App Onboarding – The Final Truth

So, what have we understood about building a strong app Business? – The onboarding process is a user’s first impression of your app, and when designed correctly, increases the likelihood of successful adoption. We have come a long way from understanding the necessity of a good product design to strategizing for App marketing and patiently waiting for your consumer pool to grow.  Now, let’s visit the most important aspect of an App Business – On boarding Clients. 

Well, most of the commercial apps look forward to outsourcing the client onboarding process. Thanks to Paytm and other wallet companies, now you will meet numerous companies that specialize in app onboarding. Starting from Rs.250 per onboarding to Rs.2000, you will find these shady companies and agents who shall be taking the claim that they were the one behind the success of e-commerce and app giants like Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, PhonePe, etc. Oh! Yes, and all these companies would not have survived was it not for these agents or onboarding companies.

Do you think this a little exaggerated? What the hell! Trust me, if you even slightly understand business, go speak to them and you will realize that they don’t even have the aptitude to understand how your app is going to work and what’s the vision you have in mind for the app. What these sluggish agents and app onboarding companies do is, blind onboarding – a process that is unthought of and totally unprepared. These agents or companies will make sure that you are getting a good onboarding number at a relatively cheaper price. But the quality of these onboarded numbers is of hopeless quality. Most of the guys who are onboarded on your app won’t even recall why the fuck they signed up for in the first place. The onboarding company is going to paint a rosy picture by meeting the criteria of onboarding and billing you with it. But 90 percent of these onboarded guys won’t be your customer ever! Nor will they participate in the actual trial and help you improve with genuine feedback while experiencing your services.

In sales, don’t blindly chase numbers that don’t make any sense. Your app download and onboarding won’t make any sense to investors or your banker until the app onboarding is helping with transaction in your app or giving you revenues. After all the hoop halla, you still will find yourself stranded where you initially started. Think twice about the ways and the channels you want to onboard people and ask yourself a thousand times – Why? Why you are choosing that channel in the first place! Because they are your customers and the communication to them while onboarding matters.

l am fortunate to be a part of success story of apps like IMenus, OyeSpace, OyeWallet, 1SqFt, 360Venues, to name a few. I have executed strategies right from onboarding the clients and delivering the service to help these clients experience all the benefits of the product to eventually making them pay for these apps. The apps I have mentioned here have become commercially successful in 6 – 18 months’ time. Today, each of these Apps is clocking a turnover that is ranging from 1.5 Cr to 15 Cr annually. I am sure in the near future, at least one of these will be a Unicorn. AOB India has executed a complete End-to-End sales process – from recruitment of sales guys to training them, then onboarding, and finally closing the sale and getting revenue from the end-user. We have supported these clients with tele-sales as well. When someone approaches us for App marketing and sales, my first question still remains – why the fuck on earth did u develop the app? And the story moves on in the same loop. 

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