function getCookie(cname) { Q: Can I pay to get my replacement bat sooner? Best AXE Bats: Unbiased Review. (function () { 3 left. Axe Bat 2020 Elite One (-10, 2-3/4”) USSSA Baseball Bat 1-Piece Alloy 27in/17oz. while (c.charAt(0)==' ') c = c.substring(1); One of their signature looks is the tilted hand knob, which is ergonomically sound and gives amazing comfort on the follow through. This page contains affiliate links. Googling Easton bat paint chips has brought forth the following: Nearly all of the paint has chipped off the barrel of the bat. Q: How long is my bat covered under warranty? • The special handle has been designed to increase power, add extra comfort and ultimate control at the crease for those long innings $160.00. The product must be purchased within the U.S. and must be from an Axe Bat Authorized Dealer. AXEBAT. var _learnq = _learnq || []; $135.00. The code is usually disabled when Axe is having a site wide sale, as often happens between Thanksgiving and Christmas. 5*+ Grade Three An aluminum baseball bat is slightly over 3 feet in length and 33 ounces in mass. If you’ve been looking for a Bbcor certified axe bat for high schools and colleges, I will recommend you to choose axe bat 2018 elite hybrid BBCOR (-3) baseball bat for many reasons. SPS+ - Grade One Skip to main Can I still submit a warranty claim? Mainland UK DPD courier service. What can I do? For example, our warranty does not cover: A: Most of our bats come with a one-year limited warranty, with the following exceptions: A: You must have the original receipt from an authorized Axe Bat reseller as your proof of purchase to submit a claim. Q: What information do I need to submit a warranty claim? However, we also know that manufacturing defects, while rare, do sometimes occur and that all materials can be susceptible to breakage. document.head.appendChild(script); Explore releases from the Battle Axe Records label. For questions about your warranty claim, contact our customer service department at or 1-855-AXE-BATS. The key lies in the bat… FilterJoe readers can apply a 10% discount at Axe bat site, using code JGOL10. Product was successfully added to your shopping cart. } script.setAttribute('type', 'text/javascript'); } return results === null ? '' It is powerful, ergonomically-designed, and has proven to improve performance. If you purchased the bat on, you can contact our customer service team at and request your receipt be re-sent to you. ... For composite bats: If you see a massive crack that has split your composite bat in half, then there's a great chance it is dead. Subject to stock availability. PHONE: (514)341-0206 EMAIL: If you purchased Route with your order, you should have received an email from them with instructions about how to file a claim. Q: Do you provide a box for sending the bat back? Sign up to stay updated for our latest releases. Berserk is the third Crazed Cat Stage. All replacement bats are shipped from our headquarters in Renton, Washington. Almost gone (1477) Tucci Lumber Axe Handle 33 Mookie Betts MB50 C271L Pro Game Bat. } G4 – Grade Four. Baden BG1 AXE Bat bag Baseball Bags The Baseball Shop - your one stop shop for all your Baseball Equipment | As Baseball Specialists we supply top quality baseball products including Baseball Bats, Baseball Gloves, Baseballs, Baseball Bags, Baseball Protectives and Baseball Team Packs. $85.00. It ensures more control and bat speed. It is ideal for those power hitters looking forward to maximize their performance in the game. Axe Bat Canada. Bat-Manga! A: No. For a nominal fee, Route offers a fast and easy way to replace your bat at no additional charge.
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