B2B Growth Trends to Survive 2020

Growth is not only a sign of a company’s success in business; it’s also the key to its long-term survival. In order to be competitive and stay relevant, a company needs to grow. AOB India has been delivering sales consultancy in India for past 6 years. Their team of strategists and sales consultants believes that if you’re not growing, you are giving away the lion’s share of the market to your (more ambitious) competition and your customers are likely to choose their services or products instead.

So, it’s no surprise that despite the current situation due to COVID-19, growth should remain the top strategic priority for CEOs of medium and large-sized companies in 2020. However, one in three businesses doesn't know how to grow. Yes, growth is a top priority but far too many companies are lacking in the knowledge they need in order to achieve it. That’s not surprising. Growth is hard.

Every B2B organization knows how difficult it is to build trust with prospects and turn them into paying customers. So, if your goal is to grow your business in 2020, but are not sure how, then we're here to help. We’ve outlined several growth strategies to help you on your way. These strategies, based on the hottest B2B growth trends, could be the changes you need to take in order to grow next year, and beyond.

1. Customer experience

You might love your customers, but have you ever asked yourself if that love is reciprocal? For many customers, it’s not. A research done by the sales outsourcing company, AOB India, suggests that a large percentage of a subscription-based company’s revenue comes from renewals and up sells from existing customers.

B2B sales is no longer about big budget and mass marketing campaigns aimed to attract hordes of new customers. Today, it’s about focusing on the people you already have – your current customers – and making sure you delight them with a positive customer experience every time they interact with you. AOB India has always believed in creating a unique customer experience while delivering the sales. The sales outsourcing company in India, even in the time of COVID- 19, kept the sales and service line live. OyeSpace has trusted AOB India as the partner in sales for past 2 years. Standing upto its reputation, the sales outsourcing company has not left any stone unturned. Distribution of Masks and Hand Sanitizers to the security guards was a part of the service duty by AOB India. The sales teams regularly trained the security guards on how to maintain maximum protection and use effective preventive measures during COVID-19 to protect themselves and the residents of the society. This effectively built the trust of the residents with the brand. Smart move! Right?

2. Sales and marketing alignment

If your sales and marketing teams are not working in-sync, then it could be hindering your business growth. It was proved that aligning your sales and marketing team helps generate 32% higher revenue, retain 36% more customers, and achieve 38% higher win rate – as you’re moving the prospect through a streamlined sales and marketing funnel. The sales consultancy company in India believes that the aligned sales and marketing teams will not only help you convert more leads, but generate more high-quality ones, too.

Having a right partner in sales, like AOB India, solves this problem for you. Mostly, companies face this issue, where, marketing leads are passed onto sales teams before they are qualified, which often leads to high volume but low quality, making it look like sales teams have a poor conversion rate. The sales outsourcing company believes in the mix of both sales and marketing to solve this challenge.

The sales and marketing teams are in connect in the whole process. The sales team informs the marketing team what makes a “good” lead, and thus equip them better to find the qualified leads. Hence, instead of going after low-quality leads, they’ll be able to communicate and attract the “right” leads - leads that are worth nurturing and moving through the sales pipeline.

3. Personalization

During the last decade, personalization has gone from “Ah, they know my name!” to “How do they know I bought that!?” Yes, it can sometimes appear creepy but when done right, personalization is an effective way to find new customers – and retain existing customers, too. The sales outsourcing company, AOB India, has sales agents in all locations in PAN India. The sales consultancy company believes in having a targeted approach to reach its maximum audience in the minimum required expense.

Here are a few tactics you can use to enhance personalization:

• Send exclusive one-to-one offers, only available to an individual customer.

• Know a customer’s purchase history and all about their previous correspondence each time they contact you.

• Recommend new products or services based on a customer’s interest or behavior.

• Allow the customer to choose when, how often and what type of communication they receive from you.

Stay tuned to get updates on more trends and strategies to keep your sales funnel flowing. Want to get in-touch with our expert?

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