A coral Palumbi and his lab have been studying in Samoa for years is named AH93. Bay, R. A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2014). Comparing Evolutionary Patterns and Variability in the Mitochondrial Control Region and Cytochrome b in Three Species of Baleen Whales. JOURNAL OF EXPERIMENTAL MARINE BIOLOGY AND ECOLOGY, 64(2), 103–15. Foley, M. M., Halpern, B. S., Micheli, F., Armsby, M. H., Caldwell, M. R., Crain, C. M., … Steneck, R. S. (2010). Steve's previous book, The Death and Life of Monterey Bay: A Story of Revival, written with Carolyn Sotka, brought to life the unusual environmental success story of the recovery of Monterey Bay. Intraspecific genetic diversity in the marine shrimp Penaeus vannamei: Multiple polymorphic elongation factor-1 alpha loci revealed by intron sequencing. A., & Milligan, K. (2019). The indigo of the open ocean reflects the bright baby blue sky, forming an azure world only broken by the green palm trees of distant islands. Thomas, L., & Palumbi, S. R. (2017). He also holds a Senior Fellowship at the Stanford Woods Institute for Stephen R. Palumbi b. October 17, 1956 - Baltimore, MD USA . Multilocus Adaptation Associated with Heat Resistance in Reef-Building Corals. ECOLOGICAL APPLICATIONS, 22(4), 1257–1267. CURRENT BIOLOGY, 16(16), 1622–26. Geller, J., Sotka, E. E., Kado, R., Palumbi, S. R., & Schwindt, E. (2008). NATURE CLIMATE CHANGE, 9(8), 632-+. Neafsey, D. E., & Palumbi, S. R. (2003). INFLUENCE OF SEASONAL MIGRATION ON GEOGRAPHIC-DISTRIBUTION OF MITOCHONDRIAL-DNA HAPLOTYPES IN HUMPBACK WHALES. Palumbi, S. R., & Palumbi, A. R. (2014). Work on corals in American Samoa and Palau has identified corals more resilient to heat stress. MOLECULAR ECOLOGY, 22(9), 2424–2440. Distributions of stress-resistant coral symbionts match environmental patterns at local but not regional scales. Oliver, T. A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2011). Somatic mutations and genome stability maintenance in clonal coral colonies. Jane and Marshall Steel Jr. Barber, P. 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SNP genotyping and population genomics from expressed sequences - current advances and future possibilities. Economic ecology - In the market for minke whales. Bay, R. A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2015). Work on the genomics of marine organisms tries to focus on basic evolutionary questions but also on practical solutions to questions about how to preserve and protect the diverse life in the sea. Conservation Biology Evolution Genetics Marine Biology. RECOVERY FROM SMALL DISTURBANCE EVENTS BY ENCRUSTING BRYOZOA - THE INFLUENCE OF HOST SPECIES AND LESION SIZE. Palumbi, S. R., & Jackson, J. Biological Sciences, 284(1865). White, J. W., Carr, M. H., Caselle, J. E., Washburn, L., Woodson, C. B., Palumbi, S. R., … Milligan, K. (2019). Oliver, T. A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2009). The site facilitates research and collaboration in academic endeavors. Polygenic evolution drives species divergence and climate adaptation in corals. 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The lab is already full of busy students by the … EVOLUTION, 64(9), 2688–2700. Science , 344(6186), 895–98. Email: vitousek@stanford.edu. Open and closed seascapes: Where does habitat patchiness create populations with high fractions of self-recruitment? Affiliated Faculty. PLANNING FOR CHANGE Assessing the Potential Role of Marine Protected Areas and Fisheries Management Approaches for Resilience Management in a Changing Ocean. MOLECULAR ECOLOGY, 13(9), 2763–2772. In addition, basic work on the molecular evolution of reproductive isolation and its influence on patterns of speciation uses marine model systems such as sea urchins. (1990). Steve has long been fascinated by how quickly the world around us changes. (2016). OCEANOGRAPHY, 32(3), 60–61. Natesh, M., Taylor, R. W., Truelove, N. K., Hadly, E. A., Palumbi, S. R., Petrov, D. A., & Ramakrishnan, U. Pespeni, M. H., Garfield, D. A., Manier, M. K., & Palumbi, S. R. (2012). A keystone ecologist: Robert Treat Paine, 1933-2016. A., Barth, J. SCIENCE, 271(5249), 640–42. Stephen R. Palumbi (born October 17, 1956, in Baltimore, MD) is the Jane and Marshall Steel Jr. He also holds a Senior Fellowship at the … Geyer, L. B., & Palumbi, S. R. (2003). Email: spalumbi@stanford.edu. Teixidó, N., Caroselli, E., Alliouane, S., Ceccarelli, C., Comeau, S., Gattuso, J.-P. P., … Gambi, M. C. (2020). Steve has long been fascinated by how quickly the world around us changes. Sub-weekly coral linear extension measurements in a coral reef. Hughes, T. P., Barnes, M. L., Bellwood, D. R., Cinner, J. E., Cumming, G. S., Jackson, J. June 2020: Drs. Stephen Palumbi: Hidden toxins in the fish we eat Q1: Explain how Palumbi says ecologists view the pyramid OCEANOGRAPHY Ultra marine. The tip of the tail: molecular identification of seahorses for sale in apothecary shops and curio stores in California. B. C. (1982). Guiding ecological principles for marine spatial planning. Stephen Palumbi, Bo Wang and Yunzhi Peter Yang received a grant from the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment for identifying factors that affect coral reef’s resistance to bleaching using Yang lab’s newly developed high throughput bioprinting platform. His research group studies the genetics, evolution, conservation, population biology and systematics of a diverse array of marine organisms. Evolution of scleractinian corals inferred from molecular systematics. NATURE, 434(7034), 713–715. Journal of Heredity, 104(3), 327–40. Ingram, K. K., & Palumbi, S. R. (2002). In January 2003, Steve appeared in the TV series, The Future is Wild, a computer-animated exploration of the possible courses of evolution in the next few hundred million years. Therkildsen, N. O., Wilder, A. P., Conover, D. O., Munch, S. B., Baumann, H., & Palumbi, S. R. (2019). CORAL REEFS, 37(2), 549–63. Palmer, M., Bernhardt, E., Chornesky, E., Collins, S., Dobson, A., Duke, C., … Turner, M. (2004). OCEANOGRAPHY, 32(3), 116–25. (2003). Steve has long been fascinated by how quickly the world around us changes. Strong genetic clines and geographical variation in gene flow in the rocky intertidal barnacle Balanus glandula. Filling in the gaps with evolutionary genomics. LIMNOLOGY AND OCEANOGRAPHY, 57(2), 582–596. Big and Slow: Phylogenetic Estimates of Molecular Evolution in Baleen Whales (Suborder Mysticeti). Norse, E. A., Grimes, C. B., Ralston, S., Hilborn, R., CASTILLA, J. C., Palumbi, S. R., … Kareiva, P. (2003). Steve Palumbi is no stranger to controversy. Gaines, S. D., White, C., Carr, M. H., & Palumbi, S. R. (2010). Galindo, H. M., Pfeiffer-Herbert, A. S., McManus, M. A., Chao, Y., Chai, F., & Palumbi, S. R. (2010). CORAL REEFS, 30(1), 241–250. The cell specificity of gene expression in the response to heat stress in corals. Ladner, J. T., Barshis, D. J., & Palumbi, S. R. (2012). Palumbi, S. R. (2009). A., Dayton, P. K., Kareiva, P., Levin, S. A., Lubchenco, J., Menge, B. De Wit, P., & Palumbi, S. R. (2013). Integrative and Comparative Biology, 53(5), 857–70. Ecosystems in action: Lessons from marine ecology about recovery, resistance, and reversibility. (2019). Bay, R. A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2017). Climate change, human impacts, and the resilience of coral reefs. Professor in Marine Sciences and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment, Affiliate, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment. A primary focus is the use of molecular genetic techniques in conservation, including the identification of whale and dolphin products available in commercial markets. Recent speciation in the Indo-West Pacific: rapid evolution of gamete recognition and sperm morphology in cryptic species of sea urchin. Email: spalumbi@stanford.edu. ECOLOGY, 87(5), 1094–1103. BIOLOGICAL BULLETIN, 228(3), 227–41. (2018). NATURE, 484(7395), 445–446. Explain how Palumbi says ecologists view the pyramid of ocean life? EVOLUTION, 60(9), 1825–1839. Dr. Palumbi's Lab Homepage Dr. Stephen Palumbi received his Ph.D. from University of Washington in marine ecology. Presented at the Colloquium on Systematics and the Origin of Species, IRVINE,CA,CA,CA,CA,CA,CA: NATL ACAD SCIENCES. Barshis, D. J., Ladner, J. T., Oliver, T. A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2014). Protein evolution in two co-occurring types of Symbiodinium: an exploration into the genetic basis of thermal tolerance in Symbiodinium clade D. BMC EVOLUTIONARY BIOLOGY, 12. Professor, Biology. Genome size evolution in pufferfish: A comparative analysis of diodontid and tetraodontid pufferfish genomes. Footprints of local adaptation span hundreds of linked genes in the Atlantic silverside genome. BIOLOGICAL BULLETIN, 220(3), 199–208. Kelly, R. P., Oliver, T. A., Sivasundar, A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2010). A., Joyce, F. H., & Warner, R. R. (2015). Transcriptome sequencing reveals both neutral and adaptive genome dynamics in a marine invader. NATURE, 546(7656), 82–90. JOURNAL OF HEREDITY, 100(1), 34–46. PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 96(22), 12632–37. A., Barth, J. ... Stephen Palumbi. Presented at the Symposium on Chemical Evolution II held at the 235th ACS National Meeting, NEW ORLEANS,LA: AMER CHEMICAL SOC. 2 . I transitioned to Stanford University in 2010 to start my graduate studies in the lab of Dr. Stephen Palumbi at Hopkins Marine Station. (2012). Stephen Palumbi samples a coral for genetic testing in Bikini Atoll. PloS One, 8(6), e67480. A., Grosberg, R. K., & Palumbi, S. R. (2004). MOLECULAR ECOLOGY RESOURCES, 12(6), 1058–67. Are Antarctic minke whales unusually abundant because of 20th century whaling? COMPREHENSIVE PLANNING, DOMINANT-USE ZONES, AND USER RIGHTS: A NEW ERA IN OCEAN GOVERNANCE. Dr. Stephen Palumbi is the Jane and Marshall Steele Jr. Ecology for a crowded planet. Mechanisms of reef coral resistance to future climate change. Romano, S. L., & Palumbi, S. R. (1996). Many corals host thermally resistant symbionts in high-temperature habitat. The genomics of recovery from coral bleaching. Palumbi, S. R. (2004). Michelou, V. K., Caporaso, J. G., Knight, R., & Palumbi, S. R. (2013). Jane and Marshall Steel Jr. The role of genes in understanding the evolutionary ecology of reef building corals. Sotka, E. E., Wares, J. P., Barth, J. Steve helped write, research and also appears in the BBC series The Future is Wild and the History Channel's World Without People. MARINE ECOLOGY PROGRESS SERIES, 378, 93–103. Rose, N. H., Seneca, F. O., & Palumbi, S. R. (2015). Reproductive character displacement and the genetics of gamete recognition in tropical sea urchins. CURRENT BIOLOGY, 24(24). Stephen Palumbi. Testing the utility of internally transcribed spacer sequences in coral phylogenetics. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 10(6), 853–59. Beyer, H. L., Kennedy, E., Beger, M., Chen, C. A., Cinner, J. E., Darling, E. S., … Hoegh-Guldberg, O. Lab Website. 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Seascape genetics: A coupled oceanographic-genetic model predicts population structure of Caribbean corals. Other recent films appearances include The End of the Line, and the Canadian Broadcasting series One Ocean. McCauley, D. J., Pinsky, M. L., Palumbi, S. R., Estes, J. The use of genetic clines to estimate dispersal distances of marine larvae. Stephen Palumbi. HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE OF MITOCHONDRIAL-DNA GENE FLOW AMONG HUMPBACK WHALES MEGAPTERA-NOVAEANGLIAE, WORLDWIDE. Transcriptome-wide polymorphisms of red abalone (Haliotis rufescens) reveal patterns of gene flow and local adaptation. Cell fate, stem-cell behaviors, and cell polarity in plant epidermal lineages. Pinsky, M. L., & Palumbi, S. R. (2014). CORAL REEFS, 30(2), 429–440. GENOME BIOLOGY, 11(4). Evolution Letters, 4(5), 430–43. Dispersal at a snail's pace: historical processes affect contemporary genetic structure in the exploited wavy top snail (Megastraea undosa). PROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, 100(21), 11927–28. A., & Palumbi, S. R. (2010). Duda, T. F., & Palumbi, S. R. (2004). CORAL REEFS, 37(1), 267–77. Transcriptomic responses to seawater acidification among sea urchin populations inhabiting a natural pH mosaic. Evolutionary change during experimental ocean acidification. Signals of selection in outlier loci in a widely dispersing species across an environmental mosaic. HEREDITY, 102(1), 66–76. SCIENCE, 229(4712), 487–88. Parallel amino acid replacements in the rhodopsins of the rockfishes (Sebastes spp.) NATURE, 430(7000), 621–622. The trip began a decade-long project to study the coral reef in the lagoon, which is located off the island of Ofu, a tiny island in the Pacific Ocean about 2,500 miles from the Australian coast. Bacterial community dynamics are linked to patterns of coral heat tolerance. Comparative phylogeography of three codistributed stomatopods: Origins and timing of regional lineage diversification in the coral triangle. Rose, N. H., Seneca, F. O., & Palumbi, S. R. (2016). Biogeography - A marine Wallace's line? Ruiz-Jones, L. J., & Palumbi, S. R. (2019). Grosberg, R. K., Rice, W. R., & Palumbi, S. R. (1985). Highly localized divergence within supergenes in Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) within the Gulf of Maine. Michelou, V. K., Caporaso, J. G., Knight, R., & Palumbi, S. R. (2013). BIOLOGICAL JOURNAL OF THE LINNEAN SOCIETY, 73(4), 391–409. MARINE POLICY, 34(5), 955–66. Seneca, F. O., & Palumbi, S. R. (2015). Unaltered by Heat Stress in a Coral Host. Fisheries science - Why mothers matter. Population structure of the black tiger prawn, Penaeus monodon, among western Indian Ocean and western Pacific populations. Morikawa, M. K., & Palumbi, S. R. (2019). All males are not created equal: Fertility differences depend on gamete recognition polymorphisms in sea urchins. Molecular Ecology, 22(13), 3580–97. Designing marine reserve networks for both conservation and fisheries management. Baker, C. S., Slade, R. W., Bannister, J. L., Abernethy, R. B., Weinrich, M. T., Lien, J., … Palumbi, S. R. (1994). Advisor: Stephen R. Palumbi Research, laboratory management, technician and intern supervision UC Berkeley, Blodgett Forest Research Station, Herpetologist … Trends in Cell Biology, 24(5), 265–67. Palumbi, S. R. (2005). COMPARATIVE BIOCHEMISTRY AND PHYSIOLOGY A-MOLECULAR & INTEGRATIVE PHYSIOLOGY, 185, 33–42. This is the second of a three-post series written by undergraduate students who completed summer research in Palau with the Palumbi lab. Coral gardens: Paternity and drug testing on the reef. A., Kareiva, P., Levin, S. A., Lubchenco, J., & Power, M. E. (2017). SCIENCE, 301(5635), 929–933. Molecular Ecology Resources. Publications. Using naturally occurring climate resilient corals to construct bleaching-resistant nurseries. 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Cell Biology Developmental Biology Genetics Plant Biology. Alter, S. E., Rynes, E., & Palumbi, S. R. (2007). MOLECULAR BIOLOGY AND EVOLUTION, 26(11), 2427–40. FRONTIERS IN ECOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT, 1(2), 73–79. Palumbi, S. R. (1999). A., … Hofmann, G. E. (2015). AGING IN MODULAR ORGANISMS - ECOLOGY OF ZOOID SENESCENCE IN STEGINOPORELLA SP (BRYOZOA, CHEILOSTOMATA). Forensic genomics as a novel tool for identifying the causes of mass mortality events. Duda, T. F., & Palumbi, S. R. (2000). Predicted decline of protected whales based on molecular genetic monitoring of Japanese and Korean markets.
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