Organizations Need Productive Sales Process to Survive 2020.

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You have developed an innovating business strategy. Your technology department is intact and in-sync with the other processes. But until and unless the execution is done, the revenue scale will show no change. If your business strategy and technology is aligned, here’s all that you need to know to keep the sales process productive to survive the wave of 2020.

We have already reached the mid of the year 2020, and it’s no surprise that your sales goals have become even more aggressive. Now is the time to decide what changes you’ll make and what processes you’ll implement to ensure that your sales team hits the goals.

AOB India is the sales outsourcing company that has been delivering sales process to companies of various sizes and domains for past 6 years. The sales outsourcing company in India has helped its clients to succeed and grow during the low times of COVID. From productivity hacks to communication tips and tricks, here’s a list of the top five initiatives that AOB India believes every organization should think about in 2020.

1. Sales productivity

The priority of every sales team should be productivity. Teams that engage in high-return, high- value activities produce high-return, high-value outcomes. Here are some ways to improve sales productivity.


Is your team focused on aggressive outbound sales? If so, you should be focusing on who your sales team is reaching out to, how often, and with what success rate. 

Is your team performing product demos and taking 1:1 meetings? Then you should focus on making sure these meetings are with the right qualified accounts, taking note of which accounts convert, which don’t, and digging into the data for reasons why or why not.

Streamline the pipeline

A controlled sales process or a pipeline with too many steps can slow down or overwhelm your sales team, not only robbing them of their valuable time but also intervene in the flow and with them from engaging vigorously in the sales process. 

The sales outsourcing company believes that sales leaders should be focused on streamlining everything from qualifying leads to facilitating onboarding to renewing contracts.

Facilitate onboarding

On average, new sales agents take 20 days to onboard and perform at the same level as your current sales agents—but what if you can ramp agents more quickly so that they start making a larger contribution to your sales goals

Remember—improving productivity doesn’t just have an advantage for your reputation and the company. Team members who are happy and productive are team members whom you want to keep, as retaining talent is a necessity for any sales leader focused on efficiency in his or her strategy.

2. Improve the way you communicate value

When selling anything, the only thing that matters is how valuable your product or service is to your prospective customer. Too many teams get lost in this process, and for good reason—communicating value may sometimes be difficult. But setting a goal of driving value for your team will result in higher revenue growth, higher win rates, and higher retention.  Communicating value will mean something a bit different for every customer. Sales professionals should understand intimately who their customers are and deep dive into discovering how their product or service solves that customer’s specific pain points. AOB India has the largest sales force in India. The widely spread sales outsourcing company deeply believes in the power of communication. Regular online, offline meetings and target discussions keep the sales agents motivated and in-sync with the vision of the company.

3. Improve effectiveness of sales management

If a ship is only as good as its captain, then a sales team is only as good as its manager. Many companies report a high turnover rate in their sales team for the top reason: compensation rates.

Though there’s a certain level of magic behind the industry’s top sales outsourcing leader, you too can ensure that your team performs at high levels by applying a few key principles.


• Creating opportunities to address new challenges and providing room for new approaches to closing

• Giving actionable coaching insights, followed by perfecting the sales pitch and individualized development

4. Improve prospecting

Having trouble converting the long list of leads to prospects? Why would a sales team reject a marketing-qualified lead? Typically, this happens because marketing teams primarily value lead quantity, while sales teams focus on lead quality. 

The truth is, an effective sales manager must do both: build campaigns and processes for securing and nurturing a high volume of high-quality leads. Nurturing the prospect is a long process, from using conversion rate data to identify any gaps in the sales process to work alongside marketing teams to address when and why sales aren’t converting.

5. Improve account management to drive account growth

Account management should be a top focus for all sales executives in 2020. The sales outsourcing company, AOB India believes in the science of sales. Every process is divided among the respective teams and management and the process is monitored at every step through reports; and Well-performed account management improves retention—and account retention is the surest way to maintain or increase revenue. 

To make sure that you’re focused on improving account management in your organization, strengthen the relationship between sales teams and service teams. By keeping clients happy through the sales process, continued into the onboarding process and beyond, your team will be able to more easily close on deals, renew contracts and, ideally, expand existing services.  Want to increase sales? Book an appointment with one of the largest sales outsourcing agencies in India.

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