Corona Virus: Affect on the Sales Industry

Escalating concerns over the spread of the Corona Virus known as COVID-19 are affecting every industry and sector, and retail and eCommerce are certainly no exception. Its spread has left businesses around the world counting costs.

With such uncertainty, many people are understandably hesitant about gathering in crowded public spaces, and that is hurting physical retail industry. It isn’t just traditional retail stores; duty-free sales, conducted mostly in airports, are expected to take a hit, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. So are all industries suffering with this pandemic outbreak? If yes, then how can you steer away from the losses and make a fortune out of this situation? A sales outsourcing company like AOB India can come up with a personalized sales strategy that can work as a turnaround for the success of your business.

The sales outsourcing company in India has been rendering services to small and medium scale industries in every domain. At this time, when the  world’s economy could grow at its slowest rate since 2009 this year due to the Corona Virus outbreak, and big shifts in stock markets, where shares in companies are bought and sold, is affecting investments, AOB INDIA is coming up with innovative solutions to create a stir in the market. Here are 3 ways in which your retail can still see the light of the day.

  1. Be Spontaneous & Smart: Fear of the Corona Virus outbreak means that some people are choosing to avoid activities that might expose them to the risk of infection, such as going out shopping. Restaurants, car dealerships and shops have all reported a fall in customer demand. But the demand for cleaning products, medicine and pantry stock-up items is high. If you are a company dealing with these products, Congratulations! If not! Then try giving offers and coupons/discounts on the necessary products (medicines, masks, sanitizers, etc.) and tag it along with your products. This can put you in the near proximity of your consumers for “doing your bit” for the society.
  2. Go Online: The online marketplaces should be somewhat less impacted in this scenario. Again, we are highlighting only to the consumer base. Your supply chain can be a total disaster in today’s situation. But, as most of the people are avoiding social activities and are mostly glued to their cell phones, it is a priceless opportunity to go aggressive on digital marketing. Run campaigns to attract your audience. It is during this time that your audiences can be interested in your product, which can eventually help your overall retail sales in the future.
  3. Sales Strategist: Partner with a seasoned and experienced sales outsourcing company who can set customized sales solutions and impactful sales strategies to help your business grow. With a strong and devoted team of sales specialists, success is surely on your way.

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