If you're familiar with Sativa-dominant cannabis strains then you'll know exactly what this bud looks like before fixing your eyes on it in real-time. Hope everyone enjoys the journey as much as i do. Fluffy indoor nurfle was a sign of lack of skill, lack of light, lack of enough AC... so dense became tied to quality. Low density doesn’t necessarily mean buds are bad. Keep temperature under 85°F (30°C) While it isn’t always possible to control temperature, there’s a … I would consider 8 very short. We are talking about top-shelf potency at a cut-rate price. i harvested at 8-9 weeks the lower branches and after that, i kept tossing the buds in and out of a glass jar. Once you’re smoking the buds, you don’t notice the diffe… they didnt turn out as good as the buds i harvested 9-10 weeks. Some strains just aren't that dense. probo24 Well-Known Member. The guy above me doesn't know what he's talking about. make sure they are 100% dry before you put them in a glass jar. But at the same time, who really cares about density? it's a Nug Hemp Biomass Actually Mean? JavaScript is disabled. However, for those unfamiliar with Sativa plants, we'll go into more depth on the physical attributes of this strain. Additional Information. Dense buds come from dense buds. Go. Fluffy isn't as good a term because dense buds can be considered to be quite fluffy on the outside as they are plump and hairy, and full of max growth. Posted by 3 months ago. Basically no weed is going to be done at 6 weeks. Its not about it being fluffy or dense its how it smokes and gets you high. Fluffy or airy buds are not as good a quality because they occur as a result of weaker growth within the plant's life cycle. Not proper nutrients/soil and/or genetics. Hot rooms will give you airy buds. Potassium is another nutrient that should also be used during flower, as it helps promote even, strong, consistent growth. Dense vs. fluffy nugs. I once had a nugs salad because I couldn't finish a share box so had them with salad the next day. If your a dealer, fluffy weed is best since they can give a fat bag that weighs less. Probably not even gonna be worth smoking but it was one of the smaller buds on the plant. To make sure a dense strain stays dense (IME) you need to: Keep your temps in check, possibly drop them in the last couple weeks of flower. I've grown monsters with rock hard nugs in the summer with temps +100 and rh60-80%. you can stress the drying buds by touching them and manipulating them. bad cures = shitty weed. White Ryno Active Member. once its harvest time and you know they are ready, cut them hang them to dry and after that the cure is the part you most want to pay 110% to. Thread starter BygonEra; Start date Jul 14, 2013; Prev. I got into hemp flowers a lil while back but gave it up because all the product seemed so light and fluffy. Really.. 1oz of fluff is the same as 1oz of dense nugs. When cannabis is left to grow on its own, it will produce one main cola. For the best weed deals, popcorn nugs are second to none. Do you prefer super fluffy nugs or dense fat boys? cure has nothing to do with it. 4. Yeah, I chopped much too early... after drying that one little bud for a day, it literally has NO smell other than fresh cut grass/hay. You chopped at 6 weeks. Dense Nugs Some Dense 5G Nugs In The Bag Here UK Grown Stardawg, Really Dense Nugs. Is it the grow, the strain, or the dry/cure which gives you nice dense buds? Let the calyxes swell for 3 weeks or so. I LOVE maccys nugs. You must log in or register to reply here. ive had fluffy diesel that smoked great, still think about her occasionally... :'(, the skunk i grow is fluffy sticky and smelly. lilroach Well-Known Member. Sure, the small nugs could be less mature flowers but there’s no way to know unless you’re trimming and packaging yourself. Questions? Each piece looks like a dense, fluffy nugg. One bite will melt down to crunchy (rice krispies) goodness, bringing relief to both your cravings and your symptoms. Obviously if you starve your plant of light and nutrients your buds will be far more fluffy, but if you have a halfway decent setup and you know sort of what your doing, genetics is where density comes into play. And while this cola is apt to grow into a nice dense nug, it’s not going to give you the highest yield possible off that plant.. Training your plants, however, will allow for more even growth and produce more buds than just one large bud. Someone has just told me to stop eating them on the tube as it's disrespectful. Just an opinion, and worth exactly what you paid. 2. if you dont know the answer to this question, dont just start rambling on like you do know, because its obvious while reading this that you DONT! they were also lime green and not a darker green. based on my results using cfls i have to say lighting plays a big part in how compact your buds are. Grow your own... be happy.. If that makes sense Northern lights is kind of fluffy. … It's the high that matters! Density is 90% genetics, 10% environment in my opinion. Close. They are also frequently added into edibles or pressed into rosin. in my mind it starts with the light. They’re the perfect size and density for rolling into blunts without having to break them up or constricting airflow. You must log in or register to reply here. Facebook Twitter Google-plus Instagram. 8 hard facts Smoking blasted weed to Do with After the Squeezing. Dense buds aren't squashed fluffy buds or whatever the fuck he's saying. use the following search parameters to narrow your results: subreddit:subreddit find submissions in "subreddit" author:username find submissions by "username" site:example.com find … It gives off a more dense look and is just more pleasing to the eye when done correctly than fluffy buds making it easier to distribute. Who has dense nugs? Strip – refers to stripping all lower growth from the plant. By Hatter, September 11, 2014 in Indoor Talk. Covered In Orange Dense Nugs Some Dense 5G Nugs In The Bag Here Key Lime Pie Small Nugs 1/2oz Weedporndaily: Fat Dense Nugs Of Can’t Stop Admiring These Beautiful Dense Ass Nugs Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures Tuna Kush (small Nugs 3.5 Grams LARRY BIRD SMALL NUGS (HYBRID Are There Dangerous Synthetic PGRs In Your … CBD buds vs blasted nugs: Bullshit or miracle cure? Covered In Orange Welcome To The Twilight Zone (highbried: Been Getting Such Weedporndaily: Fat Dense Nugs Of Complete Guide To Trimming Cannabis Can’t Stop … Light intensity and strain can cause this issue but 6 weeks is a little early. they tkae them put it in sandwich bags and wrap around and press at all angles. Make sure the budsites are getting light. This goes hand in hand though, some dealers prefer dense weed since they can give less 'volume' but the same weight. I also grew out the hardest nugs I have ever grown in the same run under the same light, some KO kush. UK Grown Stardawg, Really Dense Nugs. eventually it will get really dense depending on how you store it. of coarse feeding,soil,genetics an other factors play a part. JavaScript is disabled. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. lighting, grow medium, and strain factor in there. i love how people just throw in there 2 cents, without even answering thw question asked, some of you guys are WAY, wAY ,wAY off the chart with answering this one. I agree with scias, but cure can def. It also depends on the strain. If the genetics don’t support bud density, it’s not your fault if buds come out fluffy, and there’s not much you can do. Feed them the phosphorus they need and your nugs will be full and dense come harvest. Joined Sep 6, 2014 Messages 1,236 Reputation 0 Reaction score 2,462 Points 0. February 28, 2020 Me and my buddy were having a conversation about what we prefer in our buds and it got to a point where we were debating whether we thought dense buds or fluffy buds were better and it got me curious as to what the general community thinks about the matter. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Due to high demand (pun intended) the price for Dank Nuggs will be raising t0 $30 on 11/1/2019. When combined with phosphorus, you will also strengthen your plant’s root system. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. lighting: HPS will give you dense buds, MH will be fluffier, and CFLs will be yet even fluffier. THE. all in all, growing in all stages is varied because you want the plant to be strong before flowering and during flowering, that strength will pay off. A dense nug is different than a smooshed nug and anyone should be able to tell the difference. And the best highs I've ever had were surprisingly from some of the fluffiest strains I've ever grown! same seed different seed. Nov 21, 2018 #2 Seed collector said: Hey all I harvested pineapple express by barneys farm on day 85, most of the nugs were fairly dense , i am … i love fluffy buds, and i hate grinder dense weed the perfect weed packs a bowl with no need to grind or break up. mary jane comes in many lingerie outfits haha. I like the dense ones, they burn right. I tried from three different suppliers.. Jan 9, 2010 #9 growtosmoke...how many cfls do you use per plant...and wattage, color temp, etc. Flavor: GrandDaddy Purp White Chocolate $ 35.00. Questions? Dense Bus vs Fluffy. Light distance, spectrum, intensity, CO2, Ph, lots of factors. And some buds are just naturally wicked fluffy; Jerry Berry for example haha. One pheno of that KO was extra dense, and SOOOOO potent. it turns out different. Dense buds will offer some resistance and spring back to their original shape. lighting, grow medium, and strain factor in there. Kush strains tend to be more dense. Strip & Spread is an essential technique for getting dense flowers. Link to post Share on other sites . How was the sample? I got a SUPER fluffy critical jack herer out of my last grow, and right next to it a different pheno of critical jack that is rock solid dense nugs. BII. my last grow I have very dense nug's and I use only cfl's I'm not sure why one wouldn't think that they would get dense nugs.....I keep the lights very close to the plants and seem to have no problem with airy stuff. When was the last time you changed your bulb? Growing dense nugs is determined by how you take care of your plants during flower. This is just basic information to help people make their popcorn or fluffy buds into presentable nugs. For an airy bud, you will get a denser more desirabl looking vibrant nug.. Do you prefer super fluffy nugs or dense fat boys? Not to say you cannot grow dense nugs in soil, but hydro certainly does not hurt. And also if its sativa or sativa dominant the buds tend to be more fluffy anyways. i always wonder how ppl get dank fruity tasting bud when i grew organically too. Some strains are crap until the last few weeks. WEED. Download Image Photo detail for : Title: Dense Nugs Date: September 28, 2019 Size: 126kB Resolution: 500px x 500px More Galleries of Dense Nugs. have something to do with it. Small nugs, on the sites I’ve been on, are generally cheaper or only sold in large quantities, as well as being a separate listing. This allows the plant to focus its energy and resources on the top of the canopy. Strain is the number one thing. i actually choose strains that are not rock hard. Reactions:Br33zy, Mizzo81, karlkuttaand 1 other person Gets you high as hell. 1oz of fluff is the same as 1oz of dense nugs. If you grow organically you'll have to cure about twice as long to insure that fruity taste, also genetics. Low light means airy, larfy nugs. Popcorn nugs have plenty of uses outside of packing them into a bowl or bong. Julius Caesar Active Member . Strip & Spread. Training plants is something growers do to harvest more bud. Who has dense nugs? Dense buds come from dense buds. 1. density of nugs has nothing to do with your cure, YES, when nugs dry/ cure they will shirnk due to loss of h20 molecules in the plants cell walls, but that is not what equates to denser nugs. Pretty buds with crystals, but not nearly as dense as most thc weed. If you want to grow NATURALLY dense buds you need good light penetration, good genetics/nutrient-intake/light-schedule, weeks in flower, and air circulation through your plants. It is the genetics and growing enviroment. Quote; Share this post. Basically no weed is going to be done at 6 weeks. Jul 16, 2013 #21 It's my opinion that dense buds cure much better than fluffy. a better dry and cure = better product. It'll take a while to get naturally dense buds; keeping your plants small and concentrating growth to a lower number of colas will definitely help. There are also additives that commercial guys use to bulk on weight but draws away from quality. You can’t overcome a plant’s genes. Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Slappy Bob, Jan 18, 2010. They can get too hard, but fluffy, never, burns too fast and hot. Your buds are leafy because the plant is just now starting to swell more than likely. In both cases buds are seem to be losing there density and becoming rather fluffy now, Could you please advise why that might be, Last edited: Nov 21, 2018. EAT. Fluffy nugs... not from too much light, not from LED.... not from heat or RH. IMO If you're a distributor then dense weed is best, since it is easier to transport less 'volume' for the same price/weight. If trichomes only grow on the outside of the plant would a fluffyer sativa be more THC for your money? I normally go 9 min. Small nugs could be pieces that broke off a larger nug, so the “larger nugs are more mature” can’t really be verified. You get the same high THC content that you would have gotten out of bud, but you get to skip the premium price tag attached to those large, dense, photo-ready pieces. Buds can't be brittle dry for this. Me and my buddy were having a conversation about what we prefer in our buds and it got to a point where we were debating whether we thought dense buds or fluffy buds were better and it got me curious as to what the general community thinks about the matter. period. Like hornedfrog said its not ready yet it will get more dense. Since their is more outside surface area for trichomes to be on rather than the middle of a dense indica that has no trichomes? on what type of A closed-loop system specific effects, such as nug is “schwag,” or — That makes it vs. marijuana extract is just feel free to traditional “open blasting ” risks of marijuana extracts. It's like a big fluffy cloud that's airy, yet dense enough to offer up high-quality smokable nugs. Heat will make buds fluffy as well I've heard but idk. Thanks guys. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Heat stress, environment, lighting etc plays a part. That being said, some of my absolute favorite strains have buds that tend to come out with a lower density.
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