ATL Marketing & Media Buying

ATL or Above The Line Marketing involves brand creation and promotion through robust channels like television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. Mass media provides one of the biggest platforms for businesses to advertise their product to a large consumer base in a short time span. However, advertising on these platforms cannot be done in an archaic or random fashion.

Businesses need to realize that a lot of planning and market research should be put into use while choosing the right platform for advertising their product. Efficient ATL marketing can help in creating a unique identity for the brand in the minds of the consumers and leave a long lasting impact. The brand can be viewed as a set of values, a personality and the position it occupies in people’s minds.

AOB India helps you in planning and running a highly specialized ATL promotion which carves a niche for your product in the market while highlighting its distinct features, performance, benefits, service support, etc. We have a long experience of over 14 years in the field of advertising and brand creation which makes us the best ATL marketing agencies based out of New Delhi – NCR.


Media Buying

Every product and every brand has unique characteristics and the same advertising strategy cannot be applied to them. We, at AOB India, undertake extensive market research to design the advertising campaign which is the most appropriate for your business. Our team is highly skilled in media planning and buying, and is capable of earning credibility for your brand.

Our team uses its experience and marketing wisdom to choose the right combination of tools for our clients which in turn helps in a targeted planning aimed at getting a good response through television, radio, newspapers, magazines, etc. This makes our advertising campaign most profitable for our clients.


AOB India’s unique and innovative promotion strategy for media buying, designed keeping in mind the distinct features of each brand, works in four steps:

Market Study – We begin by critically examining the media activities of competitors and the kind of response it is receiving from the customers.

Planning – After a careful examination, we set out to plan a promotional guideline for our client based on their brand’s unique requirement using the existing research database.

Media Planning – A targeting media strategy is then planned keeping in mind the expected targets that we want to achieve.

Portfolio Management – A customized media plan is maintained for every client based on their requirement which helps them in fulfilling their local and national marketing needs.

Thus, this makes AOB India the most efficient ATL marketing activities provider in the industry. Our experience in media buying and advertising, and the faith that our clients have put in our work is the continuous source of motivation and inspiration for us.

Our ATL activities combined with BTL and Digital marketing can work wonders for any business. So, if you wish to see your product sales go up, don’t forget to contact us and get your free sales audit. The contact details are provided on the website.