No Investment sales team

What will you do to ring the ROI bell loud?

Well, when it comes to sales, there are a lot of things that you can do to improve the performance of your sales team. You could restart your CRM, retrain your sales people, redo your incentive plan, and replace your sales methodology. But the thing with redoing things is that you start to experience a decreasing ROI with each iteration. Don’t forget the baggage full of hassles in maintaining the sales team. Here is the way to weed out the entire complex matrix and focus on a simple strategy that can help your business grow: AOB Business Portal.

With AOB Salesman App, give your business a visibility to a number of sales agents. Register your business on the AOB Business Portal and mention your requirements based on the location, target audience and the criteria for sales.  Get nimble, widely dispersed, passion driven sales agents who are ready to serve the customers anywhere and at anytime. Get a no-investment sales team to carry the sales processes while you get to focus on your product and succeed in your business.

A lot of companies looking to grow will base their staffing needs on a revenue target model: if a single sales agent can bring in X amount of revenue, and if they need to generate 5X more revenue, then they’ll hire 5 more reps with the corresponding support staff. That’s conjecture, and forecasting based on assumptions. It would be advisable to not spend money, or expand your focus into domains you don’t know, with an assumption that a huge in-house sales team equals to large ROI.Remember, one plus one sometimes equals zero. To make the mathematics simpler and to narrow your core focus to the development of the business, skip the hassles andget visible to the growing pool of freelance sales agents and let them make sales for you at zero fixed cost. By reducing the cost and struggle around hiring, deploying and maintaining a sales force, this approach will allow you to operate ata much higher revenue run rate with a much smaller staff compared to your peers.

Having dispersed and diversified sales agents is vital in improving the way that your company communicates with its customers and targeting the new areas if you are looking to expand your business. Working remotely requires discipline and drive and even the most skilled employees may not be suitable for the commitment it requires. The growing sales talent pool of AOB India also includes a number of seasoned sales agents with experience and diversified knowledge of industries and your target location. Sounds interesting. Right?

The bottom line is that customer-driven markets are demanding a more sales-centric approach. While deploying an in-house sales force with the required sales training and tools seem to break your bank, AOB Salesman App dawns as a new revolution in sales that has the potential to sneak some real quick and impressive ROI and leave your competition in the dust.

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