App On boarding Market 002: Logic and Strategies

App business is not as simple as one thinks. While developing an app, one has to take care of the technical aspects. So, if you are not a techie, you are dependent on an expert. Ok! Now imagine if you end up picking up a wrong guy- You are fucked! Because, a poorly thought and executed app can never be successful. Every tiny detail in the app matters. The User experience, UI, graphics, load time, the server handshakes, even the size of the app matters.

Oh! I forget to mention the scalability. I mean you thought of 1000 users but what about 10K users, 100K users and so on! Did you put your thought on? Will your app be able to support this kind of scalability in future or will it crash! Also, FYI- That’s the fuckin’ word – CRASH. If your app crashes regularly, even the greatest of the ideas will get crushed under it. Another thing to lookout for is- whether to develop the app in native language or cross platform language. Hmmm! Tricky, Right? You need to take a decision based on the complexity of the app, the future enhancement and so many details that can have implications in the future. My advice would be to develop it in Android, and test out the features and business logic before developing the app for iPhone users.

Want to know a Golmaal logic?  Not the Rohit Shetty one guys! I am referring to the original one- the Amol Paleker starrer film applies here.

Aaj karey so kal kar,  kal karey so parsoan.
Itni jaldi kya hai beta, jeena hai jab barsoan.

I am sure many of you who have failed would be relating to this, way better than those who are starting the App business just now. By the way, there is no harm is failing. Learning is more important than failing. Failure teaches us things that success doesn’t. In case of App, if you go wrong in the development phase and still believe that your idea is good, you just have to get another shot at it. And I am sure that you must have learned the things in a hard way by now!

Another common mistake all the new app developers in the business make is- not working out the revenue model. Yes, I know, it’s as good as digging the grave for your business while you are sweating and pumping money. While thinking about Revenue Model for your App business, please understand that it’s just like any other business. It doesn’t move on its own!  Why would someone give you 100 Rupees if he doesn’t see any value in your ideas! It’s not like you only need 100 Rupees from a user and I am sure no one cares for a 100 Bucks anyway. Besides, you must have thought of something which everyone missed – It’s the fact that it is your app and it is different! Trust me, these thoughts shall take you down and it is better to avoid them and think practically – Just keep it simple silly!

The first step towards revenue is gaining trust. How the fuck do you gain trust? Don’t you know gaining trust takes time? So, what do you do now? You patiently wait! Yes, nothing happens overnight and in the App Business, things move slow initially…You have to engage your end-user, and show him value. In simple terms, you need money for operation because all this takes time. And believe me, the learning during this phase is unmatched! Not only your app is getting stable, you also get a broader picture on the future of your App. 

Till then, All you have to do is – Wait!

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