Finally, I’ll move onto the current trends and the future of computer programming. Awesome post. I tend to get mildly panicked during interviews, which can make me forgetful; a portfolio gives a quick overview of my important work that I can use to jog my memory and keep myself focused. Example showing problem-based quadratic programming on a basic portfolio model. @fluminis Great images on your portfolio! This will set you apart from other programmers (who generally have bland and ugly sites). Please feel free to include it if you feel it merits consideration. Thanks one more, Ye, cool post! and it landed me quite a few project already. There are four core skills that a good programmer portfolio should demonstrate: Technical ability, design ability, writing ability, and initiative. An alternative is participation in open source projects. Right from the graphic of the mouse pointer you use on the screen to the display of the page, you see this answer on are all examples of computer programs. Basic details that should always be included are the project name, your role in the development cycle, a description of what the code does, a high-level description of how it works, and the skills, programming language, and technology stack used. Thanks for bringing it up in the comments. I finally decided that I needed to have projects that are expressly for my portfolio. Most companies require employees to sign NDA's. If any of the work was open source, you could include source code examples. Writing a blog can be a lot of work, so I suggest you consider whether or not you'll have the discipline to post regularly. @Robby, I've been in situations where I've had the knowledge, but haven't been offered the job because my experience is a little thin. I study game programming and I really appreciate all the feedback I can get to become better! I've had to untangle far too many spaghetti and jelly coded systems not to believe otherwise. But, if you are working on an open source project, it doesn't need to be in a portfolio. Website and programming portfolio Here at Utopia we have worked on many website and programming projects. I sometimes have great difficulty writing resume because I am not sure what I should put in. It makes your achievements concrete and memorable, which makes you yourself memorable. Do you want to show that you have a wide breadth of knowledge? Get straight to the point. After narrowing down the project list, include relevant details for each project. Focus on colors, fonts, layout, and the quality of your copy. Our interns are required to maintain a resume portfolio site. PureBasic’s popularity has increased significantly in the past few years, being used for many purposes such as rapid software ポートフォリオ リスクを最小限に抑えるという目的関数は二次で制約は線形であるため、最適化問題は最終的に二次計画、つまり QP となります。225 資産問題 ここで、225 資産をもつ QP を解いてみます。データセットは、OR ライブラリ [Chang, T.-J., Meade, N., Beasley, … Use this list to hone your coding skills or start building your online portfolio. The main difference is that articles are meant to be more permanent, so it's not as important for you to update the content regularly. These are very valid concerns, and nobody wants to be left open to litigation. Hie, Don't get too fancy with this, because anyone looking at your portfolio has probably already seen your super awesome landing page. @Sourabh I've struggled with the same thing. And of course feel free to critique the examples above. But definitely have a section of your resume with clickable links to your portfolio and anything else that is relevant (GitHub, Bitbucket, Programming Blog, Stack Overflow, etc.). “Hard skills” refer to measurable abilities that are developed over time through practice or study. Work Examples Blog More JAKE YEATMAN WELCOMES YOU Welcome to my portfolio. Feedback to the student on portfolio contents and on progress towards admission to candidacy is provided as a result of these reviews. In particular, you might want to mention some of the skills you used so that you can highlight your talents. I appreciated this article and will be using some of the ideas for my portfolio, which I am starting. New portfolios shoul… Hi, I’m Jess. I have been a programmer for (probably too long) and have built mainframe and server systems. I know in some cases a portfolio doesn't really matter but lets just say in this case it does. You'll notice that those are all designer websites. We never spam and you can unsubscribe at any time. @Edward I like how your portfolio is searchable by platform and technology. Thanks! Judging by the candidates I have interviewed, I would guess less than 5% take the time to put together a portfolio of their work. I wouldn’t try to make a combination portfolio and resume – it is very hard to combine them well, and I have trashed resumes like this because they are too disorganized. I was wondering if I could find some site with a list of programmer portfoilos, but I didn't. I really like this idea. And also, it show prospect employers your commitment to your job, and that you've been taken proud in what you were doing. I spent 7 years documenting a technology. My Programming PortfolioLeave a link to your own portfolio in the comments if you think it would make a good example, or if you would like it critiqued. A programming portfolio can help you stand out from a sea of other candidates. googled few tips about creating a portfolio and got here. 2 Write letter to guest (use the format to help you) 3 Find a portfolio piece from math, science, and humanities 4 Complete a Portfolio Entry Slip for each I know when applying for a job its good to have a portfolio of programs you've created to sort of show how good of a programmer you are. I strongly agree that we, as programmers, need to have portfolios for future reference. If not, you might consider formating your blog as a series of articles rather than blog posts. Computer science is the academic study of information technology.At the K-12 level computer science serves to give students a foundation understanding of information technologies that are transforming industry, society and culture. And of course feel free to critique the examples above. I’m currently looking for new ways to hone my full-stack development chops. Preface About this Book This book provides a quick introduction to the PureBasic programming language. Think about any other optional information that should be included. Computer programming language, any of various languages for expressing a set of detailed instructions for a digital computer. The resumes are usually done with help from the college, I If I were designing a portfolio for myself, I'd have a missions statement like: "Hi, I'm Tyler, and I build websites that are easy to use. I suppose this is more true of application developers than of web developers & designers though. Consulting company employees sign non-disclosure, non-compete, proprietary intellectual property confidentiality agreements all the time. Very few programmers have portfolios. This is where you can really show your personality and set yourself apart from all the other programmers out there. Remember also that anything created with client resources (time and/or equipment) is normally their copyrighted property and would require written permission to be presented in a portfolio. I was wondering if other programmers care about making a protfolio & indeed very few of them do! a friend of mine suggested the same idea of creating a portfolio. For example, linux, android, iOS and windows are operating systems. Computer Programming - Characters - If it was easy to work with numbers in computer programming, it would be even easier to work with characters. Portfolio Archives About Hi, I’m Jess. If you have experience on a lot of projects, you have the luxury of choosing projects based on the image you want to project. Chose the work to include based on how you want an interviewer to see you. I use Python to craft web apps and sift data. i just graduated this month and now on a job haunt. I will create my own portfolio soon. Would you mind if I copy the format of your portfolio? Share a link to the portfolio during initial contact with an employer, especially if your portfolio showcases your skills more effectively than a resume. You know the ones - you look at the code and you think *$%(#??? When possible, make sure you link to working copies of the projects. Most programmers don't want to hear this, but design is what matters most. This means putting your best work into a portfolio could leave you open to legal action. That's because most programmers have ugly portfolios which is exactly why you should act like a designer when you approach this. Portfolios have been used for years by architects, artists, and designers, but why not for computer programmers? If you want to get really serious you could make a section to let visitors demo web apps you built specifically for your portfolio site. Thanks for including my portfolio link. here is mine :D ~. Just be sure to understand the issues that can prevent people from having one. Use the portfolio as a talking point and visual aid. I liked your article. Just list all your projects in a clean format, and explain a little bit about them. Jess - Great Article. Now, that's a big ego booster. a professional LinkedIn profile is one thing, but you can really show your skills using your own portfolio site Employers want the knowledge AND the evidence. The best way to learn C programming is by practicing examples. Good luck getting your portfolio set up! This page contains examples of basic concepts of Python programming like loops, functions, native datatypes and so on. You could also include a short bio to give yourself a little more personality. I am still finding my way in the industry, but I would definitely like to build my own portfolio. A mission statement - the first thing your visitors should see is a short description of who you are and what you do. The number of projects/technologies you've been using getting larger and larger over time. Keep It Simply Simple has always been my mantra. These range from standard website design through to ecommerce solutions and specialised programming and consulting services including bespoke development.. As with many other fields, computer programmer skills can be grouped into hard and soft skills. Then I’ll talk about software and software development. i will soon come back here to have your views on my soon to be website portfolio. The What Let’s start with the “what.” If not, you might consider buying a template from a site like Themeforest. Some links broke during the domain change from to, I'm hoping I caught them all now. I’m currently looking for new ways to hone my full-stack development chops. 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