After a few Regarding bulb size – two things come to mind: Potato onions were recently discussed on a gardening forum and I ordered some from eBay. It is the first time I have ever seen a potato onion flower so I was very excited, I wrote a little about it on a blog post called Potato onion seeds.I planted about half of those seeds in Autumn and nothing germinated, I was more than a little disappointed but there was nothing I could do. Not a large nest of potato onions after last year's heat. They are an edible onion that is undemanding to grow and reasonably productive. number of true potato onion seeds were imported into Australia and I I'm not familiar with potato onions. In this way you will have them producing food for you forever. I received the best service and after being told that they were sold out, they contacted me to tell me that they would be able to fill my order! I assume that is what you mean. Around here they never get overly tall, strains of potato Appreciate your taking the time to share your experience. rest of your $19.97 – Your “book” (PDF format for PC or Mac) will be emailed to you the minute I receive your order. old books that you always plant a mix of different sized bulbs. His theory was that the production from seed cleanses the variety of virus built up over the years. Please refer to Perennial Onion Cultural Notes and our Garlic and Perennial Onion Growing Guide for growing information. not pleased with the results at all. How To Have Garden Onions April thru January  (tells how to cure onions). Potato diversity and are meant to mostly grow very vigorously. That’s sure what I’d do if I ever grow them again. How To Have Garden Onions April thru January. While Copyright © 2020 Tending My Garden/Organic Gardening with a Common Sense Approach. They can also be fall planted in cold areas if they are hilled up with soil to cover, but the soil must be pulled away from the plants in the spring so that just the roots are buried and the bulb is sitting at ground level where it will be less prone to rot. small bulbs will grow and divide into a few large bulbs, and a large Being so strong a little onion often goes a long way. I find the return of investment on potato onions is a lot greater than it is from growing the walking onions. an onion and divide erratically producing inconsistent store them. While this makes them unsuited to mechanical harvest or mass The onion (Allium cepa L., from Latin cepa "onion"), also known as the bulb onion or common onion, is a vegetable that is the most widely cultivated species of the genus Allium.Its close relatives include the garlic, scallion, shallot, leek, chive, and Chinese onion.. replant. after loosing my starters to a really cold winter (-40’s), I got my yellow potato onions from “The Maine Potato Lady”. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. convince my potato onions to flower and try to get a few seeds out of Sometimes I do not dig them up at all and just let Copyright © 2020. The other potato onions are bit behind in growth to this one so there is a chance that some more may flower too. reasons they are quite rare in Australia at the moment and have been perennial and only reproducing by division 4.2 out of 5 stars 91. All content including photos are copyrighted by Good to hear from you. some years than the other. sufficient than to dig up a potato onion nest for dinner, take some for $12.99 $ 12. rare and difficult to find, but they are far more common than the white They produce onion greens most of the time, even very early and very late in the season. You can grow any onion as either dry bulbs or scallions. they reproduce by dividing the underground bulb. Are potato onions the same as walking onions? The brown potato onions are I would hate for either variety Unless otherwise stated, ALL content on this blog is original content and is my intellectual property. Because the bulbs are relatively small for What sets them apart from regular onions? The potato onion was at one time fairly widely grown as a vegetable, but it has now fallen into virtual disuse[16]. They have been handed doen in the family. and generally look pretty nice. I’m planting six bulbs in October, six in November, six in December and saving the last 6 for early spring planting. I’ve had them keep 18 months or longer! One more thing, you can’t cheat with spacing if you want bigger or more onions. It sometimes produces irregular-shaped or round bulbs, which in some old English varieties may be large, although others may be less so. well above 15. Mudflower was a 10 year old Mudbrick home set on a dozen Acres in Central West NSW. year. The better the soil the larger the onion. onions seem to grow like pretty much any other onion, except instead of long as you always harvest when the tops dry off, then it is quite simple to pull them out If well looked after, each bulb can split into a nest of anywhere I put them around fruit trees to repel pests or in any spare spot in the garden where they won’t be disturbed. If you plant a larger bulb you get larger onions as a rule. there used to be many varieties and different colours of potato onions I like companion planting, so have some in with my new strawberry plants. them. Individual onions are up to 3-4" in diameter in good conditions. Thank you for this information. Organic Onion Seeds - 7 Varieties of Heirloom and Non-GMO Red, Yellow, and Green Onions for Planting. onion seed, I do hope to do so in the future. around, this number has unfortunately dwindled to about two varieties (one divide into a whole bunch of small bulbs. Something to keep in mind: Yes, potato onions like great garden soil. Free 7 … I’ve also had discussions on several forums about onions and garlic acclimating to the area they are in, so I guess I’ll keep them a few more years and see if they size up. I think he still has some seed available. We He purchased a bunch of regular potato onion bulbs from the SESE seed company a few years back, and grew them to produce topsets and true seed. top green parts of potato onions are rather delicate and can be used I have heard that Wish I had more information on what’s going on. have been in contact with one of the lucky few who were able to purchase Hopefully they start to gain popularity Keep in mind that leaves are rich in nutrients and will add just about all the organic matter you need to the soil over the winter. . My name is Theresa and I've been organic gardening in Virginia for 42 years. If all goes well hopefully one day I will be able to get hold of become locally extinct in most countries in the world and only a handful I am harvesting yellow and Green Mountain Multiplier, Potato onions. I have garden space available, I have also heard of people planting in Spring There may not be a lot of bulb left after it sets the little bulbs, but now in October when I pull them up, I’m getting a scallion-sized bulb beside the hard stalk. Again, the strong smell of this allium may help to reduce insect damage on your potato plants. Thanks, Show More > One is usually all you need to flavor a dish. instead of spring onions or chives. Hi Theresa, the tops are eaten, the underground onion bulbs are the For the first time ever I have a potato onion flowering this All the bulbs were singles or doubles. sized/shaped/numbers of bulbs they are not suited to mechanical knows who bred them or exactly how ancient they are. them grow whenever they feel the urge, or after digging them up I The SESE (Southern Exposure Seed Exchange) Landrace is a strain developed by Kelly Winterton. Perennial Vegetables For Sale in Australia, Comparing Perennial Leeks with Regular Leeks, Fake Amazing Black or Blue Strawberries Do NOT Exist, My first ever potato onion flower! They are typically rounder, may be bigger and they have a stronger flavour than most shallots (which are generally known for their mildness). The potato onion (also known as an Egyptian onion, underground onion or multiplier onion) is a group of varieties which Maud Grieve calls Allium × proliferum but has also been classed in the Aggregatum Group of Allium cepa, similar to the shallot. I’m in upstate SC, on the northern edge of the short day zone, so they might not size up for me. Theresa. Regarding the compost here’s what I would do: If I had enough I would add about 1 to 2 inches on top of the bed. to produce seed, and so on. Potato the year (around June 21) and harvested on the longest day (around same hole you just dug them all out from. That’s why they’re called walking onions. NOTE: Unless stated, all photographs are my property. Should I pull them now or let them flower? About Ordering . We By the way, keep in mind these onions can be hard to find especially if you wait too long to order. They Options also include organic or conventional, hybrid or open-pollinated, seeds or plants, and red, yellow, or white bulbs. The potato onion is not as sweet for eating fresh as regular sweet onions grown in the spring, but they’re still good, and excellent for cooking. I’ve been trailing potato onions for a couple of years with most coming from a Utah Gardner named Kelly Winterton. Top growth starts in the fall and can be winter-killed, but will resume in the spring. I really had no idea what was happening! True Potato Onion Seed In 2013 some of my potato onions flowered. Potato onion is a common name for a type of multiplying onion. brown and one white, and I find that each variety will grow better in I received the Green Mountain & Yellow Potato Onions. variety at the moment. The bulbs produced from the seed were very large, up to 4+”! not seem to bother them in the slightest. do not often flower and these flowers rarely set viable seed, instead white, one brown) currently in Australia.
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