Sales Outsourcing Company Onboards BrysQ. Is it the Start of a Success Story?

COVID 19 has forced digitalization to every industry today. Digital transformations continue to convert businesses of all types into tech businesses. This evolution includes restaurants, of course, one of the oldest entrepreneurial industries in history. The strategists and sales consultants at AOB India believe that technology use in restaurants is on the rise. The top sales outsourcing company in India believes that new advances in customer-facing restaurant technologies, as well as those that improve restaurant operations, are crucial to the success of any sized restaurant.

The sales outsourcing company in India, AOB India, strongly believes that customer-brand relationship is the key to success of any business. Having systems in place that improve the customer experience and control costs will lead to greater profits. Consumers expect to see technology used at many key places during the restaurant experience. Within the restaurant walls, reliable communication and phone equipment is something that is more than expected; it is mandatory. An old phone system with bad reception and no voicemail, for example, can lead to losing customers who call and do not get an answer or can’t hear the staff member on the other end. While at the restaurant, customers are now looking for technology at all points of service to avoid any human contact. They expect to be able to connect to a reliable WiFi signal at the table, get the e-menus on their phones, reserve their seats online, and select their menu digitally. New technology like ordering kiosks, mobile devices for servers to take orders and waitlist apps are becoming commonplace. The sales outsourcing company, AOB India, has recently on-boarded BrysQ, an intuitive solution that provides contactless dining experience for its customers.

While taking the sales of these technologies to consideration, it is important to work with a trusted partner. While people still matter, technology is gradually transforming restaurant enterprises into something more like tech companies that also serve food. Here are the critical technological and digital transformations that will continue to transform the restaurant into a restaurant tech business in 2020 and beyond:

The Off-Premise Restaurant Technologies

Now, since the customers are increasingly preferring to eat food off-premise, or outside the four walls of the restaurant, to provide that convenience, restaurants need to offer those ordering options. Early on, restaurants rushed to participate in 3rd-party delivery (3PD) marketplaces. In doing so, these restaurants lost customers by not offering a direct digital ordering solution from their site. Meanwhile, customers turned to 3PD markets, which then captured their order data from digital delivery, takeout, and catering transactions, and remarketed back to them.

The restaurant industry is arriving at the same strategic realization: that the digital ordering evolution will continue through years of mass adoption. This includes highly-evolving ordering innovations and integrations as well as tech provider consolidation. Direct digital ordering providers expand digital ordering features. These technologies enable customers to order when, how, and where they want direct from restaurant.

Operational Technologies

With labor and wage issues challenging the industry at this crucial time, restaurant enterprises continue to invest in operational technologies that automate internal tasks, reduce working hours for live labor, and enhance service. Self-serve kiosk ordering and table-top payment technologies support a more enabled “hands-on” process for the customer to manage tasks generally handled by live team members. KDS (kitchen display systems) support a digitally streamlined order fulfillment process in the kitchen, reducing ticket times and errors for better food preparation and quality.

Either you are in the restaurant biz, or a third-party delivery system or an innovative technology that is creating its way into the industry, AOB India has been part of businesses from these domains. Checkout the success stories of the sales outsourcing company to know more.

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