Outsource sales and turn this crisis to an opportunity

Last week, the Indian government had advised the states to turn the coronavirus crisis into an opportunity. In fact, even before the PM’s advice, the ruling ministers of every state had tasked the officials with the job of chalking out ways in which the state can woo industries moving out of China after the outbreak of the coronavirus. The sales outsourcing company, AOB India, suggests that here is an opportunity for small to medium range industries to scale their business high.

But this growing opportunity can be fruitful only if your products and services reach to your prospecting business. B2B sales is difficult. It takes strategy, skills and expertise. Outsourcing sales and marketing to an experienced partner like AOB India can help you give acceleration to the business. The sales outsourcing company is backed with an experienced team of strategists, market analysts and digital marketing experts. You can also outsource sales to their sales force of 10,000 sales agents – the largest sales force in India.

As many as 100 US companies keen on exiting China after the Covid-19 pandemic are seriously considering India as their new destination. In the webinar organised by the United States-India Strategic Partnership Forum, the representatives of these companies showed interest in the fields of agriculture, electronics, medicine, scientific instrumentation, logistics, defence, aviation, food processing, MRO, etc. The companies include Lockheed Martin, Adobe, Honeywell, Boston Scientific and Cisco Systems as well as global delivery services providers like UPS and FedEx.

This, here, is an opportunity for MSMEs to get into the market and explore new verticals. The sales outsourcing company,AOB India, can help you strategize and win new clientele. You can not only outsource sales to build the B2B connections but also to promote your product and service. “Ache din” are coming for good. This is the time to be wise and select the right sales outsourcing company to help you in this opportunity to grow.

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