The pump is located in a protected area in the event of a crash: behind the flywheel. In case of any malfunction with the E.F.I. Greater cleanliness of the fuel plant, with fewer switches and wires and fewer pipes passing through hot areas near the engine (risk of “vapour-lock”). to the low-level fuel pressure (0.3 bar – 4.5 psi) of Carburetors. About us. Centrifugal blower for cars; About us. Dealer Locator. Statistics. Kit intake manifold . and ROTAX factory in Gunskirchen, Austria. Services. We make such a conversion based on a standard Rotax 912ULS 100 HP. To avoid this, all electric pumps are equipped with a very small, fine-meshed inlet filter with a tiny surface area. Imperial College London Recommended for … Very high backpressure in manifold exhaust: this implies a very high exhaust temperature, increasing the risk of knocking combustion. Increased fire safety. SUBSCRIBE NOW to automatically enter this years … In diesem Video geht es um unser 92mm Edge BigBore Kit. Independent and optimized carburation for each cylinder (currently, especially in supercharged engines, carburetion is optimized only for the thinnest cylinder.). SUPERCHARGED On the market, there are not pistons engines intended for Ultralight Experimentals Aircrafts that use Centrifugal Superchargers and double (redundant) Fuel Supply Plant. Rotax 912 SuperCharged on test bench. + Carburetors for redundancy(Flygas Patented kit), • Weight: 65 Kg ( 144Lb. Via Luzzo N°4 Maddalena di C. Antall timer i Norge vil komme til å kunne øke drastisk de neste årene. Follow. As of today Rotax does not deliver an affordable engine with fuel injection,turbo and this much power. Mechanical fuel pump and carburetors will allow your engine to work 100%, even in case of a 12 Volt power failure! Supercharger’s oil plant completely separated from engine’s oil plant (optional). Here is a real product to wake up your Rotax 912 80 hp engine. Vi har igjennom flere år utført injection konverteringer av flere typer motorer. included, Starter Motor, Alternator, injection, Tube, Air Filter), • Overall Dimensions: width 580mm (23Inch. Rotax 912 SuperCharged on test bench. We have done something about! Fly 135hp! ... Rotax 912/914 EFI / Turbo - EdgePerformance EFI promo video - Duration: 1:57. is a web based support system which provides a common access point for locating key Information - Education - Support for their Rotax Aircraft Engines such as the Rotax 912, Rotax 914, Rotax 912 iS, Rotax 915 iS, Rotax 503 and Rotax 582. V z POWER 135 HP TURBOCHARGED ENGINE. Integration of all the electrical switches (electric pumps, 12-volt control unit, and starter motor) into a single command (the. With forged ceramic-coated pistons, turbo charger, modern fuel injection, mil-spec wiring and more, this 72Kg dry weight engine delivers a whooping 155HP. FLYGAS Via Luzzo N°4 Maddalena di C. Cap 40054 Budrio, Bologna ITALY Ph. Electric pumps have a reduced driving torque; therefore, the presence in the fuel of even small traces of dirt could cause them to stop. This is also particularly useful in any unlikely case of emergency landing. and Carburetors; Centrifugal SUPERCHARGER, mechanical drive, boosting power up to 142Hp; Best performance, even at high altitudes; Better fault-tolerance, for greater safety; More power with less weight, increased load capacity; Mechanical 3 Bar Fuel Pump ensuring fuel flow independently from 12v supply. Flygas Mechanical Fuel Pump is driven directly from the crank-shaft and is installed on the engine flywheel, in a protected position in the event of an emergency landing. go!! before a long journey) to Flygas for evaluation and control – OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL SERVICE. Report. We supply the engine (Rotax 912 ULS New) completely assembled, bench tested and equipped with the following Flygas kits: The “Fly-Safe” Electronic Fuel Injection system by Flygas stands as a parallel unit to the Carburetors. Browse more videos. go!! 8. FAQ. RIC.… or E.F.I. Prevention of detonation that can always happen in a supercharged engine whenever the stoichiometric ratio turns low. go!! About us. Mechanical fuel pump for Rotax 914 Turbo and 912 Supercharged . Rotax with “ring mount” Rotax without “ring mount” Ultralight. To further improve our offer and our website, we collect anonymous data for statistics and analysis. The flow of fuel depends on the availability of the 12-volt power supply. More . Fly 120hp! Some photos of Kapser Naef's supercharged Rotax 912 with Gen 1 SDS fuel injection: On Evans Lake, BC The Flygas supercharger allows the Rotax 912 ULS to develop 140 hp at the prop for two minutes and a 130 hp for the climb with less than 5 HP begin absorbed by the supercharger at full power. Turbine over-speed: when the altitude increases and the ambient pressure becomes low, the turbo shaft starts spinning very fast, quickly bringing the turbine to an over-speed state. Necessary Statistics Marketing Cookie Details Necessary. You could even fly with a carburetor completely disconnected from the collector (e.g. FLYGAS Vi har i dag akkumulert ca 400timer i Norge og over 300.000timer på verdens basis. The ignition unit is completely free of maintenance and needs no external power supply. Page 29: Propeller Gearbox 9.5) Propeller gearbox See fig. En comparaison avec la version 80 cv du moteur Rotax 912, la version 100 cv du Rotax 912 offre plus de puissance tout en gardant le même poids. 5 years ago | 20 views. Injection for Rotax® 912/14 . Turbos are not totally unrestricted as increased back pressure on the exhaust in operation that will consume some power in operation. Prize Giveaway! To avoid this, you could install a secondary alternator, but this is heavy and expensive. No high backpressure in manifold exhaust. Today all electronic fuel injection engines use a fuel pressure of 3 bar (10 times higher than 0.3 bar-4.5 PSI respect carburetor engines).In the event of an emergency landing, with possible impact on the ground and trees, all E.F.I. Be aware that the current draw in cruise of our EFI (fuel only) system is around 8 to 8.5 amps. back to Carburetors and vice versa simply pushing or pulling the Flygas “K.E.D.” (Knob Exchange Device) on the cockpit. Absence of vibration, regardless to the difference in the opening of carburetors. Alcide Enos. The Rotax® 912 iS Sport aircraft engine uses a fuel injection system, similar to the automotive industry’s proven solution, but optimized for the high requirements in the aviation industry. Gas Supercharger per ROTAX 912. Log In Supercharged aircooled vw engine - Duration: 3:11. andy sheppard Recommended for you. ), • Exhaust Temperature very low respect of turbo engines, • No high backpressure in manifold exhaust, • Possibility install “Mechanical Blow-Off Valve”, • Supercharger’s oil plant completely separated from engine’s oil plant, • Reductions of torsional vibrations of cranckshaft, thanks to the increased  inertia of gear and impeller, and thanks to the rubber poli-V belt acting like a “damper”, FLYGAS The stoichiometric ratio will always be the best for the current atmospheric condition. ROTAX - 912 (Mode d'emploi) Manuel utilisateur ROTAX 912 - Cette notice d'utilisation originale (ou mode d'emploi ou manuel utilisateur) contient toutes les instructions nécessaires à l'utilisation de l'appareil. More. Possibility to continue flying (at 50% of power) even if the wire command of a carburetor breaks. It is based on the popular Rotax 912ULS. Increased rotational inertial mass, which allows the engine to run smooth, as if it had a large flywheel. • Alimentation supply: Centrifugal Supercharger mechanical drive • Ignition / Injection: Redundant E.F.I. ), height 400mm (16 Inch. Flygas offers that kind of engine, made up from a GREAT Rotax 912 ULS standard engine equipped with Flygas innovative technical solutions. Performance is significantly enhanced with retractable gear and more power. Every model features the industry-exclusive Closed-Loop Cooling System to keep corrosive salt water and debris out of your engine block for added peace of mind. Professor Eric Laithwaite: Magnetic River 1975 - Duration: 18:39. It ensures a constant fuel flow at 3 bar pressure, while having a very light weight (only 680 grams: just basically the same weight as an electrical Pierburg fuel pump, complete with wires and switches.). Subaru EA81 Cylinder Head . GAS 252 engine . Here you can view the cookie settings of various tools used on this domain and its subdomains. This significantly increases the risk of fire, even in the event of a limited impact! Services. The result is a beast of an engine. V z POWER 120 HP TURBOCHARGED ENGINE. Turbochargers are very often used to boost power of combustion engines, but they have some limits: All E.F.I. /Fax +39 051 807202. Playing next. : +43 (0) 7246 6370. Flygas-912-Rotax E.F.I. ROTAX ENGINE MANUAL PDF DOWNLOADS The following links are a series of articles that appeared in Ultralight Flying! But there’s also another option—a Rotax 912 ULS fitted with Flygas Engineering’s supercharger kit (see sidebar), which boosts power to 130-140 horsepower. If the engine stops, the fuel flow also stops. Finally a ready to install, proven, guaranteed, correctly priced turbocharged engine to bring your performance to the next level! Rotax, Jabiru, Vw, Verner mm. Each electric pump requires almost 6 Amp/h from the electrical power supply. 7:46. Hallo meine lieben Lufsportfreunde ! Kit double alternator for Rotax®912/14 . ), • Depth from the propeller flange: 700mm( 27.5Inch. Cookie settings. ROTALK NEWS Episode 3 Michael Smith's Rotax-Powered Searey Circumnavigation, the amazing Rotax-Powered Lockwood Aircam and Anthony Caere's chimpanzee rescue operations. The total weight, weight … 5:29. are heavy and complex; The Electronic Fuel Injection system (even if redundant) requires the continuous availability of a 12v supply voltage to operate. go!! go!! For further diagnosis, the pilot or the maintenance engineer can remotely send the latest flight data (e.g. Find out the advantages and specs of our 120hp Rotax 912 turbo conversion! Exhaust Temperature very low compared to turbo engines. Intercooler for Rotax® 914 . It replaces one of the two electric fuel pumps normally installed on a Rotax 912 and is configured as the “primary” fuel pump, leaving the residual electric pump as ”secondary”. Ph. engines still maintain the fuel supply line which is close to the engine at a pressure of 3 bar (45PSI), despite the pump of the fuel is turned off. The “official” engine choice for the E/A-B version is a turbocharged 115-hp Rotax 914 UL. Since 2007 Flygas has been the only company in the world to create a redundant fuel supply system (injection and carburetors)that allows you to quickly switch from injection to carburetors, discharging the high pressure of 3 bar (necessary for injection) down to 0.3 bar (required by carburetors)! I've seen the 914 Turbo installation in similar A/C. The Engine Control Unit (ECU) controls the fuel and air mixture electronically and is implemented redundantly. or E.F.I. Our experience with this conversion is incredibly positive. For the engine type 912 two reduction ratios are available. The Rotax 912 Competition - Duration: 7:46. (with dual sensors, dual injectors, etc.) Aero-TV: Rotax 912 is - Updating the Rotax 912 Series Powerplants. Therefore, even in the event of a minor impact, the fuel spill following a break will be 10 times less than any other fuel injection system on the market today. In comparison to the 80 hp version of the Rotax 912 series the 100 hp product line offers more power while keeping the same weight. Very heavy, as they have to be made of cast iron. Fly 120hp! More reliability. Electrical power saving, which can thus be used for other services. This engine series offers a time between overhauls of 2,000 hrs and the best power to weight ratio in its class ‒ no surprise that this engine is … in case of breakage of the rubber fitting). • Engine Model: “Rotax®912ULS”, 4stroke, gasoline, • Maximum power: 110Kw (150hp) @ 5.800 RPM, • Alimentation supply: Centrifugal Supercharger mechanical drive, • Ignition / Injection: Redundant E.F.I. Mechanical fuel pump; Injection for rotax 912/14; Kit intake manifold; Kit double alternator; Subaru EA81 Cylinder Head; Intercooler for Rotax914; Car and off-roads. Flygas is the only firm in the world today that produces a Mechanical Fuel Pump for Rotax 912 Turbo or Supercharged engine. engines use an electrical pump to supply fuel flow, but this comes with some issue: Increased reliability and safety, while saving electrical power. Contact. In order to reduce the risk of fire due to a heavy ground impact, you can discharge the high-level fuel pressure (3 bar -45 psi) of the E.F.I. Ph. In the case of highly polluted and dirty fuel (obviously to be avoided) the mechanical pump could still start to deteriorate, reducing its flow rate and maximum pressure, but without stopping. We do also make some special versions for STOL competition etc. Originally equipped with carburetors, later versions are fuel injected.Dominating the market for small aircraft and kitplanes, Rotax produced its 50,000th 912-series engine in 2014. Failure of the Supercharger simply means you have to fly on the original 80 hp. At any time, the pilot can rapidly change from E.F.I. Fuel flow no longer dependent on the 12-volt power supply. ROTAX's 915iS-powered Aquila A211 test aircraft, the Scheibe SF-25C Falke (first-ever 912-equipped aircraft!) KIT SUPERCHARGER Rotax® 912/14 140HP Technical data: • Engine Model: “Rotax®912ULS”, 4stroke, gasoline • Maximum power: 110Kw (150hp) @ 5.800 RPM • Maximum RPM: 5.800 for max 5min. Cap 40054 Budrio, Bologna ITALY Beside the standard 912 UL 80hp, and the 912 ULS 100hp, we have added to our price list a new 120hp turbocharged 912. 3:11. go!! They always maintain a 3 bar fuel pressure close to the engine, increasing the risk of fire in case of a ground impact or if a pipe breaks; Redundant E.F.I. On the market, there are not pistons engines intended for Ultralight Experimentals Aircrafts that use Centrifugal Superchargers and double (redundant) Fuel Supply Plant. SUPERCHARGER Rotax 912/14 150HP . The stoichiometric ratio will be automatically adjusted, according to altitude. Fly 135hp! Flygas-912-Rotax; Supercharger. Flygas offers that kind of engine, made up from a GREAT Rotax 912 ULS standard engine equipped with Flygas innovative technical solutions. The stock Rotax 912 charging system outputs a maximum of 18 amps at high rpm. The ROTAX 912 engine is equipped with a dual ignition unit of a breakerless, capacitor discharge design, with an integrated generator. No risk of turbine over-speed, because the compressor-shaft is driven directly by the engine, with a pulley and belt system, and not by exhaust gas flow.
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