Optimizing the Lead Generation Process – AOB India

The Sales Outsourcing Company, AOB India, has been pioneering the sales process and implementing technology in every sales generation and lead generation process.

Recently, this top sales outsourcing company in India, launched a new platform for lead generation–India’s First Digital Events Platform – AOB Events. AOB India has been providing successful sales outsourcing services in India to companies of various domains. Being in the market for almost a decade, AOB India understands the struggles in an effective marketing and lead generation process in India. An average B2B organization spends 40% of its marketing budget on live events. So, it is very well understood that an event marketing strategy needs to encompass more than just audience generation. A Digital Event can enhance each phase of a buyer/customer journey. With AOB Events, AOB India has come up with a cohesive plan that relies on data and analysis that will help the businesses to increase their lead generation, convert more leads to sales, drive revenue, and more.

Here are a few strategies that businesses can follow as an exhibitor in this platform. Exhibiting your products and services to a million attendees can be a path to revolutionary lead generation and unbelievable sales conversion.

Leverage Event Promotion

The pre-event marketing includes the promotion of the event to direct your audience to the booth. The interaction and lead generation shall provide you with sufficient data to keep in touch with the attendees in the long run.

Stay Connected Mid-Event

Once you’ve connected with your attendees, continue to share helpful information with them while they’re still at the fair. This could be in the form of additional content, offers, etc. AOB Events offers the exhibitors and attendees to engage in conversation through the chat option. This helps in engagement and also in building the seller/buyer bond. The platform also provides the content upload option to exhibitors to showcase their marketing literature – brochure, leaflet, videos for greater visitor engagement.

Expand the Marketing Mix

Collect and use attendee data to drive leads to sales and improve marketing activities. The more channels you use to reach these potential customers, the more likely you are to succeed. And perhaps even more important than the number of channels you use is your ability to integrate your channels into a unified approach. The sales process by AOB India is very efficient in closing the sales and converting prospects to actual sales.

Understand the Correlation

It’s important to find the correlation between how your prospects responded and how they engaged from a revenue standpoint – your digital event. Knowing what worked and what didn’t will provide useful guidance in shaping a results-driven multichannel marketing approach. AOB Events will definitely help you to create a memorable experience for the attendees and stay ahead of the crowd.

AOB India has come up with this digital event strategy that uses events to meet business goals. The platform is highly engaging and backed by AOB India’s strong in-house team of strategists and developers.

We are looking forward to the success story of this innovation in technology and the grand endeavors in the field of sales and marketing.

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