Effective and Efficient sales with Zero-Cost sales agents

If you are a company who is planning to pull off sales on a shoe string budget or just testing the market and don’t want to commit to an organization, outsourcing sales to the freelance sales agents on commission only basis can minimize the high costs associated with maintaining an in-house team. So, you can use that money towards improving your product or services. Moreover, if you are planning to enter or increase your presence in a new market, freelance sales agents will significantly reduce and simplify your cost structure.

AOB Business portal is designed to give you the best overview of available sales talent from all the territories of PAN India.The platform allows you to easily navigate across skills, location, and experience level that best fits your requirement. This process makes your projects visible to sales agents across the country.This puts your project in the light for the right candidates to apply for it in the desired location to deliver the job in record time without compromising on quality. And all of this at zero fixed cost.Wehave a budding pool of sales agents that come out of any sector you are selling into. With AOB Business portal, you don’t have to engage in any hassles of hiring and training process. Thus, youfairly avoid all operationalprocesses. The pay depends upon the skills, experience, and industry norms. It is more of an eat-what-you-kill format. The sales agents only make money when they sell something. Yes, you read it right the COMMISSION ONLY freelance sales agent at ZERO FIXED COST.

With AOB Business portal, your project gets visibility to the fastest growing sales talent pool in India. The process is simple and straightforward. We give your project visibility to a number ofsales agents at zero fixed cost from a large selection of qualified freelance sales agents in an easy and convenient manner. Our top-notch platform solution offers companies a modern, smart and fast way to get the sales on track with ourverified freelance sales agents. We are an all in one solution that ensures all formalities, training and payment invoices are in place so that the company can concentrate on other management functions.

The sales process involved with ZERO-COST FREELANCE SALES AGENTS is executed professionally to drive sales. Utilizing the independent sales force can prove to be a key part of your sales strategy and if not this, you can surely get feet on the ground quickly without having to put resources into establishing a salaried team.Here, with AOB Business portal,you get your sales done without ‘hiring’ a sales agent. And no other method is fastest and more cost efficient than the zero-cost sales agent model to deliver or launch a product/service to your target market. So, what are you waiting for? Register yourself to the AOB Business portal to dive into the pool of sales agents that would drive your business to new heights.

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