I was basing my standards of how good of a parent I was on how much of myself I could relentlessly sacrifice. TV Producer, Writer, Wedding & Baby Blogger. I unzipped her pajamas and there it was ― what looked like a Picasso painting in hives covering her entire body. But I don’t like being a mom—though truly—the why of it all is unimportant. As soon as I was old enough for a work permit, I got a job. However, while I cherish my children, I don’t like being a mom. It’s not here yet, but I see it in the distance. I know that sounds horrible, but I’m just being honest here. We definitely live in the age of “Hyper-Parenting.” There are so many theories as to what is right and what is wrong, and new studies that disprove the old ones, that you are left with not a clue what to do. This article was originally published on YourTango. If my boobs get any bigger I’m afraid they’ll explode and I’m tired of waddling around like a duck. 12. While in my South of the Border-induced haze, I was able to see the light. I will continue to work on it! I feel like such a failure today. I’m not sure if you can tell from the picture above, but she had an allergic reaction. Took a nap and then smacked Mike on the back when I heard him crying because it was his turn. No fancy caseworker title, no full time student. Submitted by Mammaof2plus2 on Thu, 05/23/2019 - 2:01pm. There is so much information out there now. I was defeated. I love this so much. Started a laundry schedule for the house. I had this idea in my mind that being a good mommy meant unmanicured nails, the same yoga pants all week, and always being too tired for company. My legs are always aching. Despite all that, being a working mom is extremely difficult. Being your mother hasn't always been easy, and I'm sure I've said or done things that have hurt or confused you. I knew the second one was overkill, but in the moment it felt right. I’m done with those; regrets are an excuse for people who have failed. I was up at 2 trying to calm my little one, and then an hour later was feeding Jace. I’m finding comfort in a strategy that has worked in the past and reframing my expectations. I got straight A's from grade school to high school through college. I have always been a hard worker. It’s like a hidden treasure you discover on your own somewhere between “I haven’t showered in two days” and “did I eat today?”. But for the first time ever, I was just a mom. I felt deflated, useless and worn down. November 8, 2015 Updated November 6, 2015. Shore Grace Family Wellness provides in-home services to help nurture and strengthen families on the Eastern Shore as they transition into life with their new little ones. I’m not sure who i am myself anymore. Kaye Gurrea. Contributors control their own work and posted freely to our site. Scroll down to see more content. You are not alone in this and you do deserve to take care of you. I’m lying here and I’m feeling very sorry for myself. I loved being your mom — watching you grow, discovering your special qualities, being proud of your strength and heart. I love my SS I do he’s 9 I’ve been in his life since he was 3. I then read an article where they said it was important to introduce your child to things like eggs and peanut butter early on, instead of at a year old like previously believed, to prevent your child from allergies later on in life. And run a marathon. And while this was a huge adjustment for me, I put on my big girl panties , started looking up a bunch of stay at home mom tools and got to work. I was going to be a “good” mom this weekend and actually make new foods for my daughter to try. You see, no one tells you the very first rule of motherhood. I’m done with being a “good” mom and I’m just going to be a mom who trusts her gut. You are needed. I remember one day shortly after we brought our daughter Adalyn home from the NICU sitting in the bed and thinking…now what? It was a bit of an anti-climax considering it was some derivative of ‘dad’ – why that happens with a lot of babies I will never know. I know it sounds dramatic, but it was really scary seeing my daughter like this, and I felt I had done this to her. I’m done with being a “good” mom and I’m just going to be a mom who trusts her gut. 6899. Your email address will not be published. I began texting my fellow mom friends for answers before we could get into the doctor that afternoon. Your self-care is utterly important. pixelheadphoto / Shutterstock . It still gets sunny and warm later in the day, but when I’m up before dawn, I need something with sleeves—a sure sign that winter is coming. It’s knowing that I have every right to take a shower and not rush to get out because I hear someone crying and trusting that my partner can handle it. I’m so tirer of being his wife and their mother. Gilead. Thank you for always being there in my life and always looking out for me. No one's smile has ever warmed my heart like yours does; no one's laughter I’ve hit that point in my pregnancy where climbing a flight of stairs makes me feel like I’ve run a 24 hour marathon. Who knows? Case in point ― I grew up on Chef Boyardee and raw cookie dough, and I think I turned out OK. You have to practice this in your home life too. I know these are things that parents are supposed to do for their children, but I don't think anyone else could have done it any better. L ike many women, I do most of the house work – the kitchen, the laundry (my husband is allowed to do the laundry, just not fold laundry), the washrooms, the vacuuming, etc. No one has made me as proud as you do just by living up to your responsibilities. When you see the effort they put into their look, if you understand the time and cost of highlights and lowlights every six … Mom!… My Name Is Sally! It’s letting go of the idea that I can do it all and never burn out. Add having my first child while I was just a sophomore in college to the mix, I got even busier. I had known that. #workingmom: I’m not a saint but I’m dang sure not a martyr Editor’s note: The author, Brooke McIntosh Crump, is an attorney and mom in Mt. But part of me still wants to own a business. ©2020 Verizon Media. You matter. But I’ve decided that’s […] 2. I love being a mom and it’s amazing the things we can get done before 9am, am i right? At the doctor, they asked me what new food we introduced, and I said eggs and peanut butter. I had become numb to the every day monitor checks, scans, blood work, and everything else that came with having a baby born too soon. All rights reserved. For this week. I probably could come up with a million little things I love about being a mom, but I think 50 will do. Why I’m Done Being the Low Maintenance Girlfriend. The whole cycle of wash / fold / repeat and the nightly cooking of mewls nobody seems happy with have worn me thin. I know all of this is easier said than done but just try. Nothing More Beautiful Than A Woman Being A Mom! My spine feels like it’s composed of barbed wire. Although some may say that’s debatable. She loved both. Part of HuffPost Parenting. Single Girl With 3 Small Roommates Seeks….. Home; About ; Contact; Posted on February 13, 2018 February 13, 2018. This post was published on the now-closed HuffPost Contributor platform. You always made me feel special and encouraged me all along the way. How Dare You Accuse Me of Being A Bad Mom Sarah! Purchased a cute little hand calendar to document all of Addy’s upcoming appointments and fully devoted all my time to motherhood. I could tell from about a month in that my boy was going to be a talker, and just like with most first time moms, I couldn’t wait until he said his first word. What a little kid who doesn't know how to wipe his or her own butt yells out when they're finished going No. I develop far more crushes on women than on men. I’m done with being a “good” mom and I’m just going to be a mom who trusts her gut. Every family deserves non-judgmental compassionate support on the life-changing journey of welcoming a new baby. YourTango is our go-to destination for cathartic love advice, sexy tips, brave and personal essays. I know how lucky I am and I wouldn’t swap it for anything. Looked up Pinterest worthy recipes to surprise my husband with for dinner. Something to separate me from being Henry and Simon's mom and Logan's wife. 13. Yes, my daughter could have been allergic to certain foods at any age, but instead of comparing her to everyone else, my only mindset should be what’s best for her. I especially like the idea of making the mundane stuff as fun as the museum or kid intended place. Mentally, Physically, Spirituality. But no one has ever made me as satisfied as you do just by being happy. Jamie Johnson. Lauren Rowello 4/8/2020. You see, I’m the mom of “the bad kid.” My beautiful, funny boy has a reputation, even in first grade, and my heart is breaking. Just mom. I don’t believe these feelings make me a bad mother, I’m a great mom, especially for boys; I can joke about wieners, boogers don’t bother me, and girl clothes are puzzling. My husband was working. Whichever way you slice and dice it, all moms are simply doing the best they can with the knowledge they have at that given moment. 0. The world is moving so fast these days that the man who says it can’t be done is generally interrupted by someone doing it. I thought it would get easier the older he got. I am not a very young mom, but I did leave my goal in of being a buyer for a big company to being a SHAM and learning to work from home. It’s too much information. Thanks for sharing your heart! Guilty over my realization that, after more than 15 years spent parenting three children as a stay-at-home mom, I don't love being a parent as much as I thought I would. Ned Vizzini. We’re all in the beautiful madness of motherhood together. I made that choice because my mom did, and I thought it was the right thing to do, for them, for me, even for her. These 19 #NoFilter Photos Sum Up What Parenting Is Really Like. Required fields are marked *, Our Mission is to provide families with wraparound services that empowers and nurtures them in their new family dynamics. It is hard. And write an excellent blog. Thank you for the tips and encouragement that I can be done! Look at it this way, In an airplane, you’re instructed to put on your oxygen mask first before helping anyone else. I left my job. We want our families to be confident & comfortable in their new parenting roles. Karen Szabo - August 8, 2018 . My treatment plan was my old drunken college order from Taco Bell and two ice cream sandwiches. By. And while we’ve always been taught how important it is to forgive others, I’m learning very quickly with this whole “mom” thing, that it is as equally important to forgive ourselves. So I want you to go ahead and schedule that date night you’ve been too ashamed to follow through with, Lay on the couch and watch your favorite movie with your favorite drink and unwind, Take that girls trip your friends have been pressuring you about because they miss you too. My daughter’s treatment plan was steroids, Benadryl, and staying away from eggs and peanut butter until at least a year old until we can reintroduce. For now. ), but you’re right- it’s generally ineffective! I had spent 70 long days in the hospital with her fighting battles left and right. I’m writing this with tears rolling down my face. And change the world. It looks like hell, and it kills me that she feels like hell, too. Dear Husband, Here’s Why I’m Done Being Your Maid. See Mom Date. Do whatever it is that reminds you that you’re done being just a mom. I yells sometimes (although I have been trying to work on it! On all of the message boards, moms were talking about how their kids ate whatever was on their plate – it all sounded so fancy – smoked salmon, freaking baked lentil soufflé, who knows. The ugly truth is, this got really old really fast. I immediately started sobbing. Today I could just cry, my business is slow, my baby girl is teething. Log in SHOP. SHARE. This was all triggered for me today when I got a text from his teacher. I was alone. I remember one day shortly after we brought our daughter Adalyn home from the NICU sitting in the bed and thinking…now what? But for now, I'm done feeling guilty about being "just" a mom. It kept my mind at ease always having something to do. But now what? September 1, 2018. Whether you're looking for a supportive doula, wishing there was someone you could turn to for marital adjustments, or looking to improve your holistic health, we are here to meet your family with Love, Grace, and Unbiased Support. I daydream about attending conferences. Posted on November 13, 2018 by beaumontparentingprogram. Finally one day, I’m not sure when or how, but I realized that I had lost myself in the process. If you need to flag this entry as abusive, Raise the kind of person you'd like to know. Like Liked by 1 person. “You need to space new food out at least three days apart.”. Before I start this post I want to make it clear that I love being a mum. I’m Proud of Many Things in My Life But Nothing Beats Being A Mom. It’s overcoming feelings of shame when the voice in my head whispers “I can’t wait for them to just go to bed”. Some days being a mum is hard, it’s just totally overwhelming and I feel like this, and I’m sure that many of you can relate. I’m Banned from Being Snack Mom for The Little League Games. And bills just seem to be piling up. As always, it took a phone call with my mom this morning to make me feel better. It’s indulgent and pathetic but there is no gas in the tank. “In one weekend?” was their response in disbelief. I had all intentions of doing so, until I saw the work that went into it and suddenly those pre-made jars on sale were calling my name!
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