BTL Marketing Activities

Among different methodologies that companies adopt for marketing their product, BTL or Below The Line marketing, plays a crucial role. BTL marketing helps businesses in taking their product to the potential customers and gives them a chance to analyse the product using ‘touch and feel’.

This type of marketing has been a cost-effective and beneficial method for a long time as businesses directly engage with people and convince them to use their products. A targeted audience is chosen for the activities that fall under BTL – like promotions in malls, product launch, roadshows, brand activation, RWA activities, dealer and communication meetings.

In a complex market like India, where a large number of people still get information about products through offline means, BTL marketing is as relevant as digital marketing. AOB India the best in the industry which offers its client a carefully crafted mix of strategies and that is what makes us the best marketing agency in Delhi- NCR and rest of the country.

BTL marketing helps the businesses in getting instant feedback from consumers. At AOB, we have a team of dedicated individuals who can plan and design your campaigns from the beginning and implement your ideas in the most efficient manner. Therefore, as a business owner or a company, you need not worry about going through the whole process of carrying out an offline campaign.

This makes AOB India one of the top BTL agencies in India. Our marketing activities, including digital and ATL, provide the best combination you can find in the market!

But wait, there’s more that we offer!

AOB India also deals with a lot of unique and creative visual merchandising/display designing ideas wherein we bring the imagination of our clients to reality. Our visual merchandising kit is one of the best that is offered by any agency in the market and helps you in various ways like mall activation, dealer activation, etc.

How exactly the visual merchandising work? We work on display design of your products and brand which grabs the attention of customers who immediately notice the best features about the product that is on the display. This engagement helps in converting customer interest into purchases.

This method of marketing helps businesses in keeping the employee cost down by using innovative techniques like 3D designing for the merchandise. At AOB, we offer you the best of the best when it comes to 3D stall design or display design for your products.

The kits come with a backlit branding which, when used effectively, highlights your products among others. The kits also come with a range of options which makes it possible for you to choose a different design whenever you are carrying out a promotion activity. Also, the graphic of our kit is easily changeable which again enables you to give a fresh look to your design making your product stand out during every promotional event.

In addition, just like our other BTL kits, these kits are also reusable saving you a lot of time and money.

Last in the list of our BTL marketing offering is the highly influential Corporate Activation kit. In case of BTL promotion, we help our clients reach out to customers through road shows, shopping mall activation among other things. However, if the client wishes to target much more aware consumers who exactly know what they are looking for, Corporate Activation is the best way of approaching them.

Through this, you get an opportunity to present your product to these customers in a corporate environment. Now, because these customers already know what they are looking for, if you can convince them that your products fulfill their expectation, it helps in creating a strong and loyal customer base.

AOB India’s Corporate Activation kit is designed specially to achieve these results for you. We have catered to a large number of clients in the past and have successfully helped in generating increased sales revenues for them through this methodology. Our team consists of professionals like graphic designers and project managers who can take care of every little aspect of Corporate Activation for your firm.

And, this kit also comes with a set of impeccable advantages just like all the other BTL kits that we have. Our Corporate Activation kits can be used multiple times and are also extremely easy to handle which means field team can also install and dismantle the kit at the location. We offer a range of additional options like pop-up displays, standard kiosks and promoter tables.

Therefore, our BTL marketing services are one of the best that are available in the market. We can offer you highly specialized facilities in a short time which will ensure a steady sales growth for your business. Be a part of this revolution and make your business reach the top – choose AOB India as your partner!