TikTok: Is it a part of a good sales strategy?

TikTok (Musically) may not be one of the top-rated social media platforms, just like Instagram or Facebook. But it is making its presence on teens and tweens! Many users are joining this platform and becoming TikTok Stars. In a short span of time, TikTok has become an important part of the internet culture. While millions of millennials have found their 15 seconds of fame with backflips, lip-syncing and synchronized dance routines, TikTok– this new age app and technology – has taken social networking market by storm.

Now you can talk to any random person and 90% of the time they shall boast about being an “Influencer”. “I have thousands of followers, no I am sorry I have thousands of fans.”- This is what an average person posting videos on TikTok wants to be – A Star, A Celebrity. And let’s accept it – all of us like attention and appreciation.TikTok gives common man his shot at fame, the film star way. I still recall how a certain section of society ignored this platform till recently. There were no film stars posting content on TikTok. But the time is long gone; now you have Shilpa Shetty and all other mega superstars posting video content there and grabbing millions of fans/followers from across the globe instantly – something that took years of hard work back in the day.

Advertisers today are looking at ways to explore the platform and get benefits for brands. I have seen some campaigns for Indeed and Cashbean. I just wonder (if) is it a right platform that can be used by all brands for promotion! What kinds of people get hooked on TikTok? Are they the right TG for such brands? But again, mind you, for every user who is posting a video there are at least thousands of people who love these videos. So the kind of audience that is just flipping through hundreds of videos everyday will get influenced by a brand being visible there. But would it affect the sales of the brand?

My answer is No. TikTok kind of audience won’t suit most of the brands. In fact, I still feel the millions who use TikTok extensively may not be a target audience for most of the brands. And then there is no possible option or way of placing the brand neither by its geographic vector nor is it possible to place it in any measurable metrics. So, the chances are that the entire TikTok campaign will be a boomerang. I feel the platform is evolving; so is the user base; and brands and marketers should wait and watch before placing their bets. However, what I like about the platform is that it has given every middle-aged person, who kind of had missed being someone in their life, another shot at being a star. I love everybody’s spirit and enthusiasm by which they make videos irrespective of their age, looks, etc. It takes patience to plan the video, dress up, chose a location, find someone to hold that camera for you and then edit and post the final product. Oh God! Hats off to all TikTok stars.

As a salesman, one thing that I have learned is that even on this platform people compete with each other. They have to be innovative, creative and have to present the videos or content in a way that followers flock towards them. Thanks to TikTok, you have a stream of local stars or influencers. It won’t be long before someone actually makes it to films or commercials. Looking forward to the platform to mature beyond videos and local stars.

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