This comparison guide of the Weber grills from the Q series includes several comparisons and additional information to consider. The Weber Q1200 comes with two folding side tables. Below that table, you can find more information regarding the differences between the grills in the series. Weber Q 2000 Accessories. It retails for about $30 less than the Q1200 at most stores. I do not consider either of the Weber Q 3200 models to be portable grills. Both of the 3200 models include the folding side tables for storage in tight areas – either would be a great solution for those with small balconies or tiny yards. Accessories to Consider with the Weber Q Series. It is a durable surface, especially with the porcelain coating it receives as part of the manufacturing process. You also get to avoid any potential chemical exposure from the use of lighter fluid. It also requires you to reach around the grill or walk to the back to shut off your propane source. In a direct Weber Q1200 vs Q2200 comparison, the Weber 2200 is larger in size than the other and is 15.5 (H) x 51.4 (W) x 19.5 (D) inches with the lid closed, and side tables retracted. That might not be an issue if you take it from the backyard to your vehicle. … Comparison of the Weber Q1200 vs. Q2200 When you want a Weber portable grill with the most features possible, you must choose either the Weber Q1200 or the Weber Q2200. The Weber Q1000 provides 189 square inches of cooking space. Warranties on all other parts are for 2 years, which is more than enough time to work out any defects that might be present. Even though the size of this grill may not be as large as others, it is big enough to manage many social gatherings. Take a look at our chart and see how Weber gas grills compare to the competition. This is far more cost-effective and won’t leave you running out of propane halfway through cooking a meal. Both models provide more space for cooking, although you have about 100 square inches of additional room when you purchase from the 2000 series. When it comes to other items such as roasts or ribs, you may find that the lid is a little too shallow and the cooking area is just a bit too small. Problem #1: Design Limitations for Portability. 3. With the lid and side tables opened, it measures … Size-wise and feature-wise, the Weber Q 1400 is identical to the Weber Q 1000, and the Q 2400 is the same size as the Q 2000. Weber Gas Grill Comparison Chart. The manufacturer’s warranty on all of these grills is outstanding. When the birds start chirping out the first songs of spring, grillers know it is almost time to break out their equipment. When you purchase a grill, it helps to remember that you need to think about food spacing for your family or friends. This design encourages temperature retention, ensuring an even cooking surface is available for all of your favorite foods. This optional accessory is priced just under $50. Compared to the other grill, it is much more compact and lightweight. The LP model comes with an adaptor hose to connect to a 20lb propane tank . It is worth reviewing several additional if you’re thinking about buying the Weber Q1000, Q1200, Q2000, or Q2200. (Take me to that!). Although this fact may be true if you compare the two cooking surfaces alone, grillers can add mesquite, cherry, or other wood products in tinfoil or other mediums to generate smoke within the grilling environment. This feature enables you to have some prep space when no would be available at your location. Is the Weber Q Series Your Best Grilling Option? These two grills are larger, but still retain their portability. Unless you purchase the cart accessory from Weber or use a collapsible one from another provider, this design isn’t overly portable for the average family.
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