Are you selling like an entrepreneur? Why do you need a sales outsourcing partner?

Struggling on whether or not to choose a partner in sales? Here we have a guide to help you in making that choice.

Firstly, before selecting a sales outsourcing company, you will want to match your sales partner’s capabilities to your long-term business requirements to ensure there is a strategic fit. Versatile sales outsourcing company like AOB India creates a customized, end-to-end sales ecosystem while also providing specific service components that best suit the business’s need. Such a sales outsourcing partner can help with the capabilities to meet your immediate needs and the adaptability to grow with your changing demands.

But how to identify the perfect sales outsourcing partner for your business? To help simplify the selection process, consider breaking the criteria down into three basic areas: people, technologies, and insight.


People are the strongest asset when it comes to sales, and when you engage with a sales outsourcing company, their people will represent your brand. Your first consideration should be personnel quality and the processes used for hiring, motivating, and retaining the best possible sales professionals.

  • Quality of the sales pool: A sales outsourcing company can save you money by recruiting from regions where the cost of living is low compared to the education, expertise, and skill level of the regional talent pool. A sales partner with reach in the 2nd and 3rd tier cities should make a strong case for having a superior staff.
  • Onboarding speed and quality: In addition to hiring, you want to ensure that your sales outsourcing partner can train staff quickly and efficiently in order to provide the agility and flexibility needed to deliver superior service. Ask for examples from previous projects that required a fast launch or scale-up.
  • Motivation: This is harder to measure since it is intangible, but remember that you are not hiring a call center. You should look for sales teams and professionals who show dedication. Also, look for a culture that celebrates success and has motivators integrated into its operation.


Your sales outsourcing partner should demonstrate the same discipline and commitment to sales processes as they do to recruiting and onboarding. Look for specific capabilities, such as:

  • Forecasting and pipeline management: Your sales outsourcing partner and the sales team should always have a sales plan, including targets against which they can be measured.
  • Tactics for achieving goals: Look for well-formed plans to achieve quotas, such as bringing in additional resources, adapting resources and materials, and refining call schedules and sales scripts as needed.
  • Metrics and analytics: Everything should be measurable, and ideally, analysis should be performed by experts who work closely with your sales team but are not directly invested in its performance.
  • Adaptability: Even with well-established, proven processes in place, your sales partner should be adaptable to unique situations or requirements. Processes should evolve as sales agents gather information that presents new insights.

Insights and Technologies

Sales and marketing best practices and technology tools are continually changing. You want to align yourself with a sales partner who keeps pace with those changes. Make sure you understand how technology fits into their planning, deployment, and measurement processes. Look for:

  • Digital demand generation expertise: Be sure they are backed by strong inhouse team for content management, lead nurturing, and marketing automation so that they can maintain a healthy demand pipeline and optimize lead management resources.
  • Tech stack literacy: Your sales partner should be equipped with latest sales technology tools such as CRM, sales agents tracking and analytics tools for delivering an efficient sales function.

What are you waiting for? Start the research and partner with an efficient sales outsourcing company today!

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