Sales Consultants in India describe SMART goals for retailers

The sales consultancy company, AOB India, believes there is hope in the growth, post COVID-19. But, when it comes to what is going on in the world today due to Covid-19 pandemic, there are two levels of disruptions when it comes to businesses.

Firstly, the routine sales meets & travel and softer aspect of closing a deal, especially for B2B sales where a face-to-face discussion with key stakeholders or a dine and meet is key to iron out contours of a deal.

Secondly, a drop in demand from clientele in certain sectors like travel, hospitality, timeshare, aviation, would see a corresponding drop.

However, the expert sales consultants at AOB India believe that with improved strategies and focused operation and process, good sales numbers can be achieved. The sales consultancy has coined SMART goals that every organisation should consider before deep diving into the market. What is a SMART goal?

SMART is an acronym used to help marketers and sales agents best define their business goals for an organisation. The sales consultancy believes that it helps ensure that the goals you are setting for your sales and marketing strategy are actionable and attainable. We have a breakdown of each aspect of a SMART goal below.

S – Specific

Your goals should be clearly defined, and they should be easy to communicate to others. You should be able to explain, in precise terms, what each of your goals are and how they relate to your overall business objectives.

M – Measurable

Your goals should lend themselves well to data analysis. You should be able to track them in real- time, and you should know right away when they’ve been met or failed to deliver.

A – Achievable

Your goals should be realistic. Don’t aim low, but don’t let your goals get out of control, either. If our company made INR 50 lakh in revenue last year, for example, don’t base your goals around making INR 1 Cr this year. You want your team to feel inspired, not that they have an impossible mountain to climb.

R – Relevant

Your goals should relate to your big picture intentions. Brand awareness is essential, but you should be able to connect most — if not all — of your goals to real sales objectives.

T – Time-Bound

Sales Consultants in India describe SMART goals for retailers

Your goals should have a designated start and end date. Working from a timeline is necessary not just for defining your goals but for measuring them. It will also help you stay consistent with your tracking methods.

If a goal doesn’t pass the SMART test, try to rework it until it does. If no amount of redefining gets it to where it needs to be, drop it, and focus on the business goals that you know will help move your business forward in clear and concrete ways.

Rated among the best sales consultancy companies in India, AOB India has been delivering sales outsourcing services to companies of all sizes and domains. The sales consultants provide free sales audits to clients before commencing the sales process. The partnership with the sales consultancy, AOB India, has helped companies grow and prosper even in the times of COVID-19 lockdowns. Still wondering if your business is projecting the SMART goal?

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