Sales Success is a Teamwork. Here’s How.

Mixing Digital sales with On-field sales – Part 2

Things are shifting to a new normal. Sales leaders have recognized the importance of strategy. Revenue generation has new challenges now. Though the present time look tough, there are fair chances to innovate new methodologies to convert the crisis to an opportunity. We have discussed how business strategy is a strong pillar that supports the future of the organization. Let’s get in-sync with the next phase!

One of the major confusions organizations with in-house sales functions commit is, mixing the sales and service team together and correlating the success of these two parameters. Sales Success is different from the customer success. AOB India is a sales outsourcing company in India that has been doing sales for companies from various domains for the past 6 years. They believe that a strong partnership between sales and customer success is absolutely critical to any company’s success.

While this relationship is a crucial one, it’s also a difficult one. Many companies are still struggling with the knowledge transfer process between sales and customer success, which can easily derail efficiency and cause strain on the key relationship between the sales and customer success teams.

Transferring account knowledge from sales agents to customer service manager

As sales agents work an account, from the sales development manager first interacting with the customer to the client acquisition manager closing the deal, they develop a deep understanding of the customer. They understand the catalyst for the customer acquisition and every step that led up to it.

This information is critical for closing the deal, but its value doesn’t end there—it’s just as vital for customer retention and expansion. The digital and marketing team could help targeting the consumers and promote the product. IT team may continue tracking the sales team and analyze the progress. But after the customer acquisition is successfully done, what counts now is customer retention. The customer retention depends completely on the client’s success. Hence, whether or not an account is renewed depends on whether or not the product fulfills the business objectives identified during the customers’ purchasing process.

The sales outsourcing company, AOB India, believes that it is important to time-to-time interact with the customers to get information on their experience. It is important to analyze rows of data and connect the dots with the stories that sales agents have painstakingly pieced together during their numerous interactions with a customer.

As a result, the customer service team is not simply left to rediscover the key players and relationships involved in an account. The duplicative work is thus avoided with more efficient communication.

Bridging the gap

What if all those account knowledge lived somewhere besides the sales agent’s brain and an overcrowded data sheet—somewhere accessible to both the sales and customer service team? AOB India, believes in the science of sales. The introduction of technology is important in sales; this is one of many things that 2020 has taught us. SpotOn, a sales tracking app developed by AOB India keeps a track of all the sales function and has all the information regarding every meeting documented in it.

This helps the top sales management understand the positive and negative relationships and how the sales agents had navigated those to close the deal. Together, the sales agents and strategy team devise a plan of action to engage with the customer to support a successful revenue generation model. It’s a win-win that strengthens the ability to serve the customer as well as the relationship between the two teams.

Leveraging the power of visuals

2020 has made everything go online and digital. But will sales bloom or wither in this environment? This depends on how structured the sales process is. The communication on each level of the sales team needs to be strong. SpotOn, not only keeps the data integration intact, but also keeps the account information accessible to the higher management and organization, easy to understand, and the perfect vehicle for successfully transferring knowledge between sales agents and customer service team.

The effectiveness of introducing technology extends beyond this knowledge transfer. It helps in bridging the gap between the various functions. The AOB India team builds a journey map to document and analyze touchpoints with each customer that helps the organizations understand the product and its response. This is the new normal in sales. This helps to innovate strategies faster, standardize the work, and keep the sales team aligned as the sales outsourcing company works with thousands of customers around the world.

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