Part 2 – B2B Sales Outsourcing: Modern Challenges

B2B Sales Outsourcing: Modern Challenges

Now that we have ascended with the basics of B2B sales and the significant role of a B2B sales outsourcing company, it is now time to understand the modern day challenges in sales.

Believe us, no company is exempt from sales challenges. Even the most high-performing sales teams face obstacles in developing buyer relationships and effectively communicating with prospects and customers.

What sets successful companies apart is their ability to strategically overcome these sales challenges.  Partnering with a good B2B sales outsourcing company helps in sharing the burden and strategically moving forward with towards the goal.

When engaging in sales today, there are various modern challenges that one may face. Some of them are listed below-

  1. They research, before talking to a salesperson

Today’s consumers don’t take marketing and/or sales too seriously. While you may claim to have the perfect solution to the buyers’ problem, it doesn’t mean they are content with the information you provide to them. That’s because they have already spent a considerable amount of time researching your company, along with your competitors, and have already decided the parameters for their purchase. A good B2B sales outsourcing company focuses on building trust via all available sources before making the first sales move.

  1. Complicated decision-making process

Ever tried to purchase something very simple, and found yourself overwhelmed by your options?

Trust us when we say, more may not always = great! Research shows that the greater the pool of options, the less satisfied the consumers are with the selection. That’s because the wider the range of buying options, the more time a consumer spends on evaluating and deliberating on the trade-offs. In addition, an excess of options can also lead towards more post-purchase anxiety: Did we make the right purchase? Was option B better? Are we getting the right value for our investment?  But having more options may not always be bad. Here you need the experience and expertise of a sales outsourcing company to help you with this decision.

  1. Finding the right leads

Attracting tons of new leads isn’t always a good thing. It should be about quality over quantity — you want to ensure you attract qualified leads. It doesn’t make sense for a sales agent to spend time talking to someone who isn’t ready to buy. This will help you segment the people who are researching versus those people who are ready to talk to sales. You should be treating those in the early stages of their buyer journey differently than those people in the late stages of their buyer journey.

  1. Getting a response from prospects

No matter how you’re communicating with prospects, your message needs to be compelling. To move your prospects to respond, you first need to develop a disruptive, compelling and emotional message. One single email or phone call won’t be enough to grab their attention. Rather, send out a series of communications that address the challenges your prospects are facing.

  1. Standing apart from competitors

Showing you have your prospects’ best interests at heart is one of the best ways to stand apart from your competitors.  The best B2B sales outsourcing company in India, AOB India believes in delivering a class-apart client service. Demonstrate your passion to help them by being selfless and by offering your expert knowledge. If your business isn’t the best solution for them, offer suggestions for better options. While it may seem crazy not to push for that sale, this is a great way to build trust. The more you guide them instead of sell to them, the more you advise them instead of push them and the more you help them instead of trying to convince them, the more you’ll close.

But apart from these obstacles, sales differ in the case of every business. But no matter what the problem is, a good sales outsourcing partner can always suggest ways to get the best out of the solution.

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