The Science behind sales process – The AOB Way

Implementing a good sales strategy with a qualified sales process can streamline the revenue generation model of any business. With a sales process that complements your business, and a team of efficient and consistent sales representatives, the gap between the customers and your products can be very effectively bridged. But what accounts to building a scalable and repeatable sales process for any specific business?

Though converting a prospect into a customer may seem like trying to hit a moving target-on a windy day-with blindfolds on; but with the right sales process, you can greatly increase the likelihood of getting a yes every single time you get a lead. We at AOB India, follow a process to deliver the desired sales results. Let’s dive into the details.


1. Researching
One should thoroughly Research about the product, the consumer behavior, target audience, industry and the unique value your brand provides. Understand the core problems the customers face. For understanding this, you actually have to fit into the shoes of your target audience.

This process of research is not a do-it-once task. This has to continue in the entire process as you learn more about your prospects.

In AOB India, we have the marketing strategists who are dedicated to employ techniques to power map your prospects and the target locations. With the largest sales force in India, we have an access to sales agents who are experienced to sell in every possible domain and target territory.

2. Deploying

The recruitment of the sales personnel for the sales of a specific product is kind of crucial. The framework structure of your sales is highly defined by the quality and quantity of the sales agents. The success in sales for any business depends upon a stellar sales team.

AOB India believes that to measure the sales productivity, we need to deploy the sales employees whose experience and expertise is best suited for a specific domain. We have a team of HRs who are solely responsible in bringing the right sales talent for each of the client. Moreover, the job does not end here. To reach profitable lines on sales, we take care of the retention of the sales force for every product. The constant hiring and deploying process, keeps the sales flow sharp.

3. Optimizing

Once you have successfully deployed your men, the salesman tracking process is the most critical step in managing your lead. One needs to gain the ability to track, manage and accelerate the lead processing for maximum conversion. Until and unless you record every stage and instance in your sales channel, acquiring better insights of your complex sales process is difficult.

AOB India provides a salesman tracking app, which gives the real time location of every sales agent at every step of the sales process. The sales outsourcing company helps in capturing and managing leads in the most profitable way. This helps in managing the targets for each sales agent and also records their attendance. This cuts down the time and expense involved in processing and analyzing each lead. A highly proactive team of backend managers and executives are entitled with the sole responsibility of analyzing the Daily Sales Report of each sales agent. Impressive, right?

4. Prospecting

The goal behind prospecting is that you can develop a database of strong leads that you can then systematically communicate with and try to convert them into customers. At AOB India, we have various ways of reaching to the prospective clients. We know that the sales prospects for every product depend upon the geographic locations and the demographics. Investing in targeted ads can give a significant bump in the user engagement, conversion and sales.

Prospecting may seem like digging around the mud in the search of gold, but the right process shall help you reach at the shore. Along with a well mapped digital team, the Tele-Sales team and F-O-S sales force are efficient and convincing in deriving the targeted goals of our clients.

5. Connect

Once your target audience knows who you are, now is the time to engage them on why they should be giving you their hard-earned cash. No matter what format you choose to connect with them, make sure that you have a clear script in place. Always remember that this is your first impression and this can make or break your sales.

AOB India team goes the old school way. Once we have garnered the attention of the prospect, we now, roll up our sleeves, light a candle, and turn on the smooth talk. The sales agents take continual follow ups and show the benefits and how your product can solve their problem. This may seem time consuming, but this has proven to be the best possible way to connect with the client.

6. Diagnosing

Somewhere or the other in the sales process, you are going to hit a few bumps. It is normal for any prospect to cross question the sales process and have objections on what you are selling. The biggest problem in converting the prospecting client is in justifying to him in the value of what you are providing. Taking inputs on the feedback from them in terms of price, complacency, external input and trust can help you in making changes in the sales scripts and improving your conversion rate.

We at AOB India have deployed a sales management and CRM app solution. During each sales visit, the sales agents have to make a descriptive input of all the conversation of the sales meeting. This readily helps in diagnosing the progress in the sales process.

7. Closing

Attempts at closing aren’t always successful. Though the process of follow up is extensive, once the prospect finalizes the sales, all your work is reflected in your company’s top line revenue.

Since the market changes every moment and deals can be derailed at any moment, we take an extra care at this point of time. Every project and client areprovided with a dedicated sales manager, under whose bird eye view all the sales agents function. Once the deal is nearing closure, the sales manager involves himself if required to close the process with the much required élan for the respective business.

But all this process and strategies does nothing if you just leave your process as it is and keep on marching blindly. Alwaysrevisit the process regularly and look at how things have changed. While there is no magic bullet, your sales process needs to be clear to get your business scaling high.

If you own a business and are looking for a sales outsourcing partner, your search ends here. Let us take you through the entire sales process and help you in getting repeatable ways to take an unknown stranger to become a prospect and transform him to a lifelong customer.

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