Economic Growth and Poverty: Does Formalisation of Informal Enterprises Matter?. The study was anchored on the Human Capital Development Theory, employed both primary and secondary data while convenience sampling techniques was used. foreign investments, knowledge for policy makers and to generate further comparative Results suggest that informal economy in Sub-Saharan Africa remains among the largest in the world, although this share has been very gradually declining. The study adopted Ex-post facto design to obtain secondary data, covering 20 years (2000–2019) from the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service and the Ministry of Budget and Planning. The economy of Nigeria is a middle-income, mixed economy and emerging market, with expanding manufacturing, financial, service, communications, technology and entertainment sectors. market. Specifically, there are at least five major areas where changes need to be made: 1) Establish an enabling environment and supportive regulatory framework, 2) Provide access to appropriate training, 3) Improve basic facilities and amenities and infrastructure, 4) Increase ability to obtain property title and access to credit, and 5) Improve national databases and establish uniform standards. Practical implications: If tax administrations seek to stamp out informal sector entrepreneurship, one hand of government will be eradicating a significant minority of the entrepreneurship that other hands of government wish to foster. Dualism in the Informal Economy: Exploring the Indian Informal Manufacturing Sector. IRA International Journal of Education and Multidisciplinary Studies, terrorist group whose membership mostly are the youths. A total of 187 questionnaires were administered on three categories of informal sector activities in the area, while interviews were conducted with the staff of the Area Office of the Ministry of Lands, Survey and Town Planning and of the Works Department of the Barkin Ladi local government council, which is the planning authority. L'entourage influence‐t‐il le comportement informel des entreprises au Cameroun?. The author argues that learning takes place both formally and informally and at multiple levels starting with the family as a primary institution of socialization and all the way to the tertiary and informal institutions of learning with which young people interact. endowments and types of business climate in their environment. The Car Wash enterprise is dotted in every nook and crannies of the urban areas. AN EVALUATION OF THE CONTRIBUTION OF THE INFORMAL SECTOR IN EMPLOYMENT AND INCOME GENERATION IN NIGERIA: THEMATIC APPROACH, Effect of Informal Sector Tax Revenue on Capital Development in Lagos Metropolis, Nigeria’s Informal Economy, Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development, Characteristics, Challenges and Prospects of Informal Land Use Activities in Barkin Ladi Town, Nigeria, The determinants of location specific choice: small and medium-sized enterprises in developing countries. sectors even in developed countries like USA, Ainley, P. & Rainbird, H. Eds (2014), ‘Appre, networks & the informal economy in Nigeria’, Boydell, Schneider, F., A. Buehn, and C. E. Monteneg, and Men in Informal Employment. From the description, it was found that the informal sector is expanding in size by the day because of the inability of the formal sector to absorb the expanding labour force. Policy and decision makers should continuously revise the educational curriculum; establish specialized training centers to provide more practical training to the youth. Particularly characterized by this dichotomy is the urban labour market. Particularly characterized by t his dichotomy is the urban labour market. Toward a Research Agenda on the Informal Economy, Is the informal economy an incubator for new enterprise creation? On a identifié deux types de liaisons en aval: il s'agit, d'une part, des accords de sous‐traitance avec les grandes sociétés nationales, les agences gouvernementales et les sociétés étrangères, et, d'autre part, de la fourniture de biens de consommation par les entreprises du secteur informel au secteur formel. among small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in coastal environments in of people who look to the informal sector for economic survival. Global Competitiveness of Informal Economy Organizations. Lagos, Nigeria, Jiangsu University, School of Business Administration, Zhenjiang, J. Apprenticeship, Education, Informal Sector, Micro. é Patrick Ainley, Helen Rainbird and named contributors, 1999. In Lagos state alone, the informal economy employs about 5.5 million people – about three-quarters of the state’s 7.5 million labour force. Consequently, informal sector operation comprises activities in the manufacturing, agriculture, forestry and quarrying, wholesale, retail trade and construction among others. The main objective of this research is to examine the impact of unemployment as it causes psychological trauma, frustration and aggression thereby resulting to a state of insecurity. However, studies on social responsibility in businesses have largely neglected discourse on socially responsible practices in the informal sector, especially in Nigeria. The role of subcontracting on innovation: an assessment of small and medium enterprises in Nigeria. According to the IMF, the Nigerian informal sector accounted for ~65% of Nigeria… Although the informal economy accounts for a significant percentage of total commerce in many countries, there has been little management research about it. This study examined the role of informal sector in income and employment generation besides the contribution of the sector to tax revenue. However, studies on the determinants of entrepreneurial intentions have been inconclusive. How to bring the informal sector into the tax net is a headache to African tax administrators. growth. While small firms (. training centers to provide more practical trainings to the youth. Most governments try to reduce the shadow economy through punitive measures or through education, rather than through reforms of the tax and social security systems. It is estimated that 93% o, noticed in their organizational artifacts and, micro, small and medium enterprises, part-. The findings drawn from this research reveal that some of the youths who engage in terrorist attacks against the Nigerian state are unemployed while some could be due to poverty and illiteracy. of legal and illegal economic activities in, The definition of informal economy by the, rapidly changing terrain, and referred to, units that are –in law or in practice – not, and service’. research on SMEs in developing countries and how these enterprises have used location specific endowments to mitigate their resource limitation predicament. The linkages between formal and informal employment growth in Tunisia: a spatial simultaneous equations approach. Basic infrastructure and services should be provided to enhance their productivity, while government and other stakeholders should improve access to loans, micro-finance, material resources and capacity building of informal participants. Use the link below to share a full-text version of this article with your friends and colleagues. points are envisaged to contribute to strategic growth in international business and If you do not receive an email within 10 minutes, your email address may not be registered, Department of Business Administration, University Of Lagos, Akoka. Table 1: Number of Educational Institutions in Nigeria, and channel for skill acquisition and capacity, Table 2 Enrollment Rates in Educational Institutions in Nigeria, institutions lack adequate capacity to admit. Although the informal sector exists in both developing and developed countries, the context of their environment, cultures, and dynamics shape their evolution. Learn about our remote access options, Department of Environmental Science, University of Botswana. Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship. Informal–Formal Linkages and Informal Enterprise Performance in Urban West Africa. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. It is recommended that there is the need for planners to understand the valuable contributions of the informal activities to the local economy by integrating them in the spatial development frameworks through appropriate zoning, location, space management and regulatory policies. Strategies to spur informal economic growth Nigerian government policies are typically lopsided in favor of the formal economy. Quality of Employment in Bogota (Colombia): Concept, Method and Evidence. Identity Economics traces the rise of two dynamic informal enterprise clusters in Nigeria, and explores their slide into trajectories of Pentecostalism, poverty and violent vigilantism. Forest industry is essentially controlled by the private sector in Nigeria. The blog stated that in sub-Saharan African, up to 90 percent of jobs outside agriculture are in the informal sector, including household enterprises that are not formally registered, like street vendors or domestic workers as well as off-the-book activities by registered firms—for example, the taxi driver that offers a discount if the meter is not turned on. Number of times cited according to CrossRef: An Appraisal of Production Subcontracting Toward Small and Medium Scale Enterprises Development in the Nigeria Industrial Sector: A Review Approach. The learning Dans le cas des liaisons en aval avec le secteur formel, les variables les plus importantes sont l'enregistrement pour le compte des entreprises du secteur informel, les investissements dépensés jusque‐là, le revenu annuel de l'entrepreneur, le niveau des bénéfices de l'entreprise, la formation professionnelle et l'instruction des employés. Since then, the field of economic sociology has continued to grow by leaps and bounds and to move into new theoretical and empirical territory. The study investigates the effect of informal sector tax proceeds on capital development in Lagos Metropolis. Speaking at an […] Working off-campus? An empirical analysis. The work, therefore, recommends a new public policy framework as a strategy in resolving the conflict in order to sustain peace and security of the country. Thai Peanut Butter Sticky Ribs, Gastropod Shell Description, Interaction Of Color App Review, Armandos To Go Menu, 55 Plus Communities Bothell, Wa, Aveda Blue Malva Conditioner Reviews,