AOB Viral is a specialist content creation and influencer marketing agency

“We provide exclusive content marketing services to create a buzz regarding presence of your product in the digital market via social media. Therefore our SEO team and Business developers will closely associate with you to achieve your content marketing goals. We make content marketing strategy and execute them to ensure outstanding results in terms of views, engagements, endorsement and sharing.”



We use a tailor made combination of outreach, placement and promotion to secure coverage, increase reach and drive traffic, maximising the results for your budget.

Outreach & Placement

We focus on outreach to target maximum customers/clients. Aiming to make the campaign successful, we target specific social media accounts, websites and blogs. We place the posts and blogs in the manner that your product will create trend, high traffic and viewership across the all digital platforms including social media.

Influencer campaigns

We are associated with set of social media influencers who provides their expertise in content marketing. Empowered with their association, we promote your brand/product and create a buzz on across the social media/digital marketing platforms.

Promotion & Boosting

Our SEO and social media team ensure the promotion of your brand and boost your presence on social media platforms- Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter to reach target customers/clients. Our digital marketing experts make the campaign social media friendly so that maximum engagement and shares can be achieved.


We secure coverage across the social networks where your audience spends their time

Backed by content marketing experts, our social media handler posts your contents in the manner so that they reach to target audiences. We use proper and SEO suggested key words/Hashtags and tags to achieve huge Likes, Comments and Shares.

We make special creative Instagram posts with help of graphics and photos to attract users. We also get service of Instagram influencers to increase the engagements on your posts.

Our Twitter expert posts your content with proper Hashtags and tags target customers to ensure the maximum engagement. We post creative marketing contents so that they get retweets and likes in a good number.

Our creative posts about your campaign are pinned to the board of influencers on social media web- Pinterest so that their followers can view your content.

We make short creative videos and advertisement as a pre-roll ad to promote your campaign on YouTube. We ensure that the videos should reach to your target customers. We upload the marketing content on YouTube channels of influencers as well. We promote a separate YouTube Channel supporting your campaign and increase subscribers.

Backed by SEO suggested key world, we post attractive digital marketing content supporting your campaign on LinkedIn. Since the platform is very effective for B2B content marketing, we carefully target specific clients and companies.


We’ve worked to seed hundreds of campaigns, here are some of our best:


We pride ourselves on our service, here are just a few reasons to get in touch with us to seed your campaign:


AOB Viral has over 6 years experience in content marketing which made us one of the leading players for brand/product campaign.

Guaranteed Results

We execute every project with the support of digital marketing experts who almost guaranteed the success in terms of getting predefined goals- number of viewership, engagement and Likes.


AOB Viral has bonding the strong chain of content marketing influencers in range of sectors- lifestyle, fashion, motoring, sport, design and music

Drive Traffic

We ensure traffic on your campaign. We link the campaign related posts with several websites, blogs and social media accounts with the service of influencers which give a great push to your campaign.


We properly monitor entire execution of the strategy. We review day/week/month basis developments. According to market trend, we do bring changes in our content marketing strategy. Review reports helps to take right turn at right time.


Unfailingly, we constantly focus on pre-decided targets. As per day basis achievement of target, we change our content marketing strategies. We use all the digital tools to reachout the targeted audience on social media platforms, websites and blogs.

Personal Service

We owe to our privilege clients and value to relationship. We always focus on longtime relationship so that we together grow and the productive association would ever last.

Tailored Strategy

Strategy is a key to make a campaign successful. We chalk out the strategy as per the nature of campaign. We also keep plan b for any urgency.

Cost Effective

We don’t allow the project inflate in elephant size. We emphasize on the execution of the campaign with time bound commitment which make our service very cost effective.


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