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' crossDomain: true, ©2020 Artnet Worldwide Corporation. Notable examples included Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window (c. 1657) and The Music Lesson (c. 1665). // Extends jQuery with a function to serialize to JSON This clue was last seen on June 12 2019 on New York Times’s Crossword. Due to the time-intensive, painstaking process of removing the overpaint, it is expected that the complete restoration of the painting will take at least another year. The Girl Reading A Letter at an Open Window is an oil on canvas painting by artist Johannes Vermeer dated back to 1657-1659. } The restored Vermeer painting Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window will be presented to visitors to Dresden’s Gemäldegalerie in 2019, on the occasion of the reopening of the Sempergalerie after many years of partial closure due to its reconstruction. var script = document.createElement('script'); Even the light that enters through the window is warmer and more yellow, suggesting a sunset. } if (o[this.name]) { } o[this.name].push(this.value || ''); while (i--) { throw Error('onSuccess callback is required'); Woman with a Lute, also known as Woman with a Lute Near a Window, is a painting created about 1662–1663 by Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer and now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.. By var i = cookieNames.length, “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” by Johannes Vermeer depicts a young blonde girl standing in the light of an open window, reading a letter. Johannes Vermeer’s Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window was not alone. } ouibounceAPIaccess = ouibounce( if (!found) { Previously it was thought that Vermeer had covered up cupid himself. Provenance: Acquired in 1724 by August III, elector of Saxony, together with a number of other paintings bought in Paris. } Unlike the characteristically dark interiors of Terborch, however, Vermeer bathed this remarkably private scene in a radiant light that streams in from an open window. It was acquired for the collection of the Saxon Elector Frederick August II in Paris in 1742 and since then it has been part of the Dresden Old Masters Picture Gallery. function addCss(fileName) { return numDays * 24 * 60; + '<\/div>' */ Subscribe to our newsletter to get the breaking news, eye-opening interviews, and incisive critical takes that drive the conversation forward. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. isnewsletter = pagetypeurl.includes("?page_1"); var $modal = $('#ouibounce-modal'); + '<\/div>' var $form = $(formElement); A fragile girl stands by the window and reads a letter. The Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden in Germany has decided to remove the overpainting from the Dutch Old Master’s work, which normally hangs in the institution’s Gemäldegalerie Alte Meister. } callback: function() { // Show email validation error and hide other errors Experts are currently uncovering an image of a large cupid that was hanging on the wall behind her. $('#ouibounce-modal') So far, the long-hidden cupid is only half showing. link.type = 'text/css'; + '
' Feb 27, 2020. setTimeout(function() { + '' $.each(a, function () { setNewsletterCookie('recentlyShown', 1); “The elements of veiling and disguising play a less dominant role in this early work by Vermeer than the composition with the background altered by another hand has led us to believe for two and a half centuries,” said Uta Neidhardt, the senior conservator at Dresden’s Gemäldegalerie. ctx.customSerializer(); type: $form.attr('method'), This pigment analysis is based on the work of Hermann Kühn of Doerner Institute in Munich (1). o[this.name] = this.value || ''; The vivid, almost sculptural representation of Cupid painted in ochre and brown tones hanging directly above the delicate figure of the girl will be about the same size as the section of her body that is visible behind the table. $email.focus(); A remarkable restoration project confirms that the Dutch Old Master painted a young woman reading a love letter. setTimeout(function() { // Add animation css } } Historians believe Vermeer painted the small piece (17.52 × 15.35 inches [44.5 ×…. //console.log(prefix + cname + "=" + cvalue + ";" + expires + ";path=/"); return c.substring(name.length,c.length); while (c.charAt(0)==' ') { We're still working to find the … The painting was investigated by Hermann Kühn together with several other works of Vermeer in 1968. setCookie(cookieName, value, expirationMinutes); “Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window” by Johannes Vermeer depicts a young blonde girl standing in the light of an open window, reading a letter. }, 5000); } The data that came back was decisive: The painting had been overpainted after the artist’s death, at least several decades later. Certainly Terborch’s influence is apparent in one of Vermeer’s earliest genre paintings, Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window (c. 1659), in which he created a quiet space for the young woman to read her letter. var $email = $form.find('.signup-email'); } * There is probably no need to call this directly - use setNewsletterCookie(). function loadJQuery() { ); closedSignupBar: { It was acquired in Paris in 1742 for the collection of the Saxon Elector Frederick August II. c = c.substring(1); if (typeof ouibounce !== 'undefined') { + '<\/div>' }); X-ray, infrared reflectography imaging, and microscopic analyses were then re-evaluated in Dresden. (function defernl() { }; More than two and a half centuries later, laboratory tests have determined beyond a doubt that the symbol of love was covered up decades after the Dutch artist’s death in 1675. Click Image to view detail. A GIRL READING A LETTER AT AN OPEN WINDOW
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3. + '<\/div>' var o = {}; + '<\/form>' .addClass( 'slideIn' + upOrDown ); The existence of the cupid has long been known by researchers. //after successful signup, hide the signup bar after 5 seconds All of the colors appear light and dark at the same time, showing an observer that maybe the girl was The internationally well-known and venerated painting Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window by Johannes Vermeer can now, more than two and a half centuries on, be enjoyed looking just as it did when it left the artist’s studio. } The seller … In Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window, he uses a more earthy palette, using several tones of ocher, red and green. $modal.addClass( $modal.hasClass('slideInUp') ? var $modal = $('#ouibounce-modal'); Painted in about 1657, Girl Reading a Letter at an Open Window has been in Dresden’s city collections since 1742 and is one of just 35 paintings definitively attributed to Vermeer. With a cupid watching over, a love story is now more strongly implied between the girl and the mysterious author of the letter. var ctx = this; + '