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AOB India: The smarter choice in business

Are you hunting for new sales talent, but don’t have the resources or desire to take on a full-time employee? Hiring a freelance Sales agent at zero-cost is the answer. With freelance hiring on the rise, we have numerous businesses jumping on our freelance bandwagon that get visibility to a number of freelance sales agents through the AOB Salesman App.

Now, let’s have a look on the factors that are benefitting the businesses registered under AOB India’s talent-pairing platform – AOB Salesman App.

Easy on the pockets

AOB Salesman app provides visibility of your projects to a number of freelance sales agents across any territory of PAN India and offers them to work at zero-fixed cost. With the commission-only sales agents, businesses can expect to save annually when you factor in not having to pay for benefits, like health insurance and retirement, as well as Medicare. Irrespective of the fact that your worker is remote or in the same city, you need not provide for office space. This lowers your office supply costs and expenses that go into the Infrastructure

Zero-Cost & Zero-Risk

Since freelancers are not employees, employers’ risk is reduced. . The freelancers never have a right to workers’ compensation benefits, nor do they generally have the right to sue for harassment or discrimination. With AOB India, the process is simple; the freelancers apply for the projects and make the sales only on commission basis. Only when the sales made by them are verified, they are liable to collect the commission. The commission in itself include all the travel and stay allowances. The business holds no responsibility or liability of the freelance sales agent.

Visibility to Sales Force

With the meteoric rise in sales talent in AOB India’s sales pool, you can find even the most unique sales agents in the desired target location to meet your needs. Our talent-pairing platform gives your products the visibility to the upcoming sales force. One can find a number of freelance sales agents with the right talent to sell for the product at the desired location. Once a certain project is visible to the  freelancers in their location, they start working ASAP.

Quality Sales

The freelancers run their own business, which thrives on repeat work and repeat customers. They strive to turn in their best work, every time, to keep the commissions pumping in.  While staff members’ performance may have peaks and valleys, freelancers enjoy the freedom to work at their own pace: this subjectively increases the chances to get more passion-driven successful sales.

Target Any Location

AOB India’s Business portal helps businesses to get access to talents outside their geographical limits to sell their products. With AOB Salesman app, any sales agent can make effective sales for the product of their choice in any territory of PAN India. Since, expansion or an understanding of new markets can be made with a finite budget outlay; the zero-cost sales agents know the in-out of the location and it can be an effective sales strategy to get the outstation sales done without hiring a full time employee for the task. Using our Commission-Only freelancer may open the door to growth while minimizing risks if things don’t work out.

Interestingly, study after study has shown that the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well amongst freelancers, and many more are increasingly leaving full-time jobs to take the plunge. Are you still hiring a full-fledged force or are you a part of the new talent-pairing platform to make your business reach new heights? Register yourself soon! – AOB Business Portal

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