What separates the men from the boys in Sales: AOB India

The role of a salesman is vital for any company’s growth. Businesses are extensively pouring in their time, money and energy in hiring, training and deploying sales agents. However, most of them do not succumb in the competitive market due to lost sales, drop-outs, reduced company reputation, poor morale, permanently burned territory, and the like.

What accounts for this expensive inefficiency?

The main reason is that, a high proportion of those engaged in selling cannot sell. If the company’s sales efficiency is to be maximized and the appalling waste of money and manpower which exists today is to be minimized, a constructive analysis must be made of what selling really is and how effectively it can be enhanced. We must look a good deal further into the mysteries of what differentiates men from boys in the field of sales with AOB India.

Empathy Drives Sales

A salesman cannot sell well without the invaluable and irreplaceable ability to get a powerful feedback from the client through empathy. Unlike being bound by a prepared sales track, our men in AOB India function in terms of the real interaction between the customer and himself. Seeing what the customer is feeling, he is able to change the pace, double back on his track and make whatever creative modifications that might be necessary to home in on the target and close the sale.

Veni,Vidi, Vici

Our sales force is ego driven and they are here to conquer. A successful sale- the conquest – provides them a means of enhancing the ego. But there is a need to develop a dynamic relationship between being empathetic and ego driven. It takes a combination of the two, each working to reinforce and fully utilize each other to make a successful sales. Our men have a special and balanced ego to need the sales intensely and yet look closely at the customer and fully benefit from an empathetic perception of the customer’s reactions and needs.

Trained to kill

No matter how much of a sales aptitude one possesses, a salesman cannot just start selling. Each one requires training. At AOB India, we work with men of potential. Our sales training program tends to bring out this potential and develop an excellent salesman.

The world of sales has a lot of brash, noisy, reckless boys but what we need are more responsible, composed men. Our sales force acts and not boasts, and are confident to conquer any and every prospect and leave an everlasting charm on the clients.

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