Ria Raj - What I did was put in a Blue Star wall oven and an induction cooktop. Do I want the replacement . Certified Master Baker, Certified Pastry Chef, Certified Bread Baker, Certified Vienosserie Baker, Certified Hospitality Educator. Spark Modules – Page 13 13. Discover chef-inspired appliances handcrafted for professional-grade results. As far as hardware store brands go I like the look of the dual-oven-zone Samsung that was posed upthread. The unfortunate reality of things in the appliance market is that "manufacturer certified" doesn't really mean much. 4. Though, I HAVE seen posts from you ASKING for advice and help from others, which they freely and generously give. Jerry, you have a wonderful kitchen set up. The chances of damage or leaks due to a very long travel are extremely high. I have found the cleanup on the Bluestar to be much, much easier than on the Wolf. That's a perfect application for a Miele CSO. Cooktop low:This reflects the gentlest burner's ability to melt and hold chocolate without scorching it. I replaced the first convection fan, under warranty, before the recall, because it was vibrating like crazy. [Sorry for going off-topic; I'm just really interested in hearing both the good and the bad.]. Looking for certified BlueStar Oven Repair NY and NJ service provider. Eight or nine minutes on low, and they are done. This time we were fed up and did not want it “fixed” again but replaced. About - Blue Star RNB304BSSThe Blue Star RNB304BSS is part of the kitchen range test program at Consumer Reports. Search Bluestar Parts By Item Number. Hi - I am in the same boat, seeking advice on the next gas range. Three months later they took their promise back. Rice, pulses, lentils - frequent. For all the discussions & articles I read on appliances I just felt best all around with Wolf. So far this combination has worked out very well (over two years now), and I'd never go back to a range. Operator error. Bluestar definitely has a door "problem" 2. Bluestar has now supplied Chef Chris with all service contractors in the area so he can make contact to fix the problems. Who did you buy this range from? It has a simple, "old school", commercial, bolt together design that anyone with a semblance of mechanical ability can adjust or replace parts if necessary, without specialized knowledge. Send E-mail sales@bluestarinc.com. We decided to go with the Wolf mostly because, at the time, the offerings from other companies (including Bluestar) had lots of negative reviews in terms of reliability. Called the dealer and they got a Bluestar tech to come out the same day. The Wolf is, indeed, an attractive range with excellent fit and finish and great customer service under warranty. The convection is just a simple switch. The downside is that the glowbar is a consumable item. Scared the heck out of DH and I. My unit was install July of this year and has had a multitude of problems. I would definitely buy another Bluestar if I ever moved. Any service company can easily get this certification for any number of brands. When I asked how much an extra grate would cost, they said they'd just send me one without charge. Not sure if it’s induction generally or the Bosch specifically. The company is not responsive and admitted to selling ovens with a known defect. The top center of the kick panel is hot because the single oven burner is right there behind it. About 75% of the time the oven will not turn on unless a burner is on, and about 50% of the time the oven will not stay on unless a burner is on! In the end, without regard to price, I much prefer the Bluestar over the Wolf. Read more +91 9912669308. I'd be extremely curious to find out what was the root cause for this problem. A reputable company would never charge full price for a new product and send a defective/broken product and refuse to replace it. Everyone else interested in purchasing a BlueStar has also. The burners are awesome. Since it is already a rough black texture, it takes a lot to mar its appearance so just a quick wipe of a wet paper towel make it look nearly new. The scariest part of this is the external temperature of the doors are 170 on the left 130 on the right. Like a commercial range, everything associated with the top burners easily comes apart for separate cleaning if necessary. It is very attractive but do you realize the interior is only 15" high?
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