App Onboarding Market 003 : Create a Success Story

The first step towards revenue is gaining trust. Gaining trust takes time. Nothing happens overnight and in the App Business, things move slow. Until then, all you have to do is – Wait!”


But, what is that I mean by wait for the revenue to kick in?

In the initial stage of the App Onboarding business, you need users. Also, you need to give your users a free trial. This free trial sends two signals: 

One – that your product is good so that at the end of trial, the customer pays. 

Two – it shows your patience and the intention for customer service. It reflects that you are neither in a hurry nor after their money. Basically, you are not a fly-by-night operator. 

After all, there has to be a purpose for any app. If your end-user pays the money after the trial period, it proves that your app has achieved the purpose. But, if he is not paying – Oh! Then you are fucked. Go back to the drawing board and think again!

In the initial stages of your App Business, not all the members are going to pay. You will go through rejections, series of installs-uninstalls, episodes of crazy comments and poor ratings on the app store. But, you have to keep looking for data and usage reports. You should have a regular update on how many people have started to use the app.  Keep yourself informed of how many have reached the stage of clicking on paid subscription links and how many have paid.

Your skills of research and development can now help you mould the future of your app business. Depending on your app and its concept, 5% or 10% or in some cases, even 1% will be enough to gauge where the app is heading and what you can do to achieve success with the app. Now you start getting a clear picture of your product and the revenue projection and the proof of concept starts to unveil.

App marketing – In today’s time, if you throw a stone in a crowded place, chances are that it’s going to hit a digital marketer. And these “Digital Gurus”, who, mind you, have never sold anything in their life, start to give you all the fucking gyan about sales and marketing. They open doors to an unlimited space of digital terminologies. It’s time to face new amigos in life – PPC, cost per download, impression, SEO, video marketing, viral marketing, influencer marketing… Ok, Stop it! I know this fuckin’ list is endless!

Guys, you need to understand one thing – Never venture into an unknown territory without being prepared. You have to be clear about the budget that you want to spend and the respective revenue or awareness or downloads that you want to achieve. 90% of the Digital Gurus will not dare to come back to you if you are clear and prepared to ask the right questions. I have been a salesman for 15 years of my life and I have one question – In a conventional sale, you sit across the customer face-to-face. Here, you have the opportunity to read him, and correct your sales pitch as per the prospective client’s reaction. Here, you get a chance to break the ice, etc… etc.  Wherein, in the case of digital sales, the prospective customer forms an opinion in split seconds. In a matter of seconds, he may decide whether to or not to download the app. Forget about the usage. Now, which one do you think is easier – to plan and execute conventional sales or digital sales?  

Digital sales are always tough! A click may cost you Rs. 10. 1000 clicks – Rs.10,000. 100,000 clicks might even cost you a million. Still, no click guarantees downloads! So don’t fall for impressions, clicks, etc. Look for data that matters. There are still traditional ways of pushing the app to the end user and believe me, these methods will be more economical and effective.

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