“If the war continues like this, it is inevitable that people will have to flee — flee to Somalia, Kenya, Sudan.”, “They’re not coming with a lot of possessions, and this is the worry,” Axel Bisschop, a UNHCR representative in Sudan, told The Times on a call from Khartoum. Guilty or not, “the pinning of the massacre on the TPLF by the prime minister makes it even less likely that the government is going to pursue anything other than a military solution,” Davidson told The Times. If the conflict becomes entrenched and the refugees are unable to return home, many may set their sights on asylum and hope for resettlement abroad. “That area is prone to refugees,” Bisschop said — some 100,000 of them, according to the UNHCR. Ethiopian leader rejects concerns of a brewing civil war as clashes reportedly leave hundreds dead. “We are in need of everything — food, fresh water. Last modified on Fri 20 Nov 2020 09.25 GMT, Available for everyone, funded by readers, People who fled fighting in northern Ethiopia tell of atrocities and gruelling journey to Sudan, PM Abiy Ahmed has implied operation will soon be over, but many leaders have found their planned short wars will not end quickly, Abiy Ahmed urges ‘peaceful’ end to three-week conflict after generals say civilians in the regional capital Mekelle will be shown ‘no mercy’, As conflicts rapidly unfold in Ethiopia, Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, the US, UK and European states are being increasingly sidelined. Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed is facing a leadership test as he starts an offensive against the Tigray region. ETHIOPIAN CIVIL WAR The Ethiopian civil war, between the Ethiopian government and nationalists from Eritrea (an Ethiopian province along the Red Sea), has raged off and on and has been tightly interconnected with Ethiopia's internal political problems and conflict with neighboring Somalia. The conflict will put an additional strain on the global humanitarian aid sector, already burdened by the COVID-19 pandemic and inundated with more refugees than ever before. But right now, “our priority is to make sure that the border remains open.”. Ethiopia is approaching civil war as its Nobel Peace Prize-winning prime minister has ordered the military to confront the country’s well-armed Tigray regional government Already in Tigray, “banking services have halted resulting in a lack of cash,” according to the UNHCR. As Ethiopia's Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed sends troops into the country's northern Tigray region, the country could be on the brink of a civil war. Viewer Discretion is advised: Famine and war threaten the Ethiopian revolution: Famine in the desert region of Ogaden, and war in the prince of Eritrea. People are suffering, dying.”, Tolera cited rumors that Oromo and Tigrayan opposition forces — longtime enemies — are now joining forces against Ethiopia’s military. We need more masks.”. Kushner is a special correspondent based in Nairobi. Information about the conflict in Tigray is hard to come by, due in part to Ethiopia’s government-imposed blackout of phone and internet communication. “We know there’s been federal aerial bombardment, but we don’t know the exact targets or how successful it’s been,” said William Davidson, senior Ethiopia analyst for the International Crisis Group. But Sudan can be a perilous place for ethnic minorities and people besieged by war. After Ethiopia disavowal of binding international agreements regarding the Nile Basin, Ethiopian Prime Minister is leading a fierce war on Tigray … “Anybody who comes to our home to take, we are ready to defend ourselves.”. The AU has been unable to pressure Prime Minister Abiy to rethink his decision to wage a war against his people. Each year, the Ethiopian diaspora in the United States sends hundreds of millions of dollars in remittances back to Ethiopia.
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