Salesman’s new competitor: The digital marketing guy

 “Maa ki Aankh”, said a 15 years of experienced salesman, who has an experience in both corporate sales and B2C; and knowing him for last 6 years,I can only say that he means every word of this phrase.

It’s very thought provoking, but in this new age, do we still need salesmen when the whole world is going gaga about digital marketing and online customer acquisition? But the answer surely is very straight and simple: Yes! The world bloody hell needs salesmen.And yes, Henry Ford was right – “Nothing happens until someone sells something”. Every brand needs them if they look to succeed in the market, especially the ever growing and evolving Start Ups and SMEs. Companies should not underestimate the importance of their sales team and the vital role that they play in an organization’s growth. Sales teams not only increase revenue but they also have a strong impact on brand reputation, long-term customer relationships, retention of customers and overall business growth. I understand that getting a good salesman is of course a pain in the A** and it surely looks as delusional as a midsummer night’s dream, but still you need them. Through my years of experience in sales, I have seen companies making rapid growth when they have the right sales team. Oyo Rooms is one such example of a company I know personally of its business functioning and process and how an effective sales strategy coupled with a dedicated sales team has assisted in the company’s sky rocketing growth. Another good example would be Frankfinn- which virtually got back from the brink of bankruptcy only because of a determined and focused sales team.

Most of the time why companies shy away from getting an active sales team is because a dedicated and focused sales force is tough to find and even tougher to manage. True to their human habits: they lie, misguide management about sales numbers and what not! But then that’s why he is a salesman! He will be tough to manage and he is supposed to be smart and you expect him to sell your product or service by convincing or by confusing the customer. The most noted organizations with ground-breaking sales numbers understand this. That is why, the successful companies take very good care of their salesmen.They keep them in good shape and have faith in them. But none can say the same about digital marketing campaigns, as they keep on changing every second day.

A good salesman is a luxury today and only a few can afford them.I can compare them to species that are on the verge of extinction. They are a rare commodity. Still, I shall bet on a salesman for my sales rather than any fuckin’ all-fizz-or-only-gas campaign that burns hole in the pocket and does not guarantee any success.

Investing in a good salesman is like investing on a gladiator stock: It is always gonna stand by you and look after you through the tough times. One should always invest in good sales process, systems and people. One should definitely and always design the marketing campaigns- whether online or offline – to back up the sales process and to facilitate them. Without the marketing cover, even the best of salesmen will not be able to deliver you the desired numbers. It is futile, sending a trained soldier to battle without arming him. No matter how spirited the soldier is, he cannot win you the war.

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