Best Customer Acquisition Services for Financial Institutions

Every company needs client acquisition services. The story of every business is the same. None can differentiate between theirtales of the client acquisition strategies. Every business at some point of the time has had their “Oh Crap!” moment and must have reached out to a client acquisition company to save their back. But one story where implementing a strategic, out of the box customer acquisition service that has made the company stand among the top 10 companies in market caps is worth telling again and again- The story ofsales strategy of Bajaj Finance.

A great product or service does not mean easy acquisition; especially in the financial institutions, where sales is difficult with the increasing competition, fewer differentiators and waning trust. If you take the holistic view of the market, the client acquisition services rendered by the financial institutions are all the same. The financial giants rely on DSAs and pay them a commission. But how successful has this been in achieving the target numbers? Is the sales and revenue poised to grow? The financial institutions may skip the importance of a seasoned client acquisition company who has a structured process to deliver the right customer acquisition services. They might just rely on the DSAs and must be experiencing a steady growth. But, there are chances that the seller must feel isolated from the client needs. The lacking communication can createuncertainty among buyers. Bajaj Finance came up with a solution to initiate a dialogue to build this missing seller-buyer relationship. Bajaj Finance broke the barrier and tradition and took the job upon itself for lead generation through both online and offline channels.

The sales strategy was innovative and aggressive. They deployed in-store promoters in every electronic shop of credibility and promoted loans on the spot. But the battle in sales was not won alone. Thanks to the customer acquisition company AOB India. They helped Bajaj Finance in evaluating current and potential sales/service delivery models across channels and identified opportunities to create better experiences for their customers and show how this enhanced experience can translate into economic value. AOB India has proven to be the top choice for companies who are looking to partner with a leading and experiencedcustomer acquisition company. AOB India integrates its knowledge of business strategy, organizational performance leadership, and operations excellence to serve clients through a comprehensive range of expertise on issues related to sales and marketing. They have successfully changed the structure of sales and added digits to sales numbers for many businesses. The coming times shall have indeed store grander tales.

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