selectors, we can include a combinator. If your selectors get more than three elements deep that often indicates there would be a better way to structure your CSS.

) NOTE: The > selector is not supported by IE6. To nest a selector, you simply separate them with a space. It matches only those elements matched by the second selector that are the direct children of elements matched by the first. /* List items that are children of the "my-things" list */ > li { margin: 2em; } The list item could be buried three levels deep within other nested lists, and this selector will still match it. table table tr, table table td { /*your style here*/ } Here's another link for more information about selectors. It's well known that Sass is an efficient, realiable and precise tool which gives us great power and freedom to make CSS fun and less of a pain to author; however with great power comes responsibility. after another specific element. The difference between the nested selector (e.g. It means “any list … The CSS Selectors mainly use the character sequence pattern, which identifies the web elements based on their HTML structure. That’s why you need to explicitly use the @at-root … "immediately following". There will sometimes be cases where you want to target an element based on whether or not it came right after another element. The easiest way to identify where you might be able to group selectors in one line is to see where you have repetition in your styles. How To Create a Modal Popup Box with CSS and JavaScript. When you group CSS selectors, you apply the same styles to several different elements without repeating the styles in your stylesheet. Regular Rules. In CSS, pattern matching rules determine which style rules apply to elements in the document tree.These patterns, called selectors, may range from simple element names to rich contextual patterns. A combinator is something that explains the relationship between the selectors. For example, to select only

elements that are direct children of

elements: article > p To group them, all you need to do is separate them with a comma, and the styles inside will get applied to them all. This means it will only select list items that are direct children of an unordered list. There’s a lot of appeal in using &, @at-root, and the rest to construct consistent selectors, but they are often difficult to read and modify. This is the common syntax, though each at-rule is a variation of it.. Between the simple That last curve ball that I threw you was an example of an attribute selector. A CSS selector can contain more than one simple selector. This example shows how nested elements can also be targeted. It's that simple. If you’re a nerd like me, this is a really fascinating topic. Notice that in Sass, the ul, li, and a selectors are nested inside the nav selector. The following example selects all

elements that are Just like in HTML where you can have elements nested inside other elements, the same can be done in CSS. Get started with Vue.js and routing with this simple and clear tutorial. Selects all elements with class="intro". The universal selector works like a wild card character, selecting all elements on … But what if you had a third paragraph tag in the header, and also wanted it to be the same font size of the footer? nav a:hover { background-color: #ddd; color: black } With just a few quick lines of CSS, we can radically change how the navigation bar looks. Here’s some examples: ul li { } header h2 { } footer a { } .module div { } #info-toggle span { } div dl dt a { } Take ul li { } for example. Feel free to experiment with this, and keep in mind that you can mix and match these selectors. A CSS selector can contain more than one simple selector. This means it will automatically add the outer selector to the inner selector even if you used & as a SassScript expression. share ... you want to have the same style applied to multiple css selectors, separate them with a comma, eg. Notice how we append the :hover right to the a in our selector. In otherwords, it only looks one level down the markup structure, no deeper.

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