AOB India – The Leading Sales Outsourcing Company, Benefits Every Sector in the Indian Market

“At AOB, it’s their belief that if one has conceived a service or a product and if it is legitimate, no matter how tough the market is, no matter how competitive it is, they can find a customer for it.”

AOB is India’s leading sales outsourcing company who are equipped to help Corporates, Start-ups and SMEs with their sales – be it online, offline or Digital. They specialize in Sales outsourcing, Digital marketing management, Sales process audit, Direct sales, BTL/ATL activity planning and execution, Media buying and PR Management. AOB can set up Channel/ Distribution Network and Franchisee Network as well. They can carve out sales strategy and implement it for you.

Dr. Praveen Kumar, the founder of AOB India, has helped clients achieve their sales target by improvising their branding (online/offline), increasing the number of sales channels, building new franchise/distribution network and employing Direct Sales Associates. Be it B2B or B2C Sales – in any segment or any industry – his solution has always helped win sales numbers. He has been the recipient of the Most Innovative Product of the year 2016 by BrainFeed Magazine, India and the recipient of the most effective campaign management award by Webworld Magazine, Singapore, amongst many other awards.

Machine maker is proud to showcase Dr. Praveen Kumar, the founder and CEO of AOB India which is the leading sales outsourcing agency in India. Dr. Praveen Kumar has 12 years of experience in sales in almost all business verticals. He has worked with P&G as a Vice President in Singapore and Head of Operations with Genpact in Hong Kong before founding Xanthippe Creations, which is the parent company that houses brands like AOB India, MySuperKid, MyKahani and LaFantasia. While AOB India is an effective sales solution provider, Dr. Praveen Kumar assures, “Outsourcing your work to AOB will ensure a steady and robust growth in the creation of new sales leads allowing you to focus on the core areas of your business operations”.

Dr. Praveen goes on to explain how AOB is number driven and their primary focus lies with sales figure; they work out the best strategy to achieve that number. It is a complete customer centric organization which has equal love and affection for corporate giants like Paytm, Hyundai, Keventers and Pramura as well as start-up clients like Jarsh Innovations, FABNICS and Prodios. They have worked with varied brands and products which makes them unique in their own right. He takes pride in the fact that most of his customers approach him after exhausting all other means to achieve growth in their sales number. He has faced challenges such as customer’s negative perception about new start-up in the market, funds constraint, too much competition, poor dealer/distribution network, no online presence, trust factor from end users, etc. Therefore, in order to meet such challenges, AOB India works on the brand’s online and offline presence in the market, renovate the brand’s image by way of uplifting company logo and product packaging design and improving market communication materials and websites and develop pricing solution based on the market requirement, etc. which in turn leads to increased sales.

A new market communication strategy may also be put in place with a strong media presence along with an aggressive sales team to meet the new wave of demand. Their Digital Marketing approach is way different; everything is planned around content and its engagement with the right audience. Right digital strategy always pays huge results in terms of Sales. Re-marketing, viral marketing, social media marketing, organic sales growth via SEO and Paid Ads on Google are just tools to exploit the content and convert it into customers. AOB also monitors the product’s demo installation through various support forums and blogs to ensure its positive feedback. The AOB solution to such challenges are absolutely tailor-made as per the client’s requirements where in some cases the sales figures have even outnumbered the production capacity and the company had to hike up their production to meet the new demand. “But of course the product has to be saleable!”, says Dr. Praveen. AOB’s biggest asset is its comprehensive, personalised and verified database catering to each type of product they work with. They have worked with textile, pharma, artificial intelligence, electronics, real estate, education, food and beverage, Automation, IT, Telecommunication, Electronics & Manufacturing industries, just to name a few. Their in-depth domain knowledge doesn’t only help in building customised marketing strategies but also in launching innovative brand campaigns catering to just the brand’s target audience. At AOB, they make sure that the right combination of resources, manpower and experience is put into use with only one target which is to hike up the sales revenue of their client. AOB also helps its clients with their global aspirations; they find international customers for its clients.

With the presence of AOB India in Delhi, Mumbai and Singapore, Dr. Praveen also helps in setting up international brand offices in India. He is already working with companies from Australia, the USA and the U.K with regards to their presence in India.

The AOB Core Values include:

VELOCITY: Expand the speed and direction of new and incremental revenue of their client.
POSITIONING: Position the client company to become more profitable with an enhanced brand, greater market recognition and a sustainable competitive advantage.
PREDICTABILITY: Develop predictable revenue growth for their client with the right combination of human capital, processes, resources, metrics and accountability.
EXCELLENCE: Create a sales “Centre of Excellence” with competent, passionate and unified team.
SUSTAINABILITY: Increase overall top-line new revenue performance to maximum operation efficiency and self-sustaining levels for their clients.

We believe, AOB India is one of the fastest growing sales outsourcing agencies in India and their USP lies in the solutions they render with complete transparency and ease of management thus allowing the clients to get complete visibility and control of their operation from dashboard which ultimately leads to an upward sales growth curve.

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