Fascia (/ ˈ f eɪ ʃ ə /) is an architectural term for a vertical frieze or band under a roof edge, or which forms the outer surface of a cornice, visible to an observer.. Two parts of the roof that often get overlooked are soffits and fascias. Soffits & Fascias are just two parts of the entire roof system. UPDATED 26Sep2018: Depending on how picky you are, installing aluminum soffit and fascia can be a simple part of finishing up a project, or an annoying exercise in frustration. Noble Roofing is the expert you can turn to for residential roofing and storm damage services. We serve Centreville, VA, and other nearby areas. Learning about the parts of roofs before you have problems is important. Typically consisting of a wooden board, uPVC or non-corrosive sheet metal, many of the non-domestic fascias made of stone form an ornately carved or pieced together cornice, in which case the term fascia is rarely used. Article Tags: The fascia board also carries all the guttering. Check it out and let us know if you have any questions. The best way to prevent costly roof repairs is to get a professional inspection. It is nailed to the rafters and may also support the gutter. Roofing fascia board is another common area that can be damaged and may need to be repaired. The soffit, however, protects them from rot and infestations while also making your house look better. Fun fact: If you want to know why families of possums move into some attics, the house may have a damaged soffit! The eaves are the top parts of the roof that “hang over” and create a bit of shadow over your house. •Ridge Beam sits below the rafters. It is also expressed in terms of angle of inclination. Keeping the fascia board intact will guard your roof against rot, mold, or wood-destroying insects. What are those parts hanging under my roof? Gable. Flashing. One of the main parts is called the FASCIA (also known as the roofline or fascia). Simply put, the fascia is a horizontal board (or boards) that run around the edge of the roof of a building. It’s usually made out of: Aluminum Vinyl Fiber cement Wood Steel Animal pests such as squirrels can chew and gnaw away on fascia boards and can compound any existing wear and damage. Like many aspects of a home, a roof is fairly complex. Oriented boards are made from the wood of fast-growing trees cultivated specially for the sake of wood. The fascia board may also be given extra protection in the form of a fascia cover! When you get a roof inspection, things may check out well or you may have a few issues to remedy. The Fascia, which derives from the same word in Latin (meaning doorframe), serves as a finishing edge that serves both as a decoration and protector for your roof. You may notice that your soffit has small holes in it. It’s the highest point on a sloped roof. If you think there are any issues with your roof, get the help of Noble Roofing right away. Different Parts of a Roof and their Importance. It usually consists of either plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). The fascia must be attached firmly in order to stand up through a major storm. COMMON PARTS/COMPONENTS OF A ROOF. For more information about roofs, check out our types of roofs article and diagrams. Soffit, Fascia, eaves, trusses- the world of home improvement often includes sophisticated terms that take on a new learning curve. When I am in 3d view i click on the fascia and then under modify I select "add/Remove Segments" then I click on the portion of the fascia I want to delete, but nothing happens! © 2020. Rafters – These are wooden beams that run from the top of the roof to the bottom. The fascia is the horizontal board attached to the roof’s edge. (These parts are labeled on the opening photo.) Simple and fast. It gives a surface for gutters to be attached to, and the board is either made up of vinyl or wood. Fascia is the vertical edge of a roof, and aluminum fascia is an excellent option for this situation. Soffits and fascias are located on the part of the roof that protrudes away from the side of your home. The fascia covers the gables and ends of the roof rafters, and builders usually consider it part of the siding trim. Sheathings usually consist of wood-like material called oriented strand board or then plywood. These architectural elements do much more than simply add a finished look to your home. ... All Rights Reserved. The next time you're outside your house, stand next to one of the exterior walls and look up. They’re designed to be both functional and attractive as they’re able to … it just deselects it. The eaves are the top parts of the roof that “hang over” and create a bit of shadow over your house. Filed Under: Blog, Roofing Tagged With: fascia, roof inspection, soffit, Great job on the new roof and very nice and efficient installers. Parts of a Roof •A Ridge Board is a horizontal member of the roof frame. Drip Edge/Gutters – installed along the outside of the roof to drain water from the roof and towards the downspouts. For more than two decades, we’ve developed a reputation for sheer quality and dependability. The soffit, however, protects them from rot and infestations while also making your house look better. Decking/Sheathing. Fascia Board: This is wooden board fixed to the feet of the common rafter at eaves. However, the holes in the soffit protect your eaves and keep your attic dry, pest-free, and keep it at a reasonable temperature. Ridge: The peak of your roof is the ridge. Both parts are usually made of materials like aluminum and wood. A gable roof is a roof that’s shaped like the houses your kids draw. Roofing - What Are Cool Roofs and Are They Worth It. Valley rafter: A valley rafter extends diagonally at a 45° angle from the inside corner of two intersecting wall plates up to the ridge of the roof. Materials used to waterproof a roof around any projections. Luckily, replacing a fascia board is as easy as taking out the old board and fitting a new one in its place. The accessory also helps to enhance the property’s beauty and value. •Label and identify the parts of a roof framing plan. As you can see, keeping your soffit and fascia in good shape is important. Pitch: The slope of the roof is called a pitch and is expressed as the ratio between the rise and horizontal span of the roof. Exposed eaves are vulnerable to moisture damage, mold, and pests. The soffit and fascia explained in plain English. However That's, Away From, Gutter Installation, Work Together, Gutter Replacement, Source: Free Articles from ArticlesFactory.com. Fascia is the board that runs below the edge of the roof. Roof fascia boards are not structurally important for a roof but they are often essential to the overall appearance of the house. What are they, where are they, and what roles do they play in keeping your home safe and livable? What do you do if your contractor mentions a problem with the soffit or fascia? In the roof, the lower portion of the inclined roof which is projecting beyond the outer face of the wall. To ensure clients are receiving the best, the company uses the right products for each home. Guttering. Its main role is to protect your roof’s edge from moisture and other elements like insects and bad weather. Check Out Noble Roofing’s Excellent Reviews! It was very easy. Fascia Damage. Parts of Pitched Roof. Located underneath the fascia, it bridges the gap between the edge of the roof and the wall of the house. Fascia – This is the trim used to cover the eaves. A timber board or rolled metal product of similar dimensions, fixed along the eaves to which gutter is secured. Cornice: The points of the roof that project from the side walls of the house. Bonus: It also makes your house look more attractive. Eaves – the lower edge of a roof that extends beyond the exterior walls. Excellent experience, Daniel, and his team did a tremendous job, even visited the site after the work... Pricilla: was great to talk to. Opal Enterprises provides many services, including Lisle gutter installation and replacing St. Charles roofs. Learn about soffit and fascia and why they're important if you're facing gutter replacement. What Is Soffit? It is essentially the cap at the end of the eaves and rafters, and its bottom edge is attached to the soffit. Truss – The truss is a framework comprised of wooden beams that helps to support the roof.
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