Plug n Play Salesman Model: AOB Business Portal

Today, the brands are competing for the same market and trying their best to outdo each other while they’re at it; and if you are looking for customer acquisition, then you are not alone. It’s an important decision to make to grow your business and expand your company’s reach in an ever competitive market place. While thousands of innovative products and services are released to the market every year, their performance depends on how well their products are marketed. But hiring a full time in house sales team can be pretty expensive and risky.

By outsourcing your company’s sales functions to AOB India, you can stand the best possible chance of forming and retaining great outsourced sales team at the lowest possible price without any hassle of recruiting and training them. Yes, the salesman plug n play model for better customer acquisition possibilities: AOB Business portal.

Here are some of the conveniences that you can get from our freelance sales force at Zero Fixed cost.

  1. Sales driven by passion

One factor that separates the good salesperson from the fantastic ones is whether the sales agent has a genuine interest in whatever they’re selling. Sales is a passion driven industry, ridden with aggression. We have refined sales agents who are driven with the passion for sales. No matter what your product is. We have sales agents from every corner of the country who can sell it for you.

  1. Experience matters

We have experienced freelance sales agents who produce results meaning lots of profitable sales. They are in high demand and yes, they earn annual incomes that go well into the 6 figure range. In a nutshell, our freelance sales agents represent companies selling products ranging from manufactured goods and equipment, to services, to associations seeking to expand their membership base, and everything imaginable in between.

  1. To train or not to train

We provide you with options for online and offline training. You can provide easy to setup, structured, automated training or a personalized offline training session to give your new sales agents the information they need to hit the ground running. Just upload your MCM and you are good to go.

  1. You’re the BOSS

With AOB, you are in control. Our powerful sales dashboard makes it easy to follow your agents, leads, activating opportunities, giving you a powerful sale forecast and avoiding any surprises. Hiring full time sales agentsis more difficult based on rates, taxes, different management challenges and a host of other considerations.

  1. Post multiple projects for multiple locations

Here, you have an option to post multiple projects at multiple locations.. You can post your project and a handful of sales agents would apply to the project to deliver the required sales task.

AOB India integrates you into a PAN India network of independent B2B  sales agents who sell on a commission only basis. The AOB Business portal eliminates the need for a traditional office environment and gives you and your sales agents everything that is needed to ensure that your remote working partnership runs effortlessly. We help you work with independent, self-employed sales agents who work on zero fixed cost.  We’ve built something very special to push the B2B commission-only sales industry forward and it reflects in the quality of our work. Never found a better portal for client acquisition? What are you waiting for? Register yourself now at

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