App Onboarding Market 001: Getting Started

The market of app development is one of the fastest and the riskiest businesses. Oh my God!  It’s raining apps everywhere and yes, I guess the way things are, everything and anything from masturbation to menstrual cycle is now an app.

With the easily accessible tools and skills, suddenly every college going kid is dreaming of creating an app assuming he is gonna fuckin’ conquer the world with that great idea which according to him is different and which has the potential to change the world, that too with other peoples’ money. In short, it’s the “Unicorn Dream”.

Oh! Yes. Talk to anyone who is about to launch his app and you will hear Investor and Unicorns. Yes, no one talks about the revenue models, (and) about the practical aspects of running the business. At the end of the entire circus, it’s a business and it requires investment, research, customers and revenue, for anything to practically happen, and for actual cash to come in. Don’t forget! 99% of apps fail to move even an inch. One in four mobile apps is abandoned after the first launch. Surprised much?

Ok. The hysteria is pretty much spreading fast and it is hitting investors and professionals around the globe. Interestingly, I have seen investors also looking at an app without doing due diligence or putting in a simple proof of the pudding. Somehow, I guess everyone from the creator of the app to people supporting the idea miss a million-dollar question – “How and When will the revenue flow?”

Ok! You got a great app idea. Wow! But… now what? Ok, you somehow managed to develop it and have successfully published it. Congratulations! But again… now what? 90% of apps die at this stage… and do you know the reason? It is just because no one thought of marketing and revenue till now.

Believe me, at this time, for the success of any business, the right questions, the tough questions need to be answered. Because, most of the time these unanswered questions haunt you, and mostly keep you away from crossing that winning line. This is the difference between a winner and a loser.

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