var aax_pubname = 'telanganastat-21'; He shared his views about systems and processes in entrepreneurship. Until then many were unaware of it. Also we had talk from Vani Bajaj and Sanjiv Bajaj, MD of Bajaj finserv about how things go. Hilst I stand in the mirror, guessing if the skyfall has her throughout her being. Furthermore, she is the first female IAS officer. It is a job which offers great honor wrapped in the juicy layers of lofty positions of power and status to the person. It is a two-day event that is being held on 8th and 9th of Feb. She is one of the youngest IAS officersof our country. Did you notice one thing : His dad's advice to settle before 30 had led to great zeal to achieve success in him. Times have changed. It is a two-day event that is being held on 8th and 9th of Feb. More than 20% of students are suffering with anxiety and depression due to parental, academic and peer pressure. Life seems burdensome if you are not clear about your choice of function\/industry. The 32nd … [Read More...], Disclaimers | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. "}], Nee needala ninu rakshinchukune akkanu nenu, Nee raksha kosam chetiki raksha kavacham katte chellini nenu, Nee velu pattukuni nadaka nerchukune kuturini nenu, Nee jeevitantam neeto nadiche bharyanu nenu, Chadu ni antam chese Maha Kaali ni kuda nenu"},{"type":"img","id":"img-uid-1549901742163","data":"5c619ab7a065d"}]. Smita is the first IAS officer who got appointed to the CMO (Chief Minister's Office). Day -2 It was the best day that has ever happened in my life. People who are interested to be a part of this most amazing event can visit our official website to register. Vortexing out the silhouettes while thining her revelations appeared. Ever wanted to speak up for the people of your nation? Their only dream would be to see their children in a good position. So Vijay Devarkonda is a great inspiration to present youth in this context as he proved that following parents advices and taking them serious can lead to crack great achievements in life. Girls are die heart fans of this young hero. "},{"type":"img","id":"img-uid-1565791755412","data":"595be0936a6d1"},{"type":"txt","id":"rich_1565791755413","data":", She purchased tickets of Bahubali-2 movie to reward officials who worked hard for beautification of city"},{"type":"img","id":"img-uid-1565791755414","data":"595be142471c2"},{"type":"txt","id":"rich_1565791755415","data":", Artist painting on DEO Office wall "},{"type":"img","id":"img-uid-1565791755416","data":"595be12b84312"},{"type":"txt","id":"rich_1565791755417","data":"Beautification of city by painting that glorious images on government office walls and on flyovers in the city, She is a writer and an art connoisseur too"},{"type":"img","id":"img-uid-1565791755418","data":"595be3ef9bc03"},{"type":"txt","id":"rich_1565791755419","data":"Collector Amrapali kata in save water program, Despite all this, there is no dearth of women who are accepting this challenging job and are a great inspiration to all women and youth across the country. Amrapali kata ( born 4-11-1982) is an Indian Administrative officer of 2010 batch borne to the Andhra Pradesh cadre. "}], Model United Nations (MUN) summit, 2019. We live in a country where ONE STUDENT COMMITS SUICIDE EVERY HOUR. Who is Tina Dabi? She is the first woman IAS officer, who appointed to the Warangal City district of Telangana. Amrapali Kata (IAS) Net Worth is estimated to be around 1.5 to 2.5 lakh INR. Manas ekam, Vachas ekam, karmanekam mean Unity of thought,word and deed. She looks at me like an anxious, lost soul in a crawl out of hollowness. We saw internet changing our lives, we saw things which people from decades didn\u2019t expect they would see in a lifetime. Hey, but you wanted to play guitar right? But stares back in silence and lost hood. Ritesh Mastipuram from O2 spa gave up on fat salaries in USA to start something on his own and my favourite Vishal Juneja who spoke about technology and future, which blew my mind. If you don't want to you don't have to. You know yourself better than anybody else, so you should be the one making choices for yourself. Minister KTR Fires On Warangal Urban Collector Amrapali And Municipal Commissioner Sruthi Ohja. Related Articles: 1. A) It was very difficult to manage work and student life balance. Yes, we all do. But the girl recites inspirational free verses rhyming with mine. We always do this , we always let somebody influence our choices. "},{"type":"txt","id":"rich_1549326255039","data":", At last we can conclude that, Vijay Devarakonda is role model to many and proved that if there is ease to achieve anything and if there is passion , then commitment and hard work can make things possible within short span. For higher education, she cracked the IIT exam and did her B.Tech from Chennai. Her entry into the Prime Minister’s Office a few … However, it can be very difficult to feel good about yourself when you are under the stress of having symptoms that are hard to manage, when you are dealing with a disability, when you are having a difficult time, or when others are treating you badly. She also gained limelight after she started working for the betterment of society. At this time, it is easy to be drawn into a downward spiral of lower and lower self-esteem. But how many of us listen to their words and advice? Why doesn't she play around colours alike? Manas ekam, vachas ekam, karmanyekam, mahatmanam. Amrapali Kata is the youngest female IAS officer to be selected as the District Collector of Warangal Urban District, Telangana. Live in the moment\n When you are focused on the moment, you can choose your actions consciously and wisely, unaffected by the hurts of your past and unconcerned by worries or hopes about the future. CMRTC MUN is one such place out the most important skills like Critical Thinking, Public Speaking, Time Management and Leadership. Amrapali Kata, who aspired to become an IAS officer since begin, achieved the feat finally with her hard work and dedication. The least you could do for yourself is make your own choice , doesn't matter if it's right or wrong , just own it. "}], stuMagz app and have access to more interesting reads like this one. But we hold greater power because we are the ones who will be making the choice. I stand in the mirror calling the universe mine. If she is in torment or the torment's definition is engraved in bones of her loin. The second ranker Akshat Jain secured 53.33% while third rank-holder Junaid Ahmad scored 53.18%. She is an inspirational young personality, popular because of her hard work and passion. Do follow us on Instagram : the_lexis_club Register NOW! But something about him, held a different glory. Amrapali Kata was born on November 4th, 1986, She is an IAS officer of 2010 batch in Andhra Pradesh cadre. Exclusive Interview with IAS Officer Amrapali Kata marking the occasion of International Women’s Day 2017. In 2016 she appointed as Collector and District magistrate of Warangal Urban district under the leadership of honeble Chief Minister K.Chandra Shekar Rao Garu, She is known popularly as young collector and true inspiration to youth and is known to use latest technologies. It is more like a youth parliament wherein you'll be given a country that you are gonna represent, a crisis topic that needs to be discussed and a committee that'll have other students as the delegates that you'll be discussing your given topic with. The food and the accommodation (if necessary) is being provided for both the days. Campus placement is the big event of your graduate life. I was blown away by the way the 1st winner is bringing a change in the farmers life, as he was making agriculture easy.\n\nThe 3 winners from EO global student entrepreneur awards (gsea) Pune were taken for a 3 day event in Indore arranged by EO INDIA. So, this is a great achievement. We, the Lexians believe in the quote \"OPPORTUNITIES COME ONCE, GRAB THEM AND WIN IT.\" With this said, I believe none of you would like to miss out the opportunity to get Certified by MUN London!Do follow us on Instagram : the_lexis_club Register NOW!"}]. She was also one of the youngest candidates to crack the exam. We've got a whole team of 100 members working day and night to make this event a successful one and to give you the best experience of being part of the MUN.
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