She also said that staff refused to use correct pronouns when referring to her. Human Rights Tribunal to take up to 3 months to decide transgender waxing case", "Canadian transgender woman loses case against beauticians who refused Brazilian wax", "Ricky Gervais takes aim at transgender activist on Twitter", "Transgender woman testifies at human rights tribunal after being refused Brazilian wax", "When one person's right is another's obligation", "Corbella: Jessica Yaniv growing bolder in her bid to have her male genitals waxed", "Surrey RCMP investigating altercation between reporter and transgender activist", "Transgender activist who sued beauticians is now taking on gynaecologist", "Ricky Gervais gets huge backlash for Jessica Yaniv Halloween tweet", "JY v. Various Waxing Salons, 2019 BCHRT 106", "B.C. 10:08 PST…The hearing for the assault charge ended uneventfully. The CanLII also noted "This case was also notable for the public spectacle it created outside of the Tribunal. I’ve never established a footing there. 10:20 PST...Observers had to watch the hearings via video feed due to COVID restrictions / social distancing. [39], Yaniv was arrested by the Langley RCMP detachment on August 8, 2019, after she displayed a taser in her possession in a YouTube video, that was live streamed. [8], In 2018, Yaniv filed discrimination complaints with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal against multiple waxing salons alleging that they refused to provide Brazilian waxes to her because she is transgender. Did he/she/they/it manage a visit to the courthouse without another fantasy assault, sexual or otherwise? Smith’s plans to act on legal grievances come as Keean Bexte and David Menzies of the Rebel News both finalized their legal submissions against Jessica Yaniv, the two seeking $35,000 for multiple assaults endured at different … Jessica Yaniv (whose legal name is Jessica Simpson) is a Canadian transgender activist in British Columbia who is best known for filing a total of thirteen complaints of discrimination on the basis of gender identity with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in … [11] In response to the complaints, several of the estheticians said that they lacked the required training to wax male genitalia, or that they were not comfortable doing so for religious or personal reasons. Jessica (né Jonathan) Yaniv a.k.a. This is Yaniv’s first appearance on this charge, which resulted from Yaniv’s unhinged attached on Keean Bexte in January. [42], Yaniv sued the Township of Langley for $35,000 over her treatment surrounding her arrest. The promotion attracted over 100,000 Facebook users. The girl shared a recording of Yaniv with the National Post, where Yaniv made sexual comments using the voice of Elmo from Sesame Street. The women … [2], In October 2020, the JCCF claimed that it was representing Canada Galaxy Pageants, a beauty pageant for women and girls, against a human rights complaint lodged by Yaniv with the Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario on the basis that she had been discriminated against based on gender identity, gender expression and sex by not being accepted as a pageant contestant in the "28 Years and Older" division. That led to her creating her own business, which provided internet support to customers. Second, Yaniv has pled guilty to two illegal weapons charges and has a hearing at 9:30 am for a pre-sentencing report that includes results from his psychiatric evaluation. 2020 © Copyright [26] The Tribunal ruled that any complaint by her would be deferred for six months due to her failure to pay fines imposed by Tribunal. The current focus is on Jessica Yaniv Simpson – talking to alleged victims, analyzing Yanivs’ history and behavior, and watching current events. Hmmm @trustednerd you're literally pathetic. [41] When police raided her home, they seized two conducted electrical weapons. An Open Letter to the Township of Langley About Jessica Yaniv Simpson. Other suits Yaniv is currently party to include a civil assault suit against two Rebel Media journalists , a personal injury claim against a Vancouver physiotherapist, a private prosecution against disabled citizen journalist Donald Smith , and a harassment suit against Culture Guard ’s Kari Simpson. WP won’t let me respond to you, CP, so I’m… replying to me? Investigating alleged Canadian predator Jessica Yaniv. Amy Eileen Hamm is suing Jessica Yaniv for defamation of character. As reported by MeowMix earlier this week, Jessica Yaniv Simpson has launched a human rights complaint in Ontario, Canada alleging discrimination by a beauty pageant operator. The Paraphilias of Jessica Yaniv Simpson MeowMix October 28, 2020 Courtesy of The Lone Gunmen. Although I sometimes don’t fully understand everything (language barrier and laws in general) I’m always grateful I can follow a bit, If your not sure of something because of the language just ask, we meow people are helpful and nice, even though we aren’t so popular with the Yanivs! Jessica Yaniv (whose legal name is Jessica Simpson)[2] is a Canadian transgender activist in British Columbia who is best known for filing a total of thirteen complaints of discrimination on the basis of gender identity with the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal in 2018 and 2019 after being refused waxing services. "[2] The tribunal concluded that she had been financially motivated in 10 of the 13 complaints,[19] was untruthful on the central aspect of her complaint, and had made "scurrilous attacks" on one of the respondents. I recall seeing IP’s that matched what have been archived before as his on KF. Notes re Jonathan Yaniv aka Jessica Yaniv, Jessica Simpson 2020-09-17, by Chad W. Testes, PhD SUR/PA/237065 » Yaniv vs Smith » Process Hearing 2019-12-30, by Operations Update about Donald's Predicament, eh? Jonathan Yaniv, AKA Jessica Yaniv, had a brand new name as he headed to a Surrey court with his mother. The ruling was critical of Yaniv, with Devyn Cousineau stating that she "targeted small businesses, manufactured the conditions for a human rights complaint, and then leveraged that complaint to pursue a financial settlement from parties who were unsophisticated and unlikely to mount a proper defence. What an awful life you must have. I hope the shrink saw through Yanivs B.S. I Finally took the step yesterday to start following people. Jessica Yaniv is back, and it's bad. This includes claims she used vulgar and sexualized language in online communications with underage girls., Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs Township of Langley Court Live Update, Oct 15, 2020: Jessica Yaniv Simpson Legal Updates. Yaniv appeared in Surrey Provincial Court on January 13, 2020 to face weapons charges. Are you the current author of the page? If you'd like to receive automatic MEOWmix updates via email to stay on top of breaking news and information, enter your email address below and click the subscribe button. [40], According to Joseph Brean of the National Post, Yaniv has been accused by multiple people of harassment. 9:00 PST...Waiting in line to get in the courthouse. But anyway, kudos for countering Yaniv’s attempts to hide his crap. Yaniv, who was born a biological male, but now self-identifies as a female, filed complaints against She Point Beauty Studio and Top Touch, both Vancouver esthetics salons run by women of immigrant background earlier in 2019. If it’s Canadian legal stuff then a few live in Canada and explain that. Abby’s Weekly Wrap Up – 5 December, 2020, Jessica Yaniv Simpson vs. Aestheticians – Civil Suit Update and Schedule Conflict, Jessica Yaniv Simpson Sept 25 Court Live Updates, Sara Speaks Up, and Things Aren’t What They Seem, Jessica Yaniv Simpson Hides on LiveMe: MeowMix Has Been Recording. Your email address will not be published. [3], Yaniv worked in call centres and tech support. [3] She also acted as public relations manager for the American house music singer Chelsko. [45][21], Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, "B.C. The Tribunal rejected her initial complaints in 2019. [30][31][32][33], Adrienne Smith, a BC human rights lawyer, said the case with Yaniv reversed much of the success the trans community had enjoyed with the tribunal in recent times. "[36], In the Toronto Star, Joanna Chiu reported that numerous transgender people had experienced a significant increase in online hate against them, as a result of coverage of the Yaniv tribunal case. Well-known complainant Jessica Yaniv (also now known as Jessica Simpson) dropped two complaints against Vancouver beauty salons in September 2020. CSO updated to show a hearing is set for September 25, 2020 at 9:00 am. [43], Twitter also banned Lindsay Shepherd, a Canadian columnist, from its platform in 2019 as a result of interactions with Yaniv. Unfortunately, I have to make this. [10], The case garnered international attention, including a segment on Tucker Carlson's Fox News channel show. Smith said it showed a need for better Legal Aid funding, so there would be representation for cases like this. First, an assault charge hearing at 9:00 am PST. Yaniv had one of his own making as Jonathan, a “well-known Canadian journalist,” back in 2008, but it was taken down repeatedly:, As a wikist noted, “Subject does not seem to have any journalist credentials, nor is he affiliated with, or mentioned by, any publication other than his own blog.”, Also: “This guy seems to be creating his own page every time it gets deleted. [17], In May 2019, the Tribunal found that the complainant's pattern of filing a large number of complaints and then withdrawing those where the respondent mounts a defence to be improper.
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