Global Firms shift from China to India. Are you ready to seize this opportunity?

As a direct fall out of the Covid-19 pandemic, many multinationals with manufacturing plants in China are looking to shift operations out. There is a pushback against China by several countries. From the current updates, the Japanese Government is paying Japanese companies to shutter their manufacturing plants in China. On the other side, American companies such as Apple are also planning shutdowns.

The B2B sales outsourcing company in India, AOB India, believes that this is an opportunity for India to attract them here, bringing with their investments both jobs as well as a transfer of technologies. Though sales has hit on the faces for many companies, the sales outsourcing company has successfully kept the sales and service line running even in this time of pandemic and kept the businesses alive. The strategists in this B2B Sales outsourcing firm believe that this is the time to think vividly about the upcoming opportunities and seize this chance to grow.

The team of experts at AOB India have prepared an in-depth research on all the possibilities that are going to open doors to businesses in various domains. Here is the list of suggestions and ideas presented by the best sales outsourcing company in India.

  1. Among global firms that have shown interest in India are US-based makers of medical electronics products Teledyne and Amphenol, and medical equipment makers such as Johnson and Johnson. With years of experience in sales outsourcing, AOB India believes it’s a hot market for TeleHealth service providers, and IT industries.
  2. Most auto firms import parts like fuel-injection systems for the latest engines and other electronic parts from China. In the next few months, we will see most of these Indian vehicle makers localize manufacturing of such parts or sourcing them from India. This opens doors wide for hardware manufacturers. The hardware manufacturing units of small to medium scale can easily utilize this opportunity.
  3. Mastercard was keen on exploring opportunities in rural areas by providing the facility of digital payment to kirana stores. Hello! to App sales. The sales outsourcing company believes this is a push to the Digital India movement- the movement dedicated to the upliftment of digital literacy of the masses. Thus, giving a boost to all the members of e-wallets and digital payment industry.

Are you ready to grab this opportunity?

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